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ACTi Z81 Z82 Hardware Manual
Dome Camera
Hardware Manual
Z81, Z82
Hardware Manual
Table of Contents
Regulatory Compliance .................................................................... 4
Safety and Compliance Information................................................ 5
List of Models.................................................................................... 7
Package Contents............................................................................. 8
Physical Description ........................................................................ 8
Installation Procedures
Mounting on the Ceiling ................................................................... 9
Waterproof RJ-45 Connector ......................................................... 11
Waterproof Tail Cable ..................................................................... 11
Access the Camera
Hardware Manual
Read these instructions
Read all the safety and operating instructions before using this product.
Heed all warnings
Adhere to all the warnings on the product and in the instruction manual. Failure to follow the
safety instructions given may directly endanger people, cause damage to the system or to
other equipment.
Do not attempt to service this product yourself as opening or removing covers may expose you
to dangerous voltage or other hazards. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
ACTi and ACTi logo are registered trademarks of ACTi Corporation. All other names and
products used in this manual are registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Every reasonable care has been taken during the writing of this manual. Please inform your
local office if you find any inaccuracies or omissions. ACTi will not be held responsible for any
typographical or technical errors and reserves the right to make changes to the product and
manuals without prior notice.
Hardware Manual
Regulatory Compliance
FCC Part 15
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for digital device, pursuant
to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection
against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.
This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed
and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio
communications. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful
interference in which case the user will be required to correct the interference at his own
This product complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two
This device may not cause harmful interference.
This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause
undesired operation.
LVD/EMC Directive
This product complies with the European Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
and EMC Directive 2014/30/EU.
WEEE Directive–2012/19/EU
The product this manual refers to is covered by the Waste Electrical &
Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive and must be disposed of in a
responsible manner.
Hardware Manual
Safety and Compliance Information
Installation and removal of the unit and its accessories must be carried out by qualified
personnel. You must read all of the Safety Instructions supplied with your equipment before
installation and operation.
This device is a class A product and may cause radio interference. Take measures if
Make sure the camera operates in an environment where the temperature and humidity
meet requirements. Keep the camera from excessive pressure, vibration, moisture, dust,
and intensive electromagnetic radiation.
Use a power adapter or a PoE device that meets requirements. Otherwise, the device may
be damaged.
Make sure the length of the power cable between the power adapter and the camera is not
too long, otherwise the voltage of the camera is lowered, causing the camera to work
abnormally. If it is required to lengthen the power cable, lengthen the cable between the
power adapter and the mains.
Do not hold the tail cable by hand for weight bearing. Otherwise, the cable connector of the
camera could be loosened.
Do not cut the tail cable. Exposed tail cables may cause short circuit and damage the
When connecting to an external interface, use an existing connection terminal, and ensure
that the cable terminal (latch or clamp) is in good condition and properly fastened. Ensure
that the cable is not tense during mounting, with a proper margin reserved to avoid poor
port contact or loosening caused by shock or shake.
The end of the tail cable must be kept under good protection. Take waterproof measures to
protect the tail cable.
During the process of transportation, special attention is required for the protection of the
transparent dome cover to prevent friction, scratch and contamination, etc. In order to
keep the cover clean, do not remove the protective film on the cover during mounting. After
mounting is finished, remove the film before the device is powered on.
Contact professionals for maintenance information. Do not attempt to dismantle the device
by yourself. We shall not assume any responsibility for problems caused by unauthorized
repair or maintenance.
Hardware Manual
If there is dust on the front glass surface, remove the dust gently using an oil-free brush or
a rubber dust blowing ball.
If there is grease or a dust stain on the front glass surface, clean the glass surface gently
from the center outward using anti-static gloves or an oil-free cloth. If the grease or the
stain still cannot be removed, use anti-static gloves or an oil-free cloth dipped with
detergent and clean the glass surface gently until it is removed.
Do not use organic solvents, such as benzene or ethanol when cleaning the transparent
dome cover.
Never look at the transmit laser while the power is on. Never look
directly at the fiber ports and the fiber cable ends when they are
powered on.
Use of controls or adjustments to the performance or procedures
other than those specified herein may result in hazardous laser
Hardware Manual
List of Models
This hardware manual contains the following models:
2MP Outdoor Zoom Dome with D/N, Adaptive IR, Extreme
WDR, SLLS, 4.4x Zoom Lens
4MP Outdoor Zoom Dome with D/N, Adaptive IR, Extreme
WDR, SLLS, 4.4x Zoom Lens
Hardware Manual
Package Contents
Contact your local dealer if the package is damaged or incomplete. The attachments may vary
with models, please see the actual model for details.
Quick Installation Guide
Screw Pack
Drill Template
Cable gland
Physical Description
DC 12V Power Input
This connector is used to connect to a DC 12V power
adapter if a non-PoE network connection will be used.
Ethernet Port
Connects to a network using an Ethernet cable.
Reset Button
Press and hold to reset the camera to its default factory
Memory Card Slot
Insert a memory card into this slot for local recording
NOTE: Supports microSDHC and microSDXC cards.
Hardware Manual
Installation Procedures
Mounting on the Ceiling
1. Locate the positions of the holes; paste the drill template stickers on the surface and then
use a Ø6-6.5mm drill bit to drill 30 mm-depth guide holes according to the positions
marked by drill template.
2. Insert the plastic anchors and drill a hole to lead the cables out of the ceiling.
3. Loosen the fixing screw, then remove the housing.
Hardware Manual
4. Connect the cable and then secure the mounting base.
Connect cable and protect
it with waterproof tape
(Optional) insert a
micro SD card
Attach bottom ring to
ceiling with taping screws
5. Mount the camera to the base.
Adjust the housing to the position shown in figure figure  then push and turn it to
anywhere but .
6. Adjust the lens viewing direction, and then tighten the screw.
Hardware Manual
Waterproof RJ-45 Connector
NOTE: The preceding installation process is for concealed installation, during which holes are
punched on the wall and cables are penetrated into the wall. If open installation is adopted,
cables are not penetrated into the wall but threaded out from the outlet on one side of the
Seal ring 3
2 1
Attach the seal ring to the Ethernet interface. Mount
the waterproof components in order. Then insert the
cable into the Ethernet interface and screw the
Insert in order
waterproof bolt in.
NOTE: You can crimp the inner wires of the cable with the RJ45 plug first and then cover the
waterproof components. You may also cover the waterproof components first.
Waterproof Tail Cable
Connect the tail cables and then take the following steps to protect the tail cables from water
using waterproof tapes. The figures are for your reference only.
Connect the tail cables, and protect the cables and cable
connections using insulating tapes. Then wrap all the tail
cables together using insulating tapes.
Choose a start point for waterproof tapes and protect the
tail cables using waterproof tapes.
Avoid short circuit when insulating the cables.
Use self adhesive waterproof tapes that will stick together with the twisted cables.
Tighten waterproof tapes when wrapping the cables and make sure the cable connections
are fully covered.
You are recommended to put the waterproof cables in a waterproof junction box which
needs to be purchased separately.
Hardware Manual
Access the Camera
Before you begin, check that:
Your camera is operating properly and connected to the network.
The PC you are using is installed with Internet Explorer 11.
Follow these steps to access your camera through the Web:
1. Open your browser, input the IP address of your camera in the address bar and then press
Enter to open the login page.
2. Enter the username and password and then click Login.
The factory default Account and Password of the camera:
Account: Admin
Password: 123456
Install the ActiveX at your first login. When the installation of the ActiveX is completed,
open your IE to log in.
For your first login with Windows 7, if the system does not prompt you to install ActiveX,
follow these steps to turn off UAC: click the Start button, and then click Control Panel. In
the search box, type uac, and then click Change User Account Control Settings. Move
the slider to the Never Notify position, and then click OK. After UAC is turned off, log in
If the installation failed, open Internet Option in IE before login. Click the Security tab,
click Trusted sites, and then click Sites to add the website. If you use Windows 7, you
need to save the setup.exe to your PC first, and then right-click the file, select Run as
administrator, and then install it according to instructions.
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