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Sonance PS-C43RTLP Installation Manual
*NOTE: this manual should be used in conjunction with the Sonance Professional Series In-Ceiling Installation Manual.
IMPORTANT: Tile support rails and C-bracket (included with the PS-C63RT or PS-C43RTLP In-Ceiling Speakers) must
be used in all Retro Ring installations (both hard lid and drop ceiling) to provide back support for the Roto-Lock Clamps.
Insert the two tile support rails and C-bracket through the
hole you have cut, placing them as shown. Using the two
screws that are supplied, screw the C-bracket to the tile
support rails as shown.
Tighten the four screws on the front of the baffle. The
Roto-Lock Clamps will rotate into position automatically
and begin clamping. When you notice resistance on the
four screws, the speaker has been clamped successfully.
The flange is designed to flex and conform to any small
imperfections in the ceiling surface.
Connect Speaker wires as per In-Ceiling Speaker
Installation Manual then insert the speaker through the
Retro Ring and then slide up into the hole in the ceiling
and through the C-bracket.
Attaching the seismic tab to a support line is highly
recommended for additional safety.
After the speaker is installed, and the transformer tap
and tweeter angle adjustments are made as per the
In-Ceiling Speaker Installation Manual, the grille can
be installed. The grille is held in place by several small,
powerful magnets on the speaker frame. Place the grille
against the speaker and the magnets will hold it firmly
in place.
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