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Cyberdata 011154/011153 Wall Mount Clock Kit Quick Reference
Connecting Power (PoE)
Installation Quick Reference
The IP Endpoint Company
Wall Mount Clock Kit
011153*, RAL 9002, Gray White, Standard
011154, RAL 9003, Signal White, Optional
*Replaces the 011023 number.
to PoE Network
The documentation for this product is released in an English language version only. You can download PDF copies of
CyberData product documentation at:
WARNING: Electrical Hazard: Hazardous voltages may be present. No user serviceable part inside. Refer to qualified service
personnel for connecting or servicing.
WARNING: This product should be installed by a licensed electrician according to all local electrical and building codes.
WARNING: To prevent injury, this apparatus must be securely attached to the floor/wall in accordance with the installation
Connecting Power (optional power injector)
WARNING: The PoE connector is intended for intra-building connections only and does not route to the outside plant.
WARNING: This enclosure is not rated for any AC voltages!
Wall Mount Adapter Parts
(1) Drywall Mounting Kit
(1) Wall Mount Adapter
(4) Plastic Ribbed Anchors
(1) Template for Wall Mount
Adapter and Screw Holes*
to Network
*Note: The drywall
mounting kit will be
included in the ceiling
speaker kit.
(4) #6 Sheet Metal Screws
Optional Power Injector
(4) #6-32 x 0.25-inch
FlatHead, 100-degrees
Countersunk Machine Screw
Error Codes
Message Meaning
Time error
(3) #8-32 x 0.5 inch NonDrive Button Head Machine
This would normally occur at manufacturing first Power On, or at subsequent Power On if the
battery was low or dead. If it occurs more frequently, contact CyberData support.
Note: If there is an Invalid Time Error, then you will see E 01 on the display for one second
and the time will be reset to 00:00.
Low battery
Contacting CyberData
Corporate Headquarters
Phone: 831-373-2601
Fax: 831-373-4193
Sales: (831) 373-2601 ext. 334
Support: 831-373-2601 ext. 333
Support Website:
RMA Department: (831) 373-2601 ext. 136
RMA Email:
RMA Status:
Warranty Information:
© 2019, CyberData Corporation, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Install Jumper JP1 Prior to Installing the Clock Kit
Make sure that jumper JP1 is installed prior to installing the Clock Kit (see the picture on the right). Installing JP1 powers
the Real Time Clock from the battery. If you do not install JP1, the clock will lose it's time when the power is disconnected.
Jumper Functions:
Replace the battery. See the Operations Guide for instructions.
Note: If the Clock Kit battery is low, then at power up, you will see E 02 on the display for one
second before displaying the time that is in memory.
CyberData Corporation
3 Justin Court
Monterey, CA 93940, USA
(3) #8-32 KEP Nut
Quick Reference
Battery - Connect
Manufacturing - Open
Manufacturing - Open
Manufacturing - Open
Manufacturing - Open
Quick Reference
© 2019, CyberData Corporation, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Mounting Template
CyberData SIP Speaker
4.744 [120.50]
Step 1
Step 6
Align Enclosure with Backplate
Secure it with Mounting Screws on Both Sides
Ground Cable
Cable Entry
Step 3
Run Network Cable Through Wall & Backplate
or Through Cable Entry on Top
Step 4
Align Speaker Assembly with
Clock Kit Enclosure
Secure it with Non-Drive Button Head
Screws and Nuts
P/N: 121009 [RAL 9002]
P/N: 121010 [RAL 9003]
Step 5
Connect Network Cable to Speaker
Connect Clock (Ribbon Cable) to Speaker
8.000 [203.20]
4.000 [101.60]
Step 2
Hang Clock Kit Backplate to Wall
Secure it with Mounting Screws
P/N: 121001
Prepare Hole for Cable Access and
Drill Holes for Plastic Ribbed Anchors
Ambient Light Detector
15.8 [402]
11.811 [300.00]
Dimensions are in Inches [Millimeter]
Note: Before printing this document or the mounting template, check the following:
Make sure that the Paper Size setting of the printer is set to 11x 17.
Make sure that the Page Scaling setting of the printer is set to NONE.
10.4 [264]
Dimensions are in Inches [Millimeter]
4.0 [102]
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