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Webasto Thermo 90 ST Operating instructions
Operating and
Maintenance Instructions
Thermo 90 S/ 90 ST
The heater must not be:
exposed to temperatures greater than +85°C. Exposure
to such temperatures may cause damage to the
electronic components.
Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America, Inc.
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operated without a minimum level of 20% of good quality
antifreeze in the water of the heating circuit.
General Information
The heater must:
Dear Webasto Customer !
We assume that the workshop / service center that carried out the installion explained to
you the operation and principle of functioning of your new heater to your complete
satisfaction. This owner's handbook is designed to give you a brief summary of how to
use the Thermo 90 S / Thermo 90 ST heaters.
In the case of a severe build-up of smoke, unusual
combustion noises or fuel smell, the heater is to be put
out of operation by removing the fuse and may only be
restarted after being inspected by Webasto-trained
be operated at least once a month for 20 minutes, with the
vehicle engine cold and at the lowest fan setting. The
heater should be checked annually by a qualified expert,
preferably prior to the heating season commencing.
Maintenance and Safety Information
The installation of the units must be carried out in accordance with the installation
instructions. The installation must be checked in accordance with the Legal Provisions for
Installation. For details refer to the installation instructions.
The year of the initial operation must be durably marked on the heater's nameplate by
removing the non-applicable years.
Liability claims:
DANGER: Heater must be switched "off" when refueling at filling stations and/or while
loading or unloading flammable materials for transport, to prevent the risk of explosion.
Please review owner's manual for safety and use instructions.
The heater must be switched off:
Danger of explosions
and asphyxiation
Failure to follow the installation instructions and the notes
contained therein will lead to all liability being refused by
Webasto The same applies if repairs are carried out
incorrectly or with the use of parts other than genuine
spare parts. This will result in the revocation of the type
licence for the heater and therefore the General operating
licence / EC type licence.
Liability claims can only be made if the claimant can verify
that he has complied with the servicing and safety
at filling stations and tank farms.
in locations where flammable vapours or dust may
accumulate (e.g. in the vicinity of fuel-, coal-, sawdust or
grain depots).
in enclosed spaces (e.g. garages). This should also be
considered when pre-setting heater operating times or
using the Telestart remote control.
be operated using the fuel specified on the name plate and
the rated voltage specified on the name plate.
Before switching the heater on, set the vehicle heating system to the "warm" position
and the vehicle heater fan to the lowest setting (less power consumption)!
Standard Timer
Switching the
heater on
Switching the
heater off
day of the week
time display
memory location
alarm indicator
heater "on" indicator
Standard Timer
instant reverse
Setting time/
day of the
the time
Manually: by pressing the
button (continuous heating mode).
Automatically: by programming the heater starting time.
Manually: by pressing the
Automatically: after the programmed operating time has elapsed.
With the heater running: by programming the remaining operating
Press the
button for more than 2 seconds - time of the day is
flashing - and set the clock using the
buttons. Day of the
week is flashing - adjust the day of the week.
With the ignition switched off: press the
Programming Press the button - the memory location is flashing - using the
heater starting and buttons set start of the heater operating time. Day of the week
is flashing - set the day of the week. By repeatedly pressing the
button, memory locations 2 and 3 can be programmed or the time
display mode can be reached.
The standard digital timer enables you to preset the start of the
heater operation up to 7 days in advance.
It is possible to program 3 different starting times, only one of which
can be activated.
The standard digital timer features a wakeup alarm function.
When the ignition is switched on, the timer displays the current time
and the day of the week. When the heater is switched on, the display
and the buttons are illuminated.
After the power supply has been connected, all symbols on the
display will flash. The current time and weekday must be set.
The timer can be operated in that all flashing symbols can be
adjusted by means of the
buttons. If the buttons are not
pressed within 5 seconds, the time displayed will be stored. If the
buttons are pressed for more than 2 seconds, the fast time setting mode is activated.
If the ignition is switched off while the heater is operating in the
continuous mode, the remaining operating time of 15 minutes is
displayed and the heater continues to operate for this period of time.
erasing preset
Repeatedly press the
button until the desired memory location is
displayed. To erase the preset time, press the
button several
times until the time of the day is displayed instead of the memory.
Programming The heater must be switched off. Press the button for 3 seconds duration of
operating time is flashing - and set the desired operating time
operating time (10 to 120 minutes) using the and buttons.
Setting the
Set the desired remaining operating time (1 to 120 minutes) using the
buttons. The remaining operating time refers to the time
operating time the heater still continues to remain in operation. It can only be
changed while the heater is in operation and the ignition switched off.
Setting the
wakeup time
A wakeup time can only be programmed on the standard digital timer.
The wakeup time is not bound to a specific day of the week.
Repeatedly press the
button until the bell symbol
appears on
the display. Set the desired wakeup time using the
The alarm clock turns off after 5 minutes or when one of the
buttons is pressed.
erasing the
wakeup time
Repeatedly press the
button until the bell symbol
appears on
the display - read off wakeup time. To erase the wakeup time: press
button until the bell symbol
is no longer visible on the
Remote control Possible by means of an optional external "instant heating" button.
Fault Code Display
In the event of a malfunction, fuses and electrical connections should be checked for
proper condition and security.
After the occurrence of a malfunction, the fault is indicated on the display of the digital
timer if the heater is equipped with a standard digital timer.
If this action does not correct the defect, consult your authorized Webasto dealer.
After the heater has been shut down due to afault lock-out, a coded flashing signal is
emitted through the operation indicator during the after-run cycle of the heater. These
coded flashing signals are designed to assist the authorized Webasto dealer in isolating
the fault.
Fault Codes on the Display of the Combination or Standard Digital Timer
Heater turns itself off automatically (=fault lock-out)
Combustion was not established
during start-up and start-up repetition
Flame goes out during operation
Voltage drop for more
than 20 seconds.
Heater overheats due to
lack/loss of coolant.
Heater Lock out Reset Procedure:
1. Using switch or standard timer control, turn
heater on.
2. Remove the main power connection to heater
from battery or pull fuse for a minimum of 20
3. Using switch or standard timer control, turn
the heater off.
4. Reinstall main heater power connection
where previously disconnected.
Rectify the cause of the fault.
Important: Heater fault codes can be read using PC diagnostics, however, the heater
lock out reset must be manually performed using the procedure stated above.
Thermo 90 S
If the heater is activated by the switch, the types of malfunctions are indicated by
coded flashing signals via the operation indicator light during the after-run period of
the heater. The coded flashing signals correspond to the numbers in the table below:
F 01
No start-up (after 2 start-up attempts)
F 02
Flame extinguished
F 03
Undervoltage or overvoltage
F 04
Premature flame detection
F 05
Flame detector interruption or flame
detector short-circuit
F 06
Temperature sensor interruption or
temperature sensor short-circuit
F 07
Metering pump interruption or metering
pump short-circuit
F 08
Fan motor interruption or
fan motor short-circuit or
incorrect fan motor speed
F 09
Pencil-type glow plug interruption or
pencil-type glow plug short-circuit
F 10
F 11
Circulating pump interruption or
circulation pump short circuit
Thermo 90 ST
Subject to change
Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Webasto)
warrants their heaters and heater kits against defects in material and workmanship for two
(2) years effective at the time of installation or vehicle registration date for original
equipment installation (OEM). This warranty period may not exceed three (3) years from the
original date of sale by Webasto. This warranty period may be superseded by written
contractual agreements.
All models are limited to 2,000 maximum operating hours.
Replacement parts are covered for six (6) months or the remainder of the original warranty
period, whichever is longer.
The intent of the Webasto warranty is to protect the original end-user of the heater from
defects and provide free repair and replacement of defective parts in the manner provided
herein. During the warranty period, the exclusive remedy will be for Webasto, at their
discretion, to repair or replace those parts which are demonstrated to be defective in
material or workmanship.
While warranty is provided to the “original end-user”, it is to be administered and serviced
through an authorized Webasto dealer in accordance with the Webasto warranty policy or
contractual agreement between Webasto and a second party.
To locate the nearest Webasto authorized dealer for warranty service:
visit http://www.techwebasto.com or call (800) 860-7866 in USA, (800) 667-8900 in
Webasto Thermo & Comfort N.A., Inc.
15083 North Road
Fenton, MI 48430
Technical Assistance Hotline
(800) 860-7866
(800) 667-8900
Rev. 4/2017
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