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Cyberdata 010630 PoweredUSB 6-Port Hub Datasheet
6-Port PoweredUSB Hub
The IP Endpoint Company
Now with advanced DataLine protection
The CyberData PoweredUSB 2.0 Hub
provides a simple and affordable way to add
up to six USB 2.0 compliant PoweredUSB
ports to your PC. With this Plug-N-Play
upgrade, it is easy to connect Point of Sale
devices which require more than the normal
500mA of +5 volts. Fully compliant with
PoweredUSB standard .08G, this hub
provides 12 volts and 24 volts needed by
USB Ports
Power Output*
1 @ 24v 2A
5 @ 12v 1.5A each
Port Baud Rates
480Mbps, 12Mbps, 1.5Mbps
External LEDs
Power output & status
AC Voltage
90 VAC to 260 VAC 60/50 Hz
Boot Up Default
No power to ports
9.0 inches [229 mm] Length
6.1 inches [156 mm] Width
1.9 inches [49 mm] Height
todays retail peripherals.
Adds 6 USB 2.0 PoweredUSB ports
One +24 volt at 2A for POS printer
Five +12 volt at 1.5A each
Advanced DataLine protection
No external power supply required
Designed to support Multi-function
printer power requirements
Powered ports respond to suspend mode
External LED to show USB port and power status
Two Year Warranty
Advanced DataLine Protection
5.5 pounds [2.5 kg]
UL 62368-1, CSA C22.2 No. 62368-1-14,
RoHS Compliant, Reference Number for
UL: E129569 Vol 5 Sec 1; CE; EMC
Directive - Class A EN 55032 & EN 55024,
LV Safety Directive- EN 60950-1,
RoHS Compliant, FCC; Part 15 Class A, Industry
Canada; ICES-3 Class A, IEEE 802.3 Compliant
2 years limited
Part Number
*All ports support standard "A" type +5V USB connection.
**Dimensions are measured from the perspective of the product
being upright with the front of the product facing you.
The CyberData PoweredUSB hub is designed with
circuitry that protects the communcation and power
lines from damage when hot plugging
non-PoweredUSB compliant peripherals.
IBM PC Windows 98SE, 2000, XP,
Win 7 and Win 8.1 Compatible.
Apple Computer & Linux also supported.
USB Standard 2.0 is fully supported.
PoweredUSB.Org .08G compliant
Power Supply
Wide Range AC input voltage provides power.
90 VAC to 260VAC 60/50Hz input
CyberData Corporation
3 Justin Court, Monterey, CA 93940
Fax: 831.373.4193
6-Port PoweredUSB Hub
Typical Installation
PoweredUSB Hub
PC Host
Signature Capture Pad
Front View
Side View
AC Cable
The AC connection is a standard IEC 60320-C13 type.
Input Requirements:
Voltage: 90 ~120 VAC or 200 ~ 260 VAC Auto Switching
Frequency: 60/50 Hz
Input Current: 6.0A (RMS) for 115VAC or 3.0A (RMS) for 230VAC
Host Connector
The Host connector is a standard USB "A" to "B" type cable. Maximum length is 5 meters (16.5 feet) with
good quality cable.
For high quality 2.0 compliant PoweredUSB cables, go to the following website:
CyberData Corporation
3 Justin Court, Monterey, CA 93940
Fax: 831.373.4193
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