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Hanna Instruments HI900601,HI900602,HI900603,HI900604 Owner Manual
Dear Customer,
Thank you for choosing a Hanna Instruments product.
Please read this instruction manual carefully before using
the probe. For more information about Hanna Instruments
and our products, visit www.hannainst.com or e-mail us at
For technical support, contact your local Hanna Instruments
Office or e-mail us at tech@hannainst.com.
Preliminary Examination
Remove the photometric probe from the packing and examine it
carefully. For further assistance, please contact your local Hanna
Instruments Office or email us at tech@hannainst.com.
Each HI900600 series photometric probe is delivered in a plastic
case and is supplied with:
• Trimmer tool
• Quality certificate
• Instruction manual
mV range
10 to 1100 mV
Light source
Measuring cycle
LED pulsed at 1 kHz
Light detector
Silicon photocell
Sample temperature
0 to 75 °C (32 to 167 °F)
Temperature drift
Less than 0.5 mV/°C
Body material
• The HI900600 family of photometric probes can be connected
to the HI932, HI931, HI902C, HI901C and HI901W titrators
by plugging the BNC connector to the pH/ORP/ISE port and
PS/2 connector to the keyboard port.
Probe Details
Body length / Overall length 120 mm / 200 mm
Outer diameter
12 mm
BNC with 1.5 meter cable
for connecting to titrator or
Power supply
PS/2 connector for connecting to
0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
• For use with the HI921 and HI922 Autosamplers, install the
electrode and dispensing tubes identical as the HI93x electrode
holder. The cable of the electrode is long enough to reach the
BNC and PS/2 connectors of the HI90x or HI93x Titrator.
• The dispensing tip must be slightly submerged into the sample
during use, this prevents the titrant pump from injecting
bubbles into the sample. If necessary trim the blue protective
tubing to allow the dispensing tip to be submerged into the
Serial Number
(on back)
BNC connector
PS/2 connector
LED Calibration
Trimmer (covered)
Note: Save all packing material until you are sure that the
probe works correctly. Return items must be returned in
the original packing material with the supplied accessories.
Items that need to be returned must be returned in their
original packing material with the supplied accessories.
Maximum Immersion Level
200 mm
General Description & Intended Use
• Reflective measurement allows for high color sensitivity in a
compact design.
• Drift from changes in temperature is automatically compensated.
• Glass body offers excellent chemical resistance.
• LED brightness trimmer is provided in the head of the probe to
adjust the LED intensity.
LED Color
525 nm
Green LED
625 nm
590 nm
Yellow LED
470 nm
Blue LED
• The photometric probe can be installed in two locations on the
HI93x electrode holder (one location on the HI90x). Both of
these place the probe as far downstream from the clockwisespinning titrant as possible. See the images below for the
electrode and titrant tube position.
120 mm
The HI900600 series are photometric probes used with a
potentiometric titration for equivalence end point detection of
colorimetric reactions. These probes are available in 4 different
wavelengths from 470 nm to 625 nm and have a universal BNC
connector that is used as a potentiometric input on Hanna titrators
and autosamplers.
The optimal wavelength depends on the indicator for the method - a
wavelength should be selected at which the indicator causes a large
mV change between its reacted and unreacted forms.
Recommended Immersion
Level 40 mm (1.5 in.)
Optical Cell
Ø12 mm
General Operations
Care & Maintenance
• To avoid the generation of air bubbles, the stir speed should
not exceed 800 RPM.
• Reagent addition feature on the autosampler can generate air
bubbles, it is recommended to add the reagents with the probe
above the sample beaker. To do this set the head height to 80
to 100 mm for reagent addition operations.
• For best reproducibility, use linear dosing setting. If dynamic
dosing is used a narrow range, such as 0.040 to 0.100 mL is
The HI900600 photometric probes are fragile and can crack easily
if mishandled. Handle the probe by the green top only and do not
allow the stirrer assembly to hit it.
The probe can be cleaned after each use with a gentle stream of
deionized or distilled water. If necessary, soak the probe in HI7061
Electrode cleaning solution for general use for 20 minutes, rinse
throughly with distilled or deionized water before use.
All Hanna Instruments conform to the CE European Directives.
LED Calibration
The LED will slowly dim over time, this is normal. LED adjustment
is not critical for the measurement but it is recommended to follow
this procedure before the first use and once per week.
• Connect the probe to the titrator or autosampler.
• Place the probe in deionized or distilled water. Swirl gently to
remove any air bubbles from the optical cell.
• On the home screen or in mV mode, note the mV reading.
• Remove the cap covering the hole marked “CAL”.
• Using the supplied trimmer tool slowly turn the screw clockwise
until the screen shows 1000 mV.
Caution: If the trimmer screw is turned too far in the positive
(clockwise) direction, it is possible that the probe electronics
can no longer amplify the mV signal. This will occur at some
point above 1200 mV. If this occurs, it will take several
turns of the screw in the negative (counter-clockwise)
direction before a change in the mV signal will occur.
• Replace the cap when procedure is complete.
Trimmer tool
PS/2 Y-splitter
Electrode cleaning solution for general use
Recommendations for Users
Before using this product, make sure it is entirely suitable for your
specific application and for the environment in which it is used.
Any variation introduced by the user to the supplied equipment
may degrade the probe’s performance. For yours and the probe’s
safety do not use (or store) it in hazardous environments.
Disposal of Electrical & Electronic Equipment. The product
should not be treated as household waste. Instead hand it over to
the appropriate collection point for the recycling of electrical and
electronic equipment which will conserve natural resources.
For more information, contact your city, your local household
waste disposal service, the place of purchase or go to www.
HI900600 family is warranted for a period of six months against
defects in workmanship and materials when used for its intended
purpose and maintained according to instructions. This warranty
is limited to repair or replacement free of charge. Damage due to
accidents, misuse, tampering or lack of prescribed maintenance
is not covered. If service is required, contact your local Hanna
Instruments Office. If under warranty, report the model number,
date of purchase, serial number and the nature of the problem.
If the repair is not covered by the warranty, you will be notified
of the charges incurred. If the probe is to be returned to Hanna
Instruments, first obtain a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA)
number from the Technical Service department and then send it
with shipping costs prepaid. When shipping any product, make
sure it is properly packaged for complete protection.
All rights are reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is
prohibited without the written consent of the copyright owner,
Hanna Instruments Inc., Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 02895,
Hanna Instruments reserves the right to modify the
design, construction or appearance of its products without
advance notice.
IST90060X 06/19
Photometric Electrodes
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