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ACTi GNR-2000 XNR-4200 Quick Installation Guide
Standalone NVR Quick Installation Guide
What’s In The Box
Package Contents
 Standalone NVR x 1
 Power Cord x 1 (US type / Europe Type)
 Warranty Card
 Machine Info Card
 Installation Accessories
Note: If your territory does not fall into US or Europe type adapter coverage, please purchase a power plug
adapter from a local vendor to connect your device to power supply.
Get Started
Required Before Installation:
Operating system: 32/64 bit Windows 7 (all versions), Windows Server 2008 (all versions), Windows Vista (all
versions), Windows Server 2003 (all versions), Windows XP (all versions).
Browser: Must be Internet Explorer 8.0 or 9.0
RJ-45 Network Cable
Network Switch
Installing Hard Disks
DO NOT REMOVE HARD DISKS DURING OPERATION, or your hard disks might be damaged.
Remove the HDD tray
1. You should first remove the HDD tray. Slide the Slide Lock Tab
Slide Lock Tab
as shown on the drawing, then the Hinged Insert Tab will pop
out by itself.
2. Pull the tab to 90 degrees from the front. Pull out the tray to
insert or remove hard disks.
Insert the HDD tray
To insert HDD tray, slide the tray in until it stops, then close the tab
to connect hard disk to system.
Hinged Insert Tab
Get Connected
Connecting to Network
If you use a network router / DHCP server in your system, connect your Standalone NVR to your network on
Ethernet Port1. Standalone NVR will try to get IP address from router by DHCP. If your network does not assign
IP address automatically, then Ethernet Port 1 will use static IP address after 30 seconds. On the
back panel of your standalone NVR, the Ethernet port on the left is Ethernet Port1, on the right is Ethernet
Example 1: GNR-2000 Back Panel
Example 2: XNR-4200 Back Panel
Ethernet Port 1
Ethernet Port 2
Ethernet Port 1
Ethernet Port 2
Standalone NVR Quick Installation Guide
Accessing Standalone NVR by UPnP
Standalone NVR supports UPnP connection. You can find it by Windows Explorer  Network. Your PC must
be in the same subnet as Standalone NVR. Double-click the icon to log into Standalone NVR.
Accessing Standalone NVR by Internet Explorer
If you know the IP address and port number of the Standalone NVR, you may also type in the IP address and port
number directly into Internet Explorer.
Sample IP will look like this:
The default Username / Password is: Admin / 123456
A login screen will welcome you when you connect to Standalone NVR. Enter your Account and Password then
click the “Login” button to Login. On the first login, you will be prompted to install ActiveX components. You
must accept to use Standalone NVR. You may also click the “Download ActiveX installation package” link at
the lower left of login screen to download install file.
Setup Wizard
After logging in, Setup Wizard will guide you
through the initial setup process. Clicking the
“Next” button located to the lower right will skip
the current step. All the settings in the setup
wizard are available in the Setup tab from
Standalone NVR web interface so that you may
come back to it later. You can see the
Standalone NVR startup screen after
completing Setup.
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