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Hanna Instruments HI98501 Owner Manual
HI98501 (Checktemp®)
Instruction Manual
Hanna Instruments Inc. 584 Park East Drive
Woonsocket, RI 02895
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Meter Setup
Thank you for choosing a Hanna Instruments product. Please read
this instruction manual carefully before using the instrument. For
additional information, visit www.hannainst.com or e-mail us at
Enter Setup to change the temperature unit (ºC or ºF) or to adjust the
auto shut off time. To enter the Setup MODE, press the SET button
located inside the battery compartment once for temperature unit or
twice for auto shut off.
• Use the ON/OFF button to switch between “ºC” or “ºF”. Press SET
once to save and continue to auto shut off settings.
• Use the ON/OFF button to cycle through the following Auto Shut
Off options: 8 minutes (“d08”, default value), 60 minutes (“d60”),
OFF (“d--”). Press the SET button once to save and continue to
normal operation.
-50.0 to 150.0 ºC / -58.0 to 302 ºF
0.1 ºC (-50.0 to 150.0 ºC)
0.1 ºF (-58.0 to 199.9 ºF) / 1 ºF (above 200 ºF)
±0.2 ºC (-30.0 to 120.0 ºC)
±0.3 ºC (outside: -50.0 to -30.0 ºC and
120.0 to 150.0 ºC)
±0.5 ºF (-22.0 to 199.9 ºF)
±1 ºF (outside: -58.0 to -22.0 ºF
and 200 to 302 ºF)
-30 to 50 ºC (-22 to 122 ºF)
Battery Type
CR2032 (1 pc.)
Battery Life
approx. 2000 hours of continuous use
Auto Off
8 min (default), 60 min. or OFF
50 x 185 x 21 mm (2 x 7.3 x 0.9“)
50 g (1.8 oz.)
EN 13485:2001 - Suitability: Storage;
Environment: E; Accuracy Class: 0.5; IP65
Battery Replacement
Replace the battery when the battery symbol is blinking or when
Checktemp® does not switch on. If the meter has been submerged in
a liquid, make sure it has been completely dried. Check the polarity
of the battery, open the compartment and replace the battery. Close
battery cover.
Note: Batteries should only be replaced in a safe area using the
battery type specified in this instruction manual. Old batteries should
be disposed in accordance with local regulations.
Turn Checktemp® ON with ON/OFF button: all LCD segments are
displayed for 1 second, and CalCheck® starts automatically to verify
that Checktemp® is still accurate to its specifications. A message of
“CAL“ and “-0-“ means that Checktemp® is within specifications and
ready to be used. While measuring temperature, remember that:
• The temperature sensor is located at the tip of the
stainless steel probe.
• It is necessary to wait for a few seconds for the display to stabilize.
Liquid Crystal Display
ON/OFF button
Maximum Immersion Level
Temperature Probe
13 e
EN orag
St / 0.5
4 cm
Immersion Level
All rights are reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the
written consent of the copyright owner, Hanna Instruments Inc., Woonsocket, Rhode
Island, 02895, USA.
Errors that may occur: A message of “CAL” and “Err” means an
internal error has occurred and Checktemp® is not guaranteed to
be within its specifications but may still be operational. If CalCheck®
verifies Checktemp® is still accurate and the display shows “---”
the temperature being measured is out of the specified range or
connection to the probe has been broken. If a message of “Err” occurs
then a calibration data read error has occurred. A message of “Er1”
is caused by an unexpected device reset. A message of “Er2” occurs
if internally a temperature measurement malfunctions. After these
messages occur it is possible to be fixed by a reset. Turn Checktemp®
OFF and then ON with the ON/OFF button to reset. If the error message
continues to show, please contact your local Hanna Instruments Office.
Checktemp® is guaranteed for a period of one year after date of
purchase against defects in workmanship and materials when
used for their intended purpose and maintained according to
instructions. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement free
of charge. Damage due to accidents, misuse, tampering or lack of
prescribed maintenance is not covered. If service is required,
contact your local Hanna Instruments Office. If under warranty, report
the model number, date of purchase, serial number and the nature
of problem. If the repair is not covered by the warranty, you will be
notified of the charges incurred. If the instrument is to be returned to
Hanna Instruments, first obtain a Returned Goods Authorization
number from the Technical Service department and then send it with
shipping costs prepaid. When shipping any instrument, make sure it is
properly packed for complete protection.
Recommendations for Users
Before using Hanna Instruments products, make sure that they are
entirely suitable for your specific application and for the environment
in which they are used. Any variation introduced by the user to the
supplied equipment may degrade the meter's performance. To avoid
damages or burns, do not put the meter in microwave oven. For yours
and the meter's safety do not use or store the meter in hazardous
IST98501 06/18
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