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EINHELL TE-VC 1930 SA; Ex; UK Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner (elect) User manual
TE-VC 1930 SA
Original operating instructions
Wet and dry vacuum cleaner
Art.-Nr.: 23.421.95
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I.-Nr.: 11013
22.11.13 08:33
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When using the equipment, a few safety precautions must be observed to avoid injuries and
damage. Please read the complete operating
instructions and safety regulations with due care.
Keep this manual in a safe place, so that the information is available at all times. If you give the
equipment to any other person, hand over these
operating instructions and safety regulations as
well. We cannot accept any liability for damage
or accidents which arise due to a failure to follow
these instructions and the safety instructions.
This equipment is not designed to be used by
people (including children) with limited physical,
sensory or mental capacities or those with no
experience and/or knowledge unless they are
supervised by a person who is responsible for
their safety or they have received instructions
from such a person in to how to use the equipment safely. Children must always be supervised
in order to ensure that they do not play with the
1. Safety regulations
Read all safety regulations and instructions.
Any errors made in following the safety regulations and instructions may result in an electric
shock, fire and/or serious injury.
Keep all safety regulations and instructions
in a safe place for future use.
Never use the equipment if it is damaged.
Have the equipment serviced only by an authorized after sales service outlet.
Use the equipment only to carry out work for
which has been designed.
Take extra care when cleaning steps.
Use only genuine accessories and spare
2. Layout and items supplied
2.1 Layout (Fig. 1-3)
1. Handle
2. ON/OFF/Automatic switch
3. Head
4. Filter cage
5. Safety float valve
6. Automatic socket-outlet for electric tools
7. Locking hook
8. Tank
9. Suction hose connection
10. Blow connector
11. Flexible suction hose
12. 3-piece suction tube
13. Dual purpose nozzle
14. Castors
15. Pleated filter
16. Foamed plastic filter
17. Hook for cable store
18. Wheels
19. Water drain screw
20. Adapter
21. Fastening screws on the handle
22. Washer
23. Crevice nozzle
24. Accessory holder
Important: Read the operating instructions
before assembling and using for the first time.
Check that the mains voltage is the same
as the mains voltage specified on the rating
Pull out the power plug in the following circumstances: Whenever the equipment is not
in use, before opening the equipment and
before all cleaning and maintenance work.
Never clean the equipment with solvents.
Never pull the plug out of the socket by
pulling the cable.
Never leave the equipment unattended when
ready for use.
Keep away from children.
Take care to ensure that the power cable
does not get damaged by being run over,
crushed, pulled or similar.
Do not use the equipment if the power cable
is in less than perfect condition.
If the power cable has to be replaced, the
replacement must comply with the design
specifications of the manufacturer.
Never vacuum the following: Burning matches, smoldering ash and cigarette butts,
combustible, caustic, inflammable or explosive substances, vapor or liquids.
This equipment is not suitable for vacuuming
dust which can be harmful to health.
Store the equipment in a dry indoor location.
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2.2 Items supplied
Please check that the article is complete as
specified in the scope of delivery. If parts are
missing, please contact our service center or the
sales outlet where you made your purchase at
the latest within 5 working days after purchasing
the product and upon presentation of a valid bill
of purchase. Also, refer to the warranty table in
the service information at the end of the operating
• Open the packaging and take out the equipment with care.
• Remove the packaging material and any
packaging and/or transportation braces (if
• Check to see if all items are supplied.
• Inspect the equipment and accessories for
transport damage.
• If possible, please keep the packaging until
the end of the guarantee period.
3. Proper use
The equipment and packaging material are
not toys. Do not let children play with plastic
bags, foils or small parts. There is a danger of
swallowing or suffocating!
4. Technical data
The wet and dry vacuum cleaner is designed
for wet and dry vacuuming using the appropriate filter. The equipment is not suitable for the
vacuuming of combustible, explosive or harmful
The equipment is to be used only for its prescribed purpose. Any other use is deemed to be a
case of misuse. The user / operator and not the
manufacturer will be liable for any damage or injuries of any kind caused as a result of this.
Please note that our equipment has not been designed for use in commercial, trade or industrial
applications. Our warranty will be voided if the
machine is used in commercial, trade or industrial
businesses or for equivalent purposes.
Mains voltage..................................230V ~ 50 Hz
Power consumption: ................................ 1500 W
Max. power consumption
Automatic socket-outlet: ......................... 1490 W
Max. total power consumption: ............... 2990 W
Tank volume: ..................................................30 l
Weight: .......................................................6.3 kg
Wet vacuuming - max. water temperature .... 40°C
Suction hose
3-piece suction tube
Dual purpose nozzle
Castor (2x)
Pleated filter with cover
Foamed plastic filter
Wheel (2x)
Fastening screw for handle (2x)
Washer (2x)
Crevice nozzle
Original operating instructions
5. Before starting the equipment
Before you connect the equipment to the mains
supply make sure that the data on the rating plate
are identical to the mains data.
The equipment may be connected only to a
shock-proof socket-outlet.
The equipment comes with a chain (Fig. 5 / z) on
the tank bottom. The chain helps to prevent static
charging during use.
5.1 Assembling the equipment
Fitting the equipment head (Fig. 6)
The equipment head (3) is fastened to the tank
(8) by the locking hooks (7). To remove the equipment head (3), open both of the locking hooks (7)
and take off the equipment head (3). When fitting
the equipment head (3), make sure that both of
the locking hooks (7) lock into place correctly.
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Fitting the wheels (Fig. 5)
Fit the wheels in accordance with Fig. 5.
5.4 Suction nozzles
Combination nozzle (13)
The dual-purpose nozzle (13) is for vacuuming
solids and liquids over medium to large areas.
Fitting the handle (Fig. 4)
Use a screwdriver to fit the handle (1) using both
screws (21).
6. Operation
5.2 Fitting the filters
Never use the wet and dry vacuum cleaner without a filter.
Always ensure that the filters are securely seated.
6.1 ON/OFF switch (Fig. 2/2)
Switch position 0: Off
Switch position I: Normal mode
Switch position AUTO: Automatic mode
Fitting the foam filter (Fig. 7)
For wet vacuuming, slip the supplied foam filter
(16) over the filter basket (Fig. 2/4). The pleated
filter (15) already fitted upon delivery is not suitable for wet vacuuming.
6.2 Dry vacuuming
For dry-vacuuming, use the pleated filter (15). In
addition, you can also fit the dirt bag. (See point
Always ensure that the filters are securely seated.
Fitting the pleated filter (Fig. 8)
For dry-vacuuming, slip the pleated filter (Fig. 15)
over the filter basket (Fig. 2/4). The pleated filter
(15) is suitable for dry-vacuuming only.
6.3 Wet vacuuming
For wet-vacuuming, use the foam filter (16) (see
point 5.2).
Check that the filter is securely seated at all times.
Fitting the dirt bag
(not supplied)
For vacuuming fine, dry dirt it is recommended
that you also fit the dirt bag. This will ensure that
the pleated filter (15) does not clog up so quickly
and help maintain the vacuuming power. It also
makes it easier to dispose of the dust. Slip the
dirt bag over the vacuuming hole. The dirt bag is
suitable for dry-vacuuming only.
Water drain screw (Fig. 1)
To make the tank (8) easier to empty after wet vacuuming, it is fitted with a water drain screw (19).
Open the water drain screw (19) by turning it anticlockwise and drain the liquid.
When wet vacuuming, the floating safety switch
(5) closes when the maximum tank level is
reached. At the same time, the suction noise of
the equipment will change and become louder.
You must then switch off the equipment and empty the tank.
5.3 Fitting the suction hose (Fig. 9-12)
Connect the suction hose (11) to the corresponding connector on the wet and dry vacuum cleaner, depending on the application required.
The wet and dry vacuum cleaner is not suitable
for the vacuuming of combustible liquids. For wet
vacuuming, use only the supplied foam filter.
Do not vacuum liquids with a temperature above
Connect the suction hose (11) to the suction hose
connector (9).
Connect the suction hose (11) to the blow connector (10).
6.4 Automatic mode
Connect the power cable of your electric tool to
the automatic socket-outlet (6) and connect the
suction hose (11) to the vacuuming connector of
your electric tool. Check that the connections are
secure and air-tight.
To extend the suction hose (11) you can attach
one or more of the elements which make up the
3-part suction tube (12) to the suction hose (11).
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Set the switch (2) on the wet and dry vacuum
cleaner to position „AUTO“ (automatic mode).
The moment you switch on the electric tool, the
wet and dry vacuum cleaner switches on as well.
When you switch off the electric tool, the wet and
dry vacuum cleaner switches off as well after a
pre-set delay.
7.6 Ordering replacement parts:
Please quote the following data when ordering
replacement parts:
• Type of machine
• Article number of the machine
• Identification number of the machine
• Replacement part number of the part required
For our latest prices and information please go to
6.5 Blowing
Connect the suction hose (11) to the blow connector (10) on the wet and dry vacuum cleaner.
8. Disposal and recycling
7. Cleaning, maintenance and
ordering of spare parts
The equipment is supplied in packaging to prevent it from being damaged in transit. The raw
materials in this packaging can be reused or
recycled. The equipment and its accessories are
made of various types of material, such as metal
and plastic. Never place defective equipment in
your household refuse. The equipment should
be taken to a suitable collection center for proper
disposal. If you do not know the whereabouts of
such a collection point, you should ask in your
local council offices.
Always pull out the mains power plug before starting any cleaning work.
7.1 Cleaning
• Keep all safety devices, air vents and the
motor housing free of dirt and dust as far as
• We recommend that you clean the equipment
immediately after you use it.
9. Storage
7.2 Cleaning the equipment head (3)
Clean the equipment regularly with a damp cloth
and some soft soap. Do not use cleaning agents
or solvents; these may be aggressive to the plastic parts in the equipment.
Store the equipment and accessories out of
children’s reach in a dark and dry place at above
freezing temperature. The ideal storage temperature is between 5 and 30 °C. Store the electric
tool in its original packaging.
7.3 Cleaning the tank (8)
The tank can be cleaned with a damp cloth and
some soft soap or under running water, depending on the amount of dirt.
7.4 Cleaning the filters
Cleaning the pleated filter (15)
Clean the pleated filter (15) regularly by carefully
patting it and cleaning it with a fine brush or hand
Cleaning the foam filter (16)
Clean the foam filter (16) with a little soft soap under running water and allow it to air-dry.
7.5 Maintenance
At regular intervals and before each use, check
that the filters in the wet and dry vacuum cleaner
are securely fitted.
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For EU countries only
Never place any electric power tools in your household refuse.
To comply with European Directive 2002/96/EC concerning old electric and electronic equipment and
its implementation in national laws, old electric power tools have to be separated from other waste and
disposed of in an environment-friendly fashion, e.g. by taking to a recycling depot.
Recycling alternative to the return request:
As an alternative to returning the equipment to the manufacturer, the owner of the electrical equipment
must make sure that the equipment is properly disposed of if he no longer wants to keep the equipment.
The old equipment can be returned to a suitable collection point that will dispose of the equipment in
accordance with the national recycling and waste disposal regulations. This does not apply to any accessories or aids without electrical components supplied with the old equipment.
The reprinting or reproduction by any other means, in whole or in part, of documentation and papers
accompanying products is permitted only with the express consent of the iSC GmbH.
Subject to technical changes
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22.11.13 08:34
Service information
Please contact Einhell UK Ltd, from the details on the guarantee certificate whose contact
details can also be found on the guarantee certificate. Einhell UK Ltd will help you with all service requests such as repairs, spare and wearing part orders or the purchase of consumables.
Please note that the following parts of this product are subject to normal or natural wear and that the
following parts are therefore also required for use as consumables.
Wear parts*
Combination nozzle, crevice nozzle, upholstery
nozzle, electric tool adapter, etc.
Pleated filter, foam filter, dirt bag, additional filter,
Missing parts
* Not necessarily included in the scope of delivery!
In the effect of defects or faults, please register the problem on the internet at www.einhell.co.uk or by
telephone on 0151 649 1500 (GB) or 1890 946244 (IRE). Please ensure that you provide a precise description of the problem and answer the following questions in all cases:
Did the equipment work at all or was it defective from the beginning?
Did you notice anything (symptom or defect) prior to the failure?
What malfunction does the equipment have in your opinion (main symptom)?
Describe this malfunction.
- 10 -
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Warranty certificate
Dear Customer,
All of our products undergo strict quality checks to ensure that they reach you in perfect condition. In the
unlikely event that your device develops a fault, please contact our service department at the address
shown on this guarantee card. You can also contact us by telephone using the service number shown.
Please note the following terms under which guarantee claims can be made:
1. These guarantee conditions regulate additional guarantee services. Your statutory guarantee claims
are not affected by this guarantee. Our guarantee is free of charge to you.
2. Our guarantee only covers defects suffered by the device which have been verifiably caused by a
material or manufacturing fault and is limited to the rectification of such defects or the replacement
of the device at our discretion.
Please note that our devices are not designed for use in commercial, trade or professional applications. A guarantee contract will not be created if the device has been used by commercial, trade or
industrial business or has been exposed to similar stresses during the guarantee period.
3. The following are not covered by our guarantee:
- Damage to the device caused by a failure to follow the assembly instructions or due to incorrect
installation, a failure to follow the operating instructions (for example connecting it to an incorrect
mains voltage or current type) or a failure to follow the maintenance and safety instructions or by exposing the device to abnormal environmental conditions or by lack of care and maintenance.
- Damage to the device caused by abuse or incorrect use (for example overloading the device or the
use or unapproved tools or accessories), ingress of foreign bodies into the device (such as sand,
stones or dust, transport damage), the use of force or damage caused by external forces (for example by dropping it).
- Damage to the device or parts of the device caused by normal or natural wear or tear or by normal
use of the device.
4. The guarantee is valid for a period of 24 months starting from the purchase date of the device. Guarantee claims should be submitted before the end of the guarantee period within two weeks of the
defect being noticed. No guarantee claims will be accepted after the end of the guarantee period.
The original guarantee period remains applicable to the device even if repairs are carried out or
parts are replaced. In such cases, the work performed or parts fitted will not result in an extension
of the guarantee period, and no new guarantee will become active for the work performed or parts
fitted. This also applies if an on-site service is used.
5. Please report the defective device on the following internet address to register your guarantee claim:
www.einhell.co.uk or by telephone on 0151 649 1500 (GB) or 1890 946244 (IRE). If the defect is
covered by our guarantee, then the item in question will either be repaired immediately and returned
to you or we will send you a new replacement device.
Of course, we are also happy offer a chargeable repair service for any defects which are not covered by
the scope of this guarantee or for units which are no longer covered. To take advantage of this service,
please send the device to our service address.
Also refer to the restrictions of this warranty concerning wear parts, consumables and missing parts as
set out in the service information in these operating instructions.
- 11 -
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ISC GmbH · Eschenstraße 6 · D-94405 Landau/Isar
deklaruje zgodność wymienionego poniżej artykułu z
następującymi normami na podstawie dyrektywy WE.
BG декларира съответното съответствие съгласно
Директива на ЕС и норми за артикул
LV paskaidro šādu atbilstību ES direktīvai un standartiem
LT apibūdina šį atitikimą EU reikalavimams ir prekės normoms
RO declară următoarea conformitate conform directivei UE şi
normelor pentru articolul
GR δηλώνει την ακόλουθη συμμόρφωση σύμφωνα με την
Οδηγία ΕΚ και τα πρότυπα για το προϊόν
HR potvrđuje sljedeću usklađenost prema smjernicama EU i
normama za artikl
BIH potvrđuje sljedeću usklađenost prema smjernicama EU i
normama za artikl
RS potvrđuje sledeću usklađenost prema smernicama EZ i
normama za artikal
RUS следующим удостоверяется, что следующие продукты
соответствуют директивам и нормам ЕС
UKR проголошує про зазначену нижче відповідність виробу
директивам та стандартам ЄС на виріб
MK ја изјавува следната сообрзност согласно
ЕУ-директивата и нормите за артикли
TR Ürünü ile ilgili AB direktifleri ve normları gereğince aşağıda
açıklanan uygunluğu belirtir
erklærer følgende samsvar i henhold til EU-direktivet og
standarder for artikkel
IS Lýsir uppfyllingu EU-reglna og annarra staðla vöru
erklärt folgende Konformität gemäß EU-Richtlinie und
Normen für Artikel
explains the following conformity according to EU directives and norms for the following product
déclare la conformité suivante selon la directive CE et les
normes concernant l’article
dichiara la seguente conformità secondo la direttiva UE e
le norme per l’articolo
verklaart de volgende overeenstemming conform EU
richtlijn en normen voor het product
declara la siguiente conformidad a tenor de la directiva y
normas de la UE para el artículo
declara a seguinte conformidade, de acordo com a
directiva CE e normas para o artigo
attesterer følgende overensstemmelse i medfør af
EU-direktiv samt standarder for artikel
förklarar följande överensstämmelse enl. EU-direktiv och
standarder för artikeln
vakuuttaa, että tuote täyttää EU-direktiivin ja standardien
tõendab toote vastavust EL direktiivile ja standarditele
vydává následující prohlášení o shodě podle směrnice EU
a norem pro výrobek
potrjuje sledečo skladnost s smernico EU in standardi za
vydáva nasledujúce prehlásenie o zhode podľa smernice
EÚ a noriem pre výrobok
a cikkekhez az EU-irányvonal és Normák szerint a
következő konformitást jelenti ki
Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner TE-VC 1930 SA (Einhell)
X 2005/32/EC_2009/125/EC
X 2006/95/EC
Annex IV
Notified Body:
Notified Body No.:
Reg. No.:
Annex V
Annex VI
X 2004/108/EC
Notified Body: LWA = dB (A); guaranteed LWA = dB (A)
P = KW; L/Ø = cm
Notified Body:
Emission No.:
X 2011/65/EC
Standard references: EN 60335-1; EN 60335-2-2; EN 62233;
EN 55014-1; EN 55014-2; EN 61000-3-2; EN 61000-3-3
Landau/Isar, den 03.09.2013
First CE: 12
Art.-No.: 23.421.95
I.-No.: 11013
Subject to change without notice
Archive-File/Record: NAPR008970
Documents registrar: Daniel Protschka
Wiesenweg 22, D-94405 Landau/Isar
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EH 11/2013 (01)
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