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Bryston Cubed Series Amplifiers 2018 Owner Manual
Cubed Series Electronics
Bryston Cubed Series Electronics
ryston amplifiers enjoy universal acclaim from
both audio professionals and music enthusiasts
unlike any other brand in the world. As a result of
relentless passion for superb performance and
unparalleled build quality, Bryston engineers have
continued to innovate since our groundbreaking
premier in 1973. The Cubed Series amplifiers
continue this tradition of excellence highlighted by
lower distortion, increased bandwidth and reduced
noise, presenting listeners with a crystal clear
window into their most cherished recordings.
Bryston Cubed Series Amplifiers, featuring patented
circuitry developed in conjunction with Dr.
Salomie, Ph.D., move the listener ever closer to the
music with such visceral realism, the experience
is most comparable to live performance.
This is the Bryston Cubed Series.
What defines high performance?
Reproducing exactly what is captured in a recording
without exception and without added distortion is
our benchmark. Each Bryston Cubed Series product
is designed without compromise in pursuit of this
lofty goal. True enjoyment of your music is possible
without the audio system getting in they way!
What’s New?
Bryston engineers, led by Chris Russell, have been
busy since the advent of the SST2 Series finding new
methods to reduce noise and distortion to reveal more
nuance and subtlety than ever before. Cubed Series
amplifiers employ significant improvements including:
• Dramatically less distortion at input stage
• Improved common mode noise rejection
• Major improvement in EMI/RFI noise rejection
• Less than 500mW standby power consumption
• Updated dress panel aesthetic with
clean lines and new finish.
Incredible Clarity and Detail
At Bryston, finding ways to eliminate distortion
from our designs is a way of life. All Cubed Series
electronics feature a new patented input circuit
that is precisely optimized and linear beyond
any we’ve used before. Featuring twelve active
devices in a groundbreaking array, this new
circuit both matches the amplifier to virtually any
preamplifier and provides the first 6dB of gain. The
new input stage is so transparent, its measurable
distortion is less than 1/1000th of 1 percent!
Newly designed circuitry in the Cubed Series
amplifiers is virtually impervious to noise such as RFI
and others induced by external and environmental
causes. Our patented Salomie Circuit features a unique
method of trapping distortion components in the
main signal path that pass through other amplifiers
only to be amplified and played by your loudspeakers.
Our innovative distortion reduction method results
in a much more natural and nuanced rendition of
your recordings—playback more true to the original
recordings and more enjoyable to your ears.
Quad-Complementary topology improves linearity
to a new standard of accuracy while virtually
eliminating aggressive higher harmonic distortion
byproducts. Quad Complementary eliminates
crossover distortion by improving transistor
matching and reduces capacitance in the output
stage by a factor of four which improves transient
response and bandwidth. The overall harmonic
distribution of Bryston’s Quad-Complementary
output mimics the characteristics of a class-A
design but with dramatically lower distortion. Each
amplifier channel includes its own fully independent
power supply with separate transformer—a feature
uncommon even in amplifiers far more expensive.
At Bryston, we strive for accuracy and transparency
because that is what sounds best. When a playback
system is faithful to the recording, the listener can
enjoy the most subtle details, capturing the depth
and soul of the performance as the artist intended.
Powerful Graceful Musical
Much like sports cars, amplifiers have a power band in
which they perform best. Though an amplifier may be
rated for 100 watts, it must be played loudly enough to
overcome its own noise floor but will start exhibiting
increasing signs of distortion at well below that figure.
An additional source
of distortion may also
be proportionate
to frequency.
Bryston’s firstto-last watt
philosophy demands
Bryston Cubed Series
performance from
power barely above
idle all the way through full power output. Our
power band is the full rated power of the amplifier!
With this in mind, you don’t have to sacrifice
performance on occasions of loud listening to enjoy
a power amp that you usually only run at a few watts
or vice versa. Even powerful mono amplifiers like our
600 watt 7B³ and 1000 watt 28B³ render nuances with
lifelike palpability at 1 watt of output power! Which
amplifier is for you? With models ranging from 135
to 1000 watts per
channel, we have
a match for your
listening preferences
however diverse
they may be.
Dynamics swing
both ways from
Typical ‘Audiophile’ Amplifier
subtle shadings of
brushes on a snare
drum to the incredible power of a full orchestra
crescendo. Bryston Cubed Series amplifiers play
both just as they are meant to be experienced—
with superb clarity from first to last watt.
Professional Grade
Unlike a surprising number of expensive so called
audiophile amplifiers, Bryston models are truly
built to a professional standard. Enclosures
are made from heavy duty CNC machined
aluminum and steel. All parts are expertly
finished for both durability and attractiveness.
and fail. Cubed Series amps feature large fully
passive aluminum heat sinks designed to effectively
dissipate heat generated by the amplifier even
at high power without the need for fans. A nice
touch is the chamfered corner for easy handling.
Appearances Matter
Drive Cubed Series amps with any preamp. With
the flick of a switch, you can choose between
single ended RCA inputs or balanced XLR inputs.
Speakers are firmly connected with insulated gold
plated binding posts that accept bare wire, spades
or banana plugs. The main circuit breaker can
easily be reset if needed. Power the amp on and
off with the front panel switch or by connecting
another device via the DC trigger ports. Most Bryston
amplifiers have switchable gain for additional preamp
compatibility. Many of our two and multi-channel
amplifiers feature bridgeable channels which can be
enabled with a rear panel switch without the need
for complicated bridge mode wiring harnesses.
Choose between either brushed aluminum with rich
black anodized dress panels or elegantly bead-blasted
matte silver aluminum dress panels. Seventeen inch
wide amplifiers feature a clean and simple dress panel.
Or, for a powerful classic look, nineteen inch wide
amplifiers include large functional handles on the
front. All PRO series amplifiers feature a distinct dress
panel with handles and are drilled for rack mounting.
Silent Heat Sinks
The trend for high powered amplifiers is to fan
cool them. No matter how quiet the fan is today,
after a few years of dust collection, fans get noisy
Around Back
Integrate or Separate
High performance is always our goal, and an integrated
amplifier doesn’t have to compromise ability for
convenience. Build your ultimate dream system
with our separates or keep your stereo compact
and discrete with our B135³ Integrated Amplifier.
system from the elegantly machined and finished front
panels, with our optional BR-2 IR remote control, or
with a home integration system equipped with RS232.
Best in class sound quality is just the beginning. You’ll
find Bryston Cubed Series a joy to use in every way.
Strong Beginnings
Adapt and Upgrade
The B135³ is actually two separate components
built into one. Bryston borrowed the power
amplifier section from our 2.5B³ amplifier and
the preamp from our BP-17 and combined
them into a neat integrated amplifier that
outperforms separates that cost much more.
All Bryston Cubed Series electronics include provisions
for system integration and control. Depending on
the model, TCP/IP control via your home network,
RS232, DC trigger or IR may be available. Control your
By building a system of separates, you allow
yourself the freedom to upgrade the components
you wish without the agony of starting over.
Bryston electronics are compatible with virtually
every other brand available, so you can build your
dream system piece by piece or in one magnificent
endeavor. The B135³ has switches on the back
that let you electrically separate the preamplifier
and amplifier sections enabling you to utilize the
preamp section if you buy a more powerful amplifier
or simply use the amplifier section if you upgrade
your preamp. Your investment is never wasted.
A New Preamplifier
Another link in the signal chain has been clarified.
Our first listening experience with our patented
New features have been added as well: Two pairs of
Salomie audio circuitry was a single gain stage in
balanced analog inputs are available alongside four
our amplifiers. We were impressed with the relaxed
pairs of RCA single ended inputs. An unusually large
effortlessness with which it could render dense and
and capable output section has been developed to
dynamic passages, expand soundstages, and reveal
facilitate system expansion. For example, Balanced
tonal nuances only hinted at with previous models.
Output 1 can be internally configured for variable
We hoped that if the preamplifier operated on the
output so it
same principles,
the rest of the
We hoped that if the preamplifier operated on the same can be used to
drive powered
veil would be
We were not disappointed.
or a second
We were not
amplifier pair.
Or, it can be configured as fixed output to feed a
After yet another year of engineering, our team
headphone amplifier such as our BHA-1. Other
built the BP-17³—a control center featuring a fully
features include the ability to configure an input
balanced audio path with each gain stage designed
for home theatre bypass (unity gain). Options for a
according to our newly developed circuitry.
high resolution internal DAC, moving magnet phono
It is now possible to appreciate the benefits of
stage and our elegant backlit IR remote, the BR-2.
our new developments even more than before.
Legendary Quality
stress. Many Bryston owners report that they have
Cubed Series amplifiers employ design innovation
to achieve superior performance, yet so much has
enjoyed their equipment without fail for decades.
Our reputation for reliability is without peer.
remained constant through years of evolution. Each
product is manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility Not only do our amplifiers undergo pass/fail testing,
but each must achieve excellence in performance
located in Peterborough, Ontario Canada utilizing
benchmarks as well. With each Cubed Series model,
many locally sourced components. Many members of
the Bryston team
the customer
will receive a
have been with
Every Bryston analog component is warranted
the company
to be free of defects in materials and
for decades and
all take great
pride in their
highly specialized craft. All Bryston products are
the exact specifications of their equipment.
proven on our test bench for one hundred hours of
To demonstrate our commitment to excellence and
performance, every Bryston analog component is
burn in before shipping. Amplifiers cycle between full
protected by an industry leading fully transferable
power and idle in thirty minute intervals to uncover
twenty year warranty.
any problems that could be illuminated by thermal
Channels: 2
Height x Depth (inches): 4.5 x 14.3
Channels: 2
Height x Depth (inches): 6.3 x 11.5
Channels: 2
Height x Depth (inches): 6.3 x 16.2
Channels: 1
Height x Depth (inches): 6.3 x 16.2
Channels: 3, 4, or 5
Height x Depth (inches): 6.3 x 17.5
Channels: 2
Height x Depth (inches): 8.1 x 18.4
Channels: 3
Height x Depth (inches): 8.1 x 18.4
Channels: 6
Height x Depth (inches): 4.5 x 19
Channels: 1
Height x Depth (inches): 8.1 x 18.4
Weight (pounds): 28
Watts per Channel (8Ω): 135
THD+N (full bandwidth): ≤0.005%
Watts per Channel (4Ω): 180
Noise (full bandwidth): ≤-115 dB
Watts Bridged Mono (8Ω): 270
Weight (pounds): 35
Watts per Channel (8Ω): 200
THD+N (full bandwidth): ≤0.005%
Watts per Channel (4Ω): 300
Noise (full bandwidth): ≤-112 dB
Watts Bridged Mono (8Ω): 500
Weight (pounds): 42
Watts per Channel (8Ω): 300
THD+N (full bandwidth): ≤0.005%
Watts per Channel (4Ω): 500
Noise (full bandwidth): ≤-119 dB
Watts Bridged Mono (8Ω): 900
Weight (pounds): 53
Watts per Channel (8Ω): 600
THD+N (full bandwidth): ≤0.005%
Watts per Channel (4Ω): 900
Noise (full bandwidth): ≤-119dB
Weight (pounds): 76
Watts per Channel (8Ω): 200
THD+N (full bandwidth): ≤0.005%
Watts per Channel (4Ω): 300
Noise (full bandwidth): ≤-119 dB
Weight (pounds): 91
Watts per Channel (8Ω): 600
THD+N (full bandwidth): ≤0.005%
Watts per Channel (4Ω): 900
Noise (full bandwidth): ≤-122dB
Weight (pounds): 91
Watts per Channel (8Ω): 1x600
THD+N (full bandwidth): ≤0.005%
Noise (full bandwidth): ≤-119 dB
Weight (pounds): 55
Watts per Channel (8Ω): 2x 300
THD+N (full bandwidth): ≤0.005%
4x 75
Noise (full bandwidth): ≤-115 dB
Weight (pounds): 110
THD+N (full bandwidth): ≤0.005%
Watts per Channel (8Ω): 1000
Watts per Channel (4Ω): 1800
Noise (full bandwidth): ≤-117dB
Bryston Ltd. | 677 Neal Drive Peterborough, Ontario Canada K9J 6X7 | 1 705 742 5325 |
All amps are
available in C-Series
or PRO versions.
C-Series models are
available in black
or silver colored
dress panels and 17
or 19 inches wide.
Nineteen inch wide
models include front
mounted handles
(add 1.6 inches
to depth listed
below). PRO models
are always black
and include rack
mountable 19 inch
wide dress panels
plus front mounted
handles (add 1.8
inches to depth listed
below). All products
available with blue
LEDs instead of green
upon special order.
PRO models also
include individual
channel trim pots
on the rear panel.
Performance specs
listed are minimum
passing figures.
Individual samples
may be better.
Specifications are
subject to change.
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