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Hanna Instruments HI7698297 Owner Manual
•Remove probe shield from probe body.
•Insert probe through locking cap and slide locking cap up probe body.
•Install o-ring on probe body (see figure) and lubricate with grease provided in probe maintenance kit.
•Thread the adapter bushing on probe and tighten as required.
•Insert the probe into the flow cell and screw down locking cap.
HI 7698297
Quick Release Flow Cell
for HI 7609829 and HI 7629829
Do not exceed pressure specification of flow cell.
Strictly follow established operating procedures from regulatory or governing bodies.
Avoid trapped gas in flow cell especially on the measuring sensors.
Maintain a constant flow rate.
Freeze protection is required if flow cell is left unattended.
If flow cell and probe is used in direct sunlight it is advised to cover flow cell with foil or other material
after determining sensors are free of gas bubbles.
Dear Customer,
Thank you for choosing a Hanna Instruments product. These instructions will provide you with the
necessary information for the correct use of the accessory. Please read it carefully before using. If
you need additional technical information, do not hesitate to e-mail us at tech@hannainst.com.
The HI 7698297 quick release flow cell is engineered to be used with the HI 76X9829 series probes
for low flow sampling of ground water. Flow cells are a convenient way of mounting a probe in a
system where a sample is provided by a small diameter sample line. In ground water sampling,
water is typically pumped to the inlet of the flow cell in accordance with standard operating
procedures using techniques to minimize aquifer stress and to provide representative sampling.
The HI 7698297 flow cell easily disassembles for complete cleaning.
The HI 7698297 flow cell is shipped tested and ready for installation and use. The following
exploded view is provided to aid in reassembling and inspecting after cleaning.
Warning: Do not use organic solvents to clean flow cell.
When dissassembled for cleaning, inspect o-ring for nicks, cracks and damage that may cause
leakage. Replace o-rings as required and always lubricate with grease provided in probe maintenance
Remove the flow cell from the packing materials and examine to ensure damage has not occurred
during shipping. The flow cell comes complete with tube fittings. (Tubing and pump must be
customer supplied). If any damage has occured, notify your Dealer or closest Hanna Customer
Service Center.
Intended sample:
Water or aqueous solution
Flow Rate: 2.0 L/min. maximum (Typical 0.1 to 0.5 L/min.)
Sample Temperature: 0°C (non-freezing) to 55°C
Wetted Materials:
PVC, PMMA, EPDM o-ring, 316 Stainless Steel
Tube Connections:
3/8” barb on quick disconnect coupling
Do not exceed 15 psig (1 bar) pressure in the flow cell or outlet line. The flow cell is rated for open
flow operation only. Operate with outlet line open to atmosphere. Damage to the flow cell and
property or injury to user/bystanders may occur if this warning is not followed.
All rights are reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the written consent of the
copyright owner, Hanna Instruments Inc., Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 02895 , USA.
Mount the flow cell to a rigid surface with hardware provided.
When selecting location, provide space for removal of the probe from the flow cell.
Mount the flow cell so that the probe (when installed) will be located between vertical and 45°
with the sensors facing down.
Direct the outlet piping upward a minimum of 50 mm (2”) so that bubbles do not settle on the
measuring sensors.
Install PE tube dia 12 mm ID tubing onto barbed fittings.
Do not restrict flow at the outlet as the flow cell may exceed pressure rating.
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