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Webasto Thermo Pro 90 Operating instrustions
Operation Manual
Thermo Pro 90 D (Diesel)
Coolant Heater 12 / 24 Volt
Dear Webasto Customer,
Thank you for choosing the Webasto Thermo Pro 90 Coolant Heater. We hope it will provide you with many
years of reliable comfort.
The Thermo Pro 90 heater is used in conjunction with the original vehicle heating system for:
– cabin preheating
– engine preheating
– preheating of additional devices (e.g. units)
The auxiliary heating mode can also be operated with the vehicle engine running.
We presume that the principle and mode of operation of this product has been explained to your complete
satisfaction by the workshop/service center which installed it. In these operating instructions we would like to
once again provide you with an overview of the safe use of this product.
To become familiar with and understand all functions of the heater, you must read these
operating instructions carefully. Then you can be sure that you can use all functions to your
satisfaction and feel completely comfortable and safe. If you should lose these instructions, please
contact an authorized Webasto dealer immediately to obtain a replacement copy
(see also http://www.techwebasto.com).
Repair or maintenance work may only be carried out by an authorized Webasto dealer.
Maintenance and Safety Instructions
1. Webasto heaters must be switched “off” when re-fueling at filling stations to prevent the risk of
explosion. Please review the owner’s manual for safety and use instructions.
2. The year in which the heater was used for the first time must be permanently displayed on the factory plate
by deleting the inapplicable years from the plate.
3. The heater must not be operated without at least 20% brand name anti-freeze in the water of the heating
4. The heaters are not designed for heating hazardous substance transport compartments.
5. Claims can only be made if it can be verified that the claimant has complied with the servicing and safety
6. The heater may not be operated in enclosed spaces (such as garages) as a result of the risk of
poisoning and asphyxiation, even if a timer is used.
7. In the event of long-lasting heavy smoke development, unusual combustion noises or a smell of fuel or if
the heater suffers continuous fault cut-outs with error messages (flashing code), it must be shut down by
removing the fuse and must not be reused until it has been inspected by Webasto-trained personnel.
8. Webasto rejects any liability for problems and damage caused by the system being installed by untrained
9. Wherever flammable vapors or dust may form, the heater must be switched off as a result of the
risk of explosion.
10. May only be operated with the fuel specified on the rating plate and at the nominal voltage specified on
the rating plate.
11.The temperature in the area around the heater must not exceed 85 °C / 185° F (storage temperature). If
the temperature exceeds this level there is a risk of permanent damage to the electronics systems.
12. To prevent mechanical parts seizing, the heater should be operated for approx. 20 minutes once a month.
13. Do not stand on the heater and do not place any heavy items on the heater.
14. Do not place any items of clothing, textiles or similar materials over the heater.
15. The current of hot air in the heater must not be restricted or blocked by highly flammable substances or
materials such as rags, cleaning wool, etc.
16. The heater must not be cleaned with a high pressure cleaner.
Operation Instructions
The heater can be switched on and off using the following Webasto controls:
Toggle Switch
Heater Control Harness Connection
Using a 24 Volt Switch
White (Ground)
Red (Power)
Black (On signal)
Green (Operation indication)
Switch On:
Upon switching on the Webasto heater:
the operation indicator lamp comes on;
The heater motor and the coolant circulating pump begin to run;
After about 10-25 seconds, the fuel pump begins to cycle and the fuel-air mixture in the combustion
chamber is ignited;
Flame is detected;
At this time the heater is working and produces heat
Switch Off:
Switching off the heater stops combustion. The operating indicator light remains on and run-down
commences. The combustion air fan and circulation pump are deactivated after approximately 150 seconds.
The operating indicator light goes out to indicate the heater is now fully off.
Reactivation of the heater during run-down is permitted. The burner immediately resumes operation after the
run-up time.
SmarTemp Control fx
The Webasto SmarTemp Control fx is controlled using a rotary dial around the outside of the unit to scroll
through menu options. Simply click the selection button to make your choice. The following sections will
define each menu item and its default setting.
Menu Descriptions
*Depending on SmarTemp version, menu order may vary from order below.
Error Code
Two modes are possible:
Auto mode enables the pre-defined timer programs. Manual ON/OFF
functionality is still possible while in this mode.
Manual Mode allows the heater to be operated via the Webasto
button on the SmarTemp Control fx. While in Manual Mode, all Auto
Mode functionality is permanently disabled.
Note: While in manual mode the heater will continue to operate based on the
pre-defined “Duration” set by the user. See “Duration” for further detail.
Language changes between English, French, and Spanish
Duration allows user to select the heater runtime of the heater. Set range is
between 10 – 120 minutes selectable by 10 minute increments.
Note: Duration time for all timers will default to the set duration time. User
will have the ability to manually change duration for each timer.
This section will log the last 5 error codes and the date that it was set.
Highlight and select an error code for a full description.
If the heater produces an error code, the status indicator lights will flash red
and the error will display on the main screen. Error codes cannot be reset
through the Webasto SmarTemp Control fx on the heater, a Webasto PC
Diagnostics tool is needed. Refer to the heater service manual for resetting an
error code.
Note: Diagnostics via blink code is not available on all coolant heaters. Error
Codes on products with no blink code functionality can still be obtained using
the PC Diagnostics test tool. Refer to the applicable service manual by visiting
www.techwebasto.com for detailed PC diagnostics information.
Advanced Level adjustment; see below
60 minutes
No Errors
Timer &
Time & Date allows user to properly set the current date and time. User also
has the ability to switch between AM/PM and 24 hour format. If the 24 hour
format is selected the date format will change to dd/mm/yyyy. Use the rotary
knob to choose the time / date and the selection button to confirm each
entry. The Webasto button can be used to go back to the previous field if
additional changes are needed.
There are 4 heater start-up cycles possible 7 days per week. The timer is separated into to
three categories. The user can select “Mon-Fri”, set each specific timer (T1 – T4) for a typical
work week all at once. A weekend “Sat-Sun” can be scheduled in the same manner or a full
week by using the “Mon-Sun” selection. The “custom” link allows the user to set a specific
timer (T1 – T4) for each individual day.
When selecting a specific timer a sub-menu will appear (Edit, Skip, and Off). To change the
timer cycle, select “edit”. Changes are saved immediately. The “skip” feature allows a timer
cycle to be skipped one time within a 7 day period. Timer will reactivate after this one-time
skip cycle.
Note: To turn a specific timer off permanently select “off”.
LVD “Low Voltage Disconnect” allows the user to adjust the battery voltage
level at which the Webasto SmarTemp Control fx will shut the heater off. A
warning (LED and message) will appear after 8 minutes of low voltage. The
warning will remain on for 2 minutes before the heater is shut off.
If battery voltage is equal to or less than the threshold selected +0.1v, the
heater will not start. i.e. if an 11.5v threshold is selected the heater cannot be
started until B+ has reached 11.7v.
12 volt - Range between 11v – 12.5v | 24 volt - Range between 21v – 25.5v
Default allows the user to perform a reset to all default values.
Note: A power loss will not reset user programmed values.
A password can be set to prevent access to the advanced “Options” menu.
Enter a 4 digit code passcode to begin securing the Options menu. Note: This
is typically used in fleet vehicle applications.
The hour meter logs the operating hours of an active ON signal to the heater.
This does not reflect the true runtime of the heater itself.
Note: For warranty purposes a diagnostic printout is still required where
applicable. This hour meter is for reference only!
This displays the firmware version of the Webasto SmarTemp Control fx.
Select this to return to the previous screen.
11.4v |
IMPORTANT - The Red status indicators (heater "ON") and LCD screen backlight turn off after 30 seconds.
A touch of any button or a turn of the rotary knob will re-activate these lights. If the "Webasto" button is
used to re-activate these lights, an additional press of this button is necessary to turn the heater off. Note
that when the heater is "ON" the display is active.
Use the following link to obtain version specific controller operation instructions.
Heater Lockout Procedure
The control unit continuously monitors the heater operation. The control unit identifies errors on
individual heater components and faults during operation. Should the control unit experience component
errors and operational faults, the heater may be shut down.
The heater is shut down (fault lock-out) if:
– No or incorrect start
– Temperature sensor defective
– Overheating sensor interrupt or short circuit
– Overheating sensor installed incorrectly
– Ceramic glow pin interrupt or short circuit
– Fan motor overload or blocked or short circuit or interrupt
– Error in the fuel metering pump or circuit
– Under voltage or over voltage for longer than 20 seconds.
– Control unit defective
– Overheating
The fuel supply is stopped if the heater overheats.
The heater continues to run in the same way as if it is switched off manually.
After the heater stops the control unit may set in fault lock-out mode.
Heater Lock out Reset Procedure:
1. Using switch or standard timer control, turn heater on
2. Remove the main power connection to heater from battery or pull fuse for a minimum of 20 seconds.
3. Using switch or standard timer control, turn the heater off.
4. Reinstall main heater power connection where previously disconnected.
Rectify the cause of the fault.
IMPORTANT: Heater fault codes can be read using PC Diagnostics, however, the heater lockout reset must
be manually performed using the procedure stated above.
Technical Information
• Rated Voltage: 12 / 24V
• Operating Voltage Range: 9V - 32V
• Low Voltage Disconnect Range: 12V: 11 – 12.5V | 24V: 21 – 25.5V
• Operating Temperature: - 40° ... +185 °F (- 40° ... +85 °C)
• NOTE: Display visible to -22°F (-30°C)
• Installation Dimensions: (L x H x D) 2.7” x 2.2” x .60” (69.4mm x 55.5mm x 15.2mm)
Limited Non-Transferable Warranty
Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Webasto) warrants their heaters
and heater kits against defects in material and workmanship for two (2) years effective at the time of installation or vehicle registration date for original equipment installation (OEM). This warranty period may not exceed
three (3) years from the original date of sale by Webasto. This warranty period may be superseded by written
contractual agreements.
All models are limited to 2,000 maximum operating hours.
Replacement parts are covered for six (6) months or the remainder of the original warranty period, whichever
is longer.
The intent of the Webasto warranty is to protect the original end-user of the heater from defects and provide
free repair and replacement of defective parts in the manner provided herein. During the warranty period, the
exclusive remedy will be for Webasto, at their discretion, to repair or replace those parts which are demonstrated to be defective in material or workmanship.
While warranty is provided to the “original end-user”, it is to be administered and serviced through an authorized Webasto dealer in accordance with the Webasto warranty policy or contractual agreement between
Webasto and a second party.
To locate the nearest Webasto authorized dealer for warranty service:
visit http://www.techwebasto.com or call (800) 860-7866 in USA, (800) 667-8900 in Canada.
Webasto Thermo & Comfort N.A., Inc.
15083 North Road
Fenton, MI 48430
Technical Assistance Hotline
(800) 860-7866
(800) 667-8900
Org. 5/2015
Rev. 08/2018
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