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Cyberdata 010861 V1 VoIP Loudspeaker Amplifier (Replacement Product Below) Owner manual
Mounting the Enclosure
Installation Quick Reference
To mount the enclosure:
VoIP Loudspeaker Amplifier (PoE)
1. Prepare holes for the screws.
SiP Compliant
2. Plug in the power adapter and use the
blue power light to verify that the power
is on.
3. Plug the Ethernet cable into the
loudspeaker amplifier. The yellow light
verifies the network connection.
4. For wall mounting, use the three
secure the speaker.
The Loudspeaker Amplifier (PoE) is a Voice-over-IP public address speaker that uses a single cable to connect to existing
Factory Default Setting
IP Addressing
IP Address
Web Access Username
Web Access Password
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
Typical Loudspeaker Amplifier System Installation
802.3af Compliant Ethernet Switch
Contacting CyberData
VoIP Loudspeaker Amplifiers
Corporate Headquarters
CyberData Corporation
2555 Garden Road
Monterey, CA 93940, USA
CyberData warrants its product against defects in material or workmanship for
a period of two years from the date of purchase. Should the product fail within
the warranty period, CyberData will repair or replace the product free of
charge. This warranty includes all parts and labor.
Should the product fail out-of-warranty, a flat rate repair charge of one half of
the purchase price of the product will be assessed. Repairs that are in
warranty but are damaged by improper modifications or abuse, will be
charged at the out-of-warranty rate. Products shipped to CyberData, both in
and out-of-warranty, are shipped at the expense of the customer. Shipping
charges for repaired products shipped back to the customer by CyberData,
will be paid by CyberData.
Phone: 831-373-2601
Fax: 831-373-4193
Sales: (831) 373-2601 ext. 334
Support: 831-373-2601 ext. 333
RMA Dept: (831) 373-2601 ext. 136
RMA Status:
Warranty information is available at:
© 2009, CyberData Corporation, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
CyberData shall not under any circumstances be liable to any person for any
special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages, including without
limitation, damages resulting from use or malfunction of the products, loss of
profits or revenues or costs of replacement goods, even if CyberData is
informed in advance of the possibility of such damages.
VoIP Phone
SIP Server
Getting Started
Download the VoIP Loudspeaker Amplifier (PoE) Operations Guide PDF file at the VoIP Loudspeaker Amplifier product
page at:
Follow all instructions in the guide.
Create a plan for the locations of your loudspeaker amplifiers.
Prior to installation, consult local building and electrical code requirements.
Loudspeaker Amplifier Parts
(1) Enclosure Assembly
For product service, contact the Returned Materials Authorization (RMA)
department. A product will not be accepted for return without an approved
RMA number. Send the product, in its original package, to: CyberData Corporation, 2555 Garden Road, Monterey, CA 93940, Attention: RMA “your RMA
(1) Wall Mounting Kit
(3) Plastic Ribbed Anchors
(3) #8 Sheet Metal Screws
The most recent warranty information is available at:
Quick Reference
Quick Reference
© 2009, CyberData Corporation, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Loudspeaker Amplifier Features
Connecting Power to the Loudspeaker Amplifier
Speaker Power LED (blue/green)
Speaker Status LED (green)
A blinking light confirms that the speaker is
Network Activity LED (green)
Network Link LED (green/yellow)
RCA cable
RTFM Switch
Existing System
To broadcast a speaker’s current IP address,
press the RTFM switch on the speaker face.
When the speaker beeps after pressing the
switch for one second, release the switch to
hear the IP address announcement.
Audio Line Out
Cat 5 Ethernet Cable
Press and hold the RTFM switch for 20
seconds. The speaker will beep after one
second. Continue to hold the switch until the
speaker beeps again after 20 seconds. Then,
release the switch. The speaker settings are
restored to the factory defaults. The speaker
broadcasts the restored default IP address, and
then announces that it is rebooting.
Speaker Volume
PoE Ethernet Switch
Optional 2 Speaker Configuration
8 Ohms
Standard 1 Speaker Configuration
8 Ohms
2 speakers in parallel (4 Ohm total)
© 2009, CyberData Corporation, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Quick Reference
Quick Reference
© 2009, CyberData Corporation, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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