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ACTi PMAX-0113 Quick Installation Guide
Quick Installation Guide for PMAX-0113
The PMAX-0113 is a pole mount extension kit for the A8x series.
Package Content:
Surface Mount
Straight Tube
Mount Kit
Surface Mount
Mount Kit
Surface Mount
Mount Kit
Installation Instructions:
1. Prepare the camera
a) Make sure to attach the metal cap that came with the camera on
the side conduit hole.
b) Remove the (3) O-Rings from the screws that came with the camera
and put the O-Rings on the (3) mount kit screws.
Note: Ensure the metal cap is tightly secured to avoid possible
water leak.
c) Remove the rubber from the bottom cable hole of the camera.
d) Slightly cut off the tip of the rubber, just enough for the rubber to
expand and let the Ethernet cable to pass through.
e). Insert the rubber back into the camera bottom hole.
2. Run the cable (without adapter) through the surface mount and secure
the surface mount to the surface using the (3) surface screws.
3. Screw the mount kit adapter and the surface mount adapter onto
separate ends of the straight tube.
4. Attach the mount kit to the mount kit adapter.
5. Place the rubber gasket into the grove going around the mount kit.
6. Run the cable through the straight tube.
Note: Make sure there is enough cable length to go through the mount
kit to reach the camera Ethernet port.
7. Insert the Ethernet cable without the connector through the camera
8. Once the cable length is determined (able to reach camera Ethernet
port), seal the bottom cable hole with silicone to protect it from water
9. Place the camera on the rubber gasket and make sure the base
screw holes align with the mount kit.
10. Mount the camera onto the mount kit using the mount kit screws (with
camera O-Rings) and seal the screws with silicone to protect it from
water leak.
11. Attach the RJ-45 connector to the Ethernet cable (see How to
Attach the RJ-45 Connector in camera manual for detailed
12. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port of the camera.
13. Secure the pole to the surface mount using the (3) screws.
14. Based on the live view, adjust the viewing angle and orientation of the
camera, then replace the cover
Note: Try to not twist the cable too much
Note: Loosen the two tilt adjustment screws and then tilt the camera
to desired angle. Tighten the tilt adjustment screws to fix the
lens position.
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