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AKG HC644 MD Quick Start Guide
HC 644
HC 644 Mounting
Read carefully before use
HC 644 Positioning
Adapter Mounting
• To clean the microphone
surface, use a soft cloth
moistened with water.
• Clean the foam
windscreen in mild soap
suds. You can use
the windscreen again as
soon as it has dried.
Put the microphone on as
shown above.
Bend the gooseneck so
that the microphone will
sit to one side in front of
the corner of your mouth.
Should you hear excessive
pop noise (”p” and ”t” sounds
are overemphasized
unnaturally), move the
microphone capsule further
away from your mouth (up
or back).
If the microphone sounds
”thin” or flat, move the
microphone capsule closer to
your mouth
Download cutsheet with technical details from:
This product conforms to the standards listed in the
Declaration of Conformity.
For CE certificates contact: hotline@akg.com
Printed in EU
Trouble Shooting
Possible Reason
No Sound: 1. Power to mixer and/or
amplifier is off.
2. Channel or master fader
on mixer, or volume
control on amplifier is at
1. Switch power to mixer or amplifier on.
2. Set channel or master fader on mixer
or volume control on amplifier
to desired level.
3. Connect microphone to
mixer or amplifier.
3. Microphone is not connected
to mixer or amplifier.
4. Check cable connectors for
secure seat.
4. Cable connectors are
seated loosely.
5. Check cable and replace if damaged.
5. Cable is defective.
6. Switch phantom power on.
6. No supply voltage.
6a. Check cable and replace if necessary.
7. Microphone capsule is facing away
from the presenter.
How to Solve
1. Gain controlon the mixer set too high.
2. Mixer input in overload.
7. Ensure that the microphone element
is on the side facing the presenters
mouth. The element has a larger
mesh surface than the rear side port.
1. Turn gain control down CCW.
2. Connect a 10-dB preattenuation pad
between microphone and mixer.
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Also read the transmitter and receiver manuals!
Risk of damage
Please make sure that the piece of equipment your microphone
will be connected to fulfills the safety regulations of force in your country.
1. When scrapping the equipment, separate the case, circuit boards and cables and dispose all
components in accordance with local waste disposal rules.
2. The packaging of the equipment is recyclable. Dispose packaging in an appropriate container.
provided by the local waste collection/ recycling entity and observe all local legislation relating
to waste disposal environment and recycling.
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