Kambrook | 11 Fin Oil Column Heater | Instruction manual | Kambrook 11 Fin Oil Column Heater Instruction Manual

Kambrook 11 Fin Oil Column Heater Instruction Manual
5 Fin/7 Fin/11 Fin
Oil Column Heater
Suitable for KOH105/KOH107/KOH111
Instruction Booklet
Please retain your instruction
book for future use.
In the event that you need some assistance with your
Kambrook appliance, please contact our Customer Service
Department on 1300 139 798 (Australia) or 0800 273845 (New
Zealand). Alternatively, visit us on our website at
www.kambrook.com.au or www.kambrook.co.nz
Kambrook Recommends
Safety First
Your Oil Column Heater
Quick Start Guide
Using Your Oil Column Heater
Care and Cleaning
Kambrook Recommends Safety First
IMPORTANT: Please retain your
book for future use.
At Kambrook, we believe that safe performance is the first priority in any
consumer product, so that you, our valued customer can confidently
use and trust our products. We ask that any electrical appliance that
you use be operated in a sensible fashion with due care and attention
placed on the following important operating instructions.
Important Safeguards For Your Kambrook
Oil Column Heater
• Carefully read all instructions before
operating the Heater and save for
future reference.
• Remove any packaging material and
promotional stickers before using the
Heater for the first time.
• Connect only to a 230V or 240V
power point.
• Avoid touching the heater body while
it is on, as some parts of the heater are
hot. When moving the unit switch off
and hold the heater by the handles
where provided.
• Always keep combustible materials
such as drapes and other furnishing at
least 1.7 metres away from the front,
sides and rear of the heater.
• To prevent a possible fire or heat
damage, allow ample space around
the heater (at least 0.5m from the
front, top, rear and sides of the heater)
and do not totally or partially covered
the heater in any manner. Check the
unit’s openings from time to time for
accumulated dust.
WARNING: In order to
avoid overheating do
not cover the heater.
• Extreme caution and supervision is
necessary when this heater is used by or
near children or invalids.
• Extreme caution and supervision is
necessary when this heater is used
near animals.
• Important – this heater is intended for
floor use only.
• Do not mount on ceiling or walls.
• Do not leave the heater unattended.
Always switch off the heater at the
controls and at the power outlet then
unplug from the power outlet when not
in use.
• Do not use heater to dry your laundry.
• Do not operate heater whilst asleep.
• Do not operate any heater with a
damaged cord or plug, or if the heater
has been dropped or damaged in
any manner. Return the heater to your
nearest Kambrook Service Centre for
examination, electrical or mechanical
adjustment or repair.
• Do not use outdoors. This heater is not
intended for commercial use, such as
construction sites.
• Do not locate the heater immediately
below and in front of a socket outlet
when in use.
• Do not use this heater with an
external programmer, timer or any
other device that switches the heater
on automatically. Since a fire risk
may exist if the heater is covered or
positioned incorrectly.
• This heater is not intended for use in wet
or moist locations. Do not immerse or
allow liquids to be spilt on the heater.
• Do not use this heater in the immediate
surroundings of a bath, a shower or a
swimming pool.
• This heater has hot and arcing or
sparking parts inside. Do not use in
areas where petrol, paints, aerosols, or
other inflammable substances are used
or stored.
• Do not operate the heater with the
power cord damaged, frayed or split,
wound around any part of the heater,
or in contact with heated surfaces of
the heater.
• Do not allow materials that have been
in contact with oil, petroleum based
products or drying fluids to come in
contact with the heater.
• Do not run the cord under carpeting
or cover the cord with rugs, runners or
the like. Arrange the cord away from
traffic areas and where it will not be
tripped over.
• To disconnect the heater, switch control
to off. Turn off at the power outlet then
remove the plug from the outlet.
• Do not insert or allow foreign objects to
pass through the inlet or outlet openings.
This may cause an electric shock, fire or
damage the heater.
• Do not touch hot surfaces.
• Switch off at the control switch and
power outlet, then unplug and allow
the heater to cool down before
cleaning or storing.
• Use this heater only as described in this
instruction manual. Any other use not
recommended by the manufacturer
may cause fire, electric shock or injury
and voids all warranties.
• This heater is filled with precise quantity
of special oil. Repairs requiring opening
of the oil container are only to be made
by the manufacturer or service agent
who should be contacted if there is an
oil leak.
• When disposing of the heater, follow
regulations concerning the disposal of oil
in your local council, State or Country.
Important Safeguards For All
Electrical Appliances
• Fully unwind the power cord before use.
• Do not let the power cord hang over
the edge of a bench or table, touch hot
surfaces or become knotted.
• The appliance is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
or lack of experience and knowledge,
unless they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the
appliance by a person responsible for
their safety.
• Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.
• It is recommended to regularly inspect
the appliance. To avoid a hazard do not
use the appliance if power cord, power
plug or appliance becomes damaged
in any way. Return the entire appliance
to the nearest authorised Kambrook
Service Centre for examination and/or
repair, or contact Customer Service on
1300 139 798.
• Any maintenance other than cleaning
should be performed at an authorised
Kambrook Service Centre.
• This appliance is for household use only.
Do not use this appliance for anything
other than its intended use. Do not use
in moving vehicles or boats. Do not use
outdoors. Misuse may cause injury.
• The installation of a residual current
device (safety switch) is recommended
to provide additional safety protection
when using electrical appliances. It
is advisable that a safety switch with
a rated residual operating current
not exceeding 30mA be installed in
the electrical circuit supplying the
appliance. See your electrician for
professional advice.
Your Oil Column Heater
Carry handle
Thermostat control knob
Heat setting switches
Cord storage
Castor wheels
Radiator fins
24 hour programmable timer
(KOH111 only)
Quick Start Guide
Turning the
heater on after
Switch the Power
and Heat setting
switches to the
off position. For
KOH111, make sure
that the switch on
the timer is set to ‘I’.
Plug the cord into
a 230V or 240V
power point and
switch on.
Setting the
heating mode
Setting the
Switch both of the
Power and Heat
setting switches on.
Turn the
control knob in a
clockwise position
until it stops.
Turning the
heater off
When the desired
room temperature
is reached, turn
the Thermostat in
an anti-clockwise
direction until a
click sound is heard,
then stop.
Turn the heater
off by switching
both of the Power
and Heat setting
switches to the
off position.
Hints/Tips to Retain Heat in
Your Home
• Don’t overheat your home. The
temperature of a heated room in winter
should be 18-21°C
• Your heater will work more efficiently if
you stick to Kambrook’s recommended
clearance spaces
• Choose the right size heater for the room
type you want to heat
• Zone off unoccupied rooms by closing
doors and only heat the main living areas
• Fit window coverings like curtains to limit
winter heat loss
• Put draft stoppers, such as a rolled
up towel, at the bottom of outside
doorways to keep out cold air
• Keep the heat in and the cold out by
installing wall and ceiling insulation.
• Avoid placing items too close to the
heater (both at the front and back) for
optimal air flow
Using Your Oil Column Heater
Before First Use
Remove any promotional material or
packaging from the heater.
The oil heater requires a small amount
of assembly before use.
Mounting Bracket Assembly
(all models)
NOTE: Always secure the
mounting plate between the
last two fins at each end of the
oil heater.
Assembling Your Heater
NOTE: Before operation, please
make sure that the castor
wheels have been correctly
fitted to the castor wheel
mounting plate (for KOH105
and KOH107 only) and the
castor wheel mounting plate
is securely fitted to the body of
the oil heater (all models).
Fig. 1
Castor Wheel Assembly
(KOH105 and KOH107)
Unpack the castor wheels from
the packaging and remove the
nut, spring washer and flat washer
from the castor wheel shaft.
Unpack the castor wheel
mounting plate from the
packaging. Feed the castor
wheel shaft upwards through the
underside of the castor wheel
mounting plate, and align the
rectangular locator on the base
of the castor wheel shaft with the
slot on the mounting plate. The
castor wheel shaft and mounting
plate should fit together snuggly.
Replace the flat washer and
spring washer back on to the
castor wheel shaft, over the top of
the mounting bracket and secure
tightly with the nut provided. The
nut may need to be tightened
with a spanner.
NOTE: Make sure that the castor
wheels are positioned away
from the centre of the heater to
provide greater stability.
Fig. 2
Place the radiator body upside
down on a soft surface to avoid
damage to the heater. Make sure
it is in a stable position and will
not fall.
Place the mounting plate onto the
base of the oil heater, between
the last two fins at each end.
Setting The Heating Mode
All Kambrook oil heaters operate in
manual heating mode only, except
for the KOH111 which can also
operate using the programmable
timer. To operate the KOH111 using
the programmable timer, see the
‘Setting the Auto-Off Timer’ section.
The oil heater has two switches,
offering three heat settings.
Remove the wing nuts provided
from the U bolt assembly.
Hook the U bolt around the body
section, joining the last two fins,
and feed each end back up
through the top of the mounting
plate. Secure the U bolt to the
mounting plate with the plastic
wing nut provided.
Repeat at the other end of
the heater.
Return the unit to an upright
position, and it is now ready for use.
Turning Your Heater On
Always place the heater on a firm,
level surface in a stable upright
position and unwind the cord to its
full length.
Ensure the Heat Setting switches are
switched to the ‘OFF’.
Plug the cord into a 230V or 240V
power point and switch on.
NOTE: To avoid an electrical
circuit overload, it is
recommended that no other
appliances are plugged into
the same circuit as your heater,
when it is in use.
Using Your Oil Column Heater
Setting The Thermostat
Your Kambrook oil heater is fitted
with a variable thermostat, which
is designed to assist you in setting a
comfortable room temperature.
Turn the thermostat control knob
clockwise to the MAX position. This will
ensure that the room heats up as fast
as possible.
When the room reaches a
comfortable temperature, turn the
thermostat control knob slowly in an
anti-clockwise direction (towards
the MIN position), until a click sound
is heard. The oil heater will now
continue to cycle on and off, to
maintain this room temperature.
Setting the Auto-Off Timer
(KOH111 only)
The KOH111 is fitted with a 24 hour
programmable timer, which enables
the heater to be set to switch ON
and OFF automatically, once a heat
setting mode has been selected.
The timer will only work when power is
supplied to the unit.
The timer has two settings:
• I – ON, the heater can be used
– Timer Operation, the heater
can be used in the timer mode and
will only operate if some of the pins
have been engaged.
To activate the timer operation, select
setting on the timer.
Set the current time (using a 24 hour
clock) on the timer, by rotating the
dial clockwise until the correct time of
day is located opposite the arrow.
To set the time you want the heater
to turn on, push the red pins outwards
and to set the time that you want
the heater to switch off, push the
pins inwards. Each pin represents a
15 minute period. For example, if you
want the heater to operate for 60
minutes at 7pm before switching off
again at 8pm, 4 pins will need to be
pushed outwards in a row between 19
and 20.
NOTE: The programmed timer
can be over ridden at any time
by switching the timer back to
the ‘I’ (ON, manual) mode.
NOTE: For the heater to operate
in ‘Timer’ mode, both the timer
needs to be set to the ‘ ’ setting,
and pins need to have been
moved to the outward position.
ThermoGuard Overheating
Safety Device
Your heater is fitted with a safety
device that switches off the heater
in the event of overheating. Should
this heater stop working, turn off the
heater and inspect the air inlet and
outlet for blockages. Wait for the
heater to cool for the protection
system to reset before attempting to
restart the heater.
Care and Cleaning
Ensure that the heater is switched off
and disconnected from the power
point before cleaning.
Use a clean, dry cloth to clean the
external surfaces of the heater.
Do not attempt to open up any
parts of the heater as there are no
customer serviceable parts inside.
When not in use, store the heater
(preferably in its original box) in a
cool, clean and dry location.
Kambrook 12 Month Replacement Warranty
In Australia, this Kambrook Replacement
Warranty does not affect the mandatory
statutory rights implied under the Trade
Practices Act 1974 and other similar State and
Territory legislation relating to the appliance.
It applies in addition to the conditions and
warranties implied by that legislation.
In New Zealand, this Kambrook Replacement
Warranty does not affect your mandatory
statutory rights implied under the Consumer
Guarantees Act 1993 in relation to the appliance.
It applies in addition to the conditions and
guarantees implied by that legislation.
This Kambrook Replacement Warranty is
valid only in the country of purchase, but
other statutory warranties may still apply.
This Warranty card and the purchase receipt
for this product are to be retained as proof of
purchase and must be presented if making
a claim under the Kambrook Replacement
Warranty. Please note that under any applicable
statutory warranty you are not required to
produce these documents, but may be
required to provide a proof of purchase.
Kambrook warrants the purchaser against defects
in workmanship and material for a period of 12
months domestic use from the date of purchase
(or 3 months in a commercial situation).
The Kambrook Replacement Warranty does
not apply to any defect, deterioration, loss,
injury or damage occasioned by, or as a
result of, misuse or abuse, negligent handling
or if the product has been used other than
in accordance with the instructions. The
Kambrook Replacement Warranty excludes
breakables such as glass and ceramic items,
consumable items and normal wear and tear.
This Kambrook Replacement Warranty is void
if there is evidence of the product being
tampered with by unauthorised persons.
If the product includes one or a number of
accessories only the defective accessory
or product will be replaced. Subject to your
statutory rights, in the event of Kambrook
choosing to replace the appliance, the
Kambrook Replacement Warranty will
expire at the original date, i.e. 12 months
from the original date of purchase.
In the event that you need some assistance
with your Kambrook appliance, please contact
our Customer Service Department on 1300 139
798 (Australia) or 0800 273 845 (New Zealand).
Alternatively, visit us on the website at
www.kambrook.com.au or www.kambrook.co.nz
Kambrook 12 Month Replacement Warranty
Your Purchase Record (Please Complete)
Attach a copy of the purchase receipt here.
Date Of Purchase_________________________________
Model Number____________________________________
Serial Number_____________________________________
Purchased From___________________________________
Kambrook - Australia
Building 2, Port Air Industrial Estate
1A Hale Street
Botany NSW 2019
Customer Service Line 1300 139 798
Customer Service Fax 1800 621 337
(Please don’t return purchase record
until you are making a claim)
Kambrook - New Zealand
Private Bag 94411
Botany, Manukau
Auckland 2163
New Zealand
Customer Service Line/Spare Parts
0800 273 845
Customer Service Fax 0800 288 513
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