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Bryston Digital Audio 2018 Owner Manual
Digital Audio | 2018
Digital to Analog Converters
A high performance DAC is built upon more than brandname chips inside. Most comparisons of competing
DACs are simplified into who supplies the integrated
circuit. Our BDA-2 and BDA-3 digital to analog
converters start with the most technologically advanced
AKM ICs, but those are only the beginning.
Each electrical input is galvanically isolated to
completely eliminate the possibility of ground noise
from the attached interconnect and device from
polluting the signal. The embedded clock signals are
thrown out, and all incoming PCM data is re-clocked
with our own high-precision internal master clock for
the lowest possible jitter. Rather than a single DAC IC,
we use two each in balanced mode for even better
signal to noise ratio and lower crosstalk. Digital audio is
converted to analog and sent to our proprietary discrete
class A operational amplifiers for output to your
To further improve fidelity, our DACs feature fully
independent power supplies for the digital and analog
sections to prevent additional distortion.
You won’t find more thoroughly engineered or better
sounding high performance DACs from anyone else.
High resolution downloads are available from
more sources in more formats than ever. When an
album is available in multiple formats, how do you
choose which to buy? Or, when an album is only
available in one format, how can you be sure your
hardware will play it?
The BDA-3’s massive support for
different resolutions of PCM and DSD
virtually guarantee that if you can
download it, we can play it.
Which format is superior? It’s not for
us to judge. Our job is to
engineer the best sounding
product for each. The
BDA-3 gives you the best of
each format in one component. The
requirements for well designed DSD are
so different than those of PCM that we had to
design independent signal paths to the DAC ICs
for each format. Unlike many other brands which
convert one format to another before decoding,
we maintain bit-perfect accuracy from input all
the way to the balanced pair of AKM converters.
Compare Features
The most notable difference between the BDA-2 and BDA-3 is in addition to PCM playback, that the
BDA-3 is fully DSD enabled. It can decode up to DSD-256 through the asynchronous USB inputs and even
accept SACD input via HDMI. The BDA-3 has a whopping 10 separate inputs including four 2-channel
HDMI, asynchronous USB, AES/EBU, TOSLINK, and digital coax. It also includes our network module which
facilitates control via TCP/IP and RS-232—a must for modern home automation.
Though the BDA-3 represents our most forward thinking engineering, the BDA-2 sounds fantastic as well.
The BDA-2 is limited to PCM data at up to 192kHz / 24 bits and lacks the HDMI interconnectivity and ethernet
control of the newer model.
The choice is yours. Are you ready to jump into DSD downloads? Do you want to connect your television
or blu-ray player to your stereo system? If so, the BDA-3 is the perfect match. If not, pick the BDA-2 for
astonishing sound quality without paying for features you don’t need.
Optional WiFi
Digital Music Players
Bryston’s BDP digital music players let you hear a
perfect replica of high resolution studio masters with
incredible detail and breathtaking realism. Unlike
other digital music players, our sole purpose is to
play your music with the greatest possible fidelity
without the burdens of deep computer
Manage your music in the
way that works best for you.
Whether you store your music
on a large network attached
storage (NAS) system, or on
portable USB hard drives, the BDP
products can perfectly play nearly
every format available including
DSD, FLAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV,
MP3 and more.
Control the system with your existing devices. Our
built-in HTML5 web app is compatible with virtually all
modern tablets and smartphones. Connect your BDP
to your network via built in ethernet for ultimate speed
or with one of our WiFi options.
Unlike most competing players, the BDP-3
features a linear power supply which does
not radiate high frequency switching
noise into sensitive high precision
digital audio circuitry.
You can choose between the
ultra high value BDP-π and the
flagship BDP-3. Both are bitperfect, sound incredible
and feature legendary
Bryston quality.
Little Box Big Sound
Built upon the Raspberry Pi® and HifiBerry® platform,
the new BDP-π is faster and more capable than our
classic BDP-1 yet fits in a chassis 1/3rd as wide as our
full size gear and costs less than half of a flagship BDP-3.
Virtually any DAC can be connected via the on-board
S/PDIF and Toslink connectors. Also, get ultra-high
resolution by connecting a USB DAC. You can even
connect audio through HDMI.
Your Music
Connect an external USB drive containing your music
library, stream your favorite internet radio stations,
and enjoy lossless TIDAL streaming all on the BDP-π!
Bryston’s flagship digital music player just got a big
Higher Horsepower
Connect Any DAC
Not only is the BDP-3 compatible with USB
and HDMI DACs but also DACs with traditional
digital inputs. Use our S/PDIF or AES/
EBU outputs and enjoy the benefits of our
proprietary Integrated Audio Device. Measured
jitter is so low it’s nearly undetectable even by
our state-of-the-art laboratory.
A blazing Intel processor and 8 gigabytes of RAM make
this model extremely quick when managing even the
largest of music libraries. USB 3.0 ports dramatically
improve disk performance when using USB 3.0 attached
drives. Consider DSD support, the extra USB ports,
and gigabit network connectivity plus world renowned
Bryston sound quailty and you have a high resolution
digital player that will be your source component of
choice for years to come.
Separate USB Buses
The BDP-3 features two entirely separate USB buses
which makes it possible to connect a USB DAC to a
completely separate circuit than USB drives. Now the
BDP is compatible with more DACs than ever including
those using the Streamlength protocol.
Adds 3 Features to
your Bryston BDP
Optical Disc Transport
Bryston’s BDP digital music players let you enjoy all the benefits of a
digital audio library without the frustration of a computer. Until now,
you still needed a computer to rip CDs—a frustrating endeavor for many.
With the introduction of our new BOT-1, you can banish computers from
your listening room for good.
• CD Ripping with no
computer required.
• Direct CD Playback
using the BDP’s high
resolution audio engine.
• Burn Playlists to
Take full control over ripping parameters and metadata using our Manic
CDs for easy portability.
Moose web interface on
your tablet or smartphone
when connected to any
BDP, or let the BDP do it automatically and rip with a single button
press on the front panel of a BDP-1, BDP-2, or BDP-3
CD playback buffers a few seconds of CD audio in the system
memory correcting timing errors common to all traditional CD
players making CD playback sound better than ever.
The BOT-1 isn’t a traditional CD transport. It needs a BDP (any
generation) to operate. With the world’s largest lossless digital
audio library still being CDs, it’s easy to understand why adding CD
ripping and playback and burning to your BDP grants you access
to the most music available.
At only 5.7” wide, yet sharing aesthetic build quality with other
C-Series units, it fits nicely into your rack along side your BDP.
CD Player
For most audiophiles, digital audio began with CDs.
Even in today’s digital-download world, CDs are
everywhere. Why not hear them at their finest?
Bryston’s new BCD-3 builds on the legacy of the
BCD-1 by offering a player specifically designed for CD
playback and nothing else. Universal disc players have
inherent compromises that limit the performance of
the player when listening to CDs.
mounted disc transport specifically engineered for
Redbook CD playback, borrow the exact same dualDAC circuit from our award-winning BDA-3, and
synchronize it all together with a high precision master
clock. Jitter free playback, high dynamic range, and
dead-simple operation makes enjoying your CD
collection more fun and better sounding than ever.
The BCD-3 starts with a high-current ultra low
noise power supply. Add an anti-vibration
Analog Out
BCD-3 Specifications
Digital Out
Control Size W x H x D Weight
Balanced XLR
IR, RS232,
17 or 19 x 3.325 x
12 inches
8.75 lbs
BDA Digital to Analog Converters Specifications
Analog Out
Digital Out
up to 384kHz/32 bit
up to DSD256
up to 192kHz/24 bit
RS232, DC, IR
1x RCA, 1x BNC
1x XLR
1x Toslink
2x Type B
2x RCA, 2x BNC
1x XLR
2x Toslink
1x Type B
Size WxHxD (in.)
Weight (lbs / kg)
Output (XLR/RCA)
17 or 19 x 3.63 x 11.12
15 / 6.8
0.002% / 0.0003%
4.0V / 2.0V
17 or 19 x 2.75 x 11.12
12 / 5.4
0.002% / 0.0003%
4.0V / 2.0V
BDP Digital Players Specifications
Media Source
Digital Audio Out
App Control
up to 384kHz/32 bit
up to DSD128
(DoP) future
support up to
USB, NAS, internal
USB (2.0), HDMI
Bryston IAD
iOS, Android, Desktop
up to 192kHz/24 bit
USB (2.0), HDMI
iOS, Android, Desktop
File Types
Library Size
Streaming Services USB Connectivity
virtually all common
music file types
1x Gigabit
WiFi optional
virtually unlimited
TIDAL, Internet Radio,
custom URLs
3x USB 3.0
5x USB 2.0
virtually all common
music file types
1x 100 Mbps
WiFi optional
up to approximately
60,000 tracks
TIDAL, Internet Radio,
custom URLs
4x USB 2.0
Size WxHxD (in.)
Weight (lbs / kg)
17 or 19 x 2.75 x 11.12
5.7 x 2.75 x 8.5
2.6 / 1.2
Bryston warrants all digital audio products except the BOT-1 and BCD-3 for a period of 5 years against defects in
materials or workmanship. Products containing optical transports are warranted for 3 years. See or individual product owner’s manuals for further details.
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