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ESAB Eco-Arc User manual
Eco-Arc User Manual
Information manual for the Eco-Arc welder protective helmets comply with Para 1.4 of Appendix II of the EC Regulations
Eco Arc helmets offer permanent protection against UV/IR rays, also hear and sparks caused by the welding process.
Do not look directly at the welding rays with unprotected eyes when the arc strikes. This can cause painful
inflammation of the cornea and irreparable damage to the lens of the eye leading to cataracts
Range of application:
The Eco-Arc welding helmet is supplied with a shade 11 mineral glass. The Eco-Arc welding helmets can be used
for the following applications:
E Manual with flux core or fluxed stick suitable internal currents in the range 80 - 175 amperes
MIG suitable internal currents in the range 100 -175 amperes
TIG suitable internal currents in the range 100 - 175 amperes
MAG suitable internal currents in the range 80 - 125 amperes
Electric Arc suitable internal currents in the range 175 - 250 amperes
Plasma Cutting all weldable metal suitable internal curent in the range 60 - 150 amperes
Plasma Cutting micro-plasma cutting suitable internal curent in the range 30 - 60 amperes
Adjustment of Head Gear
Eco-Arc helmets are fitted with a comfortable head gear which can be adjusted in
4 different ways. See A to D drawing 1
Replacing the Spatter Lenses:
Ensure that the helmet is always fitted with an Outer and Inner protection lens.
These protection lenses must be replaced if broken, damaged or covered with welding spatter to
the extent that vision is impaired.
Outer and Inner protection lenses are consumables and must be replaced regularly with genuine
certified ESAB spare parts.
Before using the Eco Arc helmet for the first time the protective film that covers the protection
lenses must be removed from both sides of the lens. See drawing 2.
Inserting and removing the protection lenses:
The Inner protection lens is easily removed by pushing it outwards from the inside of the helmet.
To insert the lens, it is necessary to fit the lens under the 2 tabs located at both sides on the main
aperture. See drawing 3.
The Outer lens sits on top of the Welding filter and is retained by a plastic clip. To remove and
replace the plastic clip, pull the clip inwards towards the centre of the lens releasing it for it’s
catch. The clip can then be removed and the lenses changed. To fit the clip, insert one side into
the catch and then force the other side into place. See drawing 3.
Servicing and maintenance:
Always make sure not to place heavy objects or tools (hammers etc.) on or inside the helmet so as not to damage the
optical filter.
Always make sure that the helmet is equipped with an outside and inner lens (in front of the filter on the outside and
on the inside behind the filter). These protection lenses must be replaced if damaged in any way.
They are consumables and should checked and replaced regularly.
The filter should be cleaned when changing the protection lenses.
This can be done by any of the following ways:
Wipe with a clean, dry piece of cloth.
Clean with a piece of smooth cloth moistened with pure alcohol.
Clean with a commercial disinfectant
If used properly the welding filter requires no further maintenance during its lifetime.
If a filter should be replaced on a Eco-Arc welding helmet, use exclusively certified products (DIN-CE marks). We
recommend the use of ESAB welding filters in all Eco-Arc helmets.
Welding helmets can only resist a certain amount of heat. Please do not place hot electrode holders inside the
helmet and please do not place the helmet near naked flames or hot work surfaces.
Materials that may get in contact with the wearers skin could cause Allergic reactions to susceptible individuals
Certification and Control labels:
The Eco-Arc welding filters are tested for eye protection by the following notified body: DIN Prüf-und Zertifizierungsstelle für
Augenschutz, Alboinstr. 56, D-12103 Berlin, notified body 0196, that provides approval and continual quality system under
the control of the European Commission, the German Ministry for Work and the Central Office of the Provinces.
We are therefore allowed to use the following marks:
EN 175
European Conformity mark.
This confirms that the product fulfils the
requirements of the Directive 89/686/
Address from
DIN CERTCO Gesellschaft für Konformitätsbewertung mbH
Alboinstr. 56 ,
D-12103 Berlin
ESAB AB operates a policy of continuous improvement. We therefore reserve the right to make changes and improvements to any of our
products without notice.
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