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Vision Trimax rear Hydration System Installation Instructions
Vision Rear Hydration System Installation Instructions
Published – Jan, 2016.
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Congratulations on your Vision product. Please read these instructions and follow them for correct use. Failure to follow the warnings and instructions
could result in damage to product not covered under warranty, damage to bicycle; or cause an accident resulting in injury or death. Since specific tools
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Item Number / Model Name
V0138 / Metron Rear Hydration System
V0134 / Trimax Rear Hydration System
Follow the assembly order in the illustration:
① Rear Hydration System Rack
② Saddle Rail Clamp (x2)
Hydration System Mount Installation:
1. Align rear hydration system rack ① between the back of the saddle rails (Fig.1).
2. Choose the bolt hole pattern which will place the rack at the highest angle behind the saddle
and loosely attach the rack to the saddle rails using saddle rail clamp ② and M5 bolts ③.
3. Position the rack as desired on the rails and tighten the M5 bolts to 60 / 6Nm / 53
4. Position the bottle cages ④ using the bolt hole configuration that places the cages at the
optimized angle needed for clearance and reach. Using M5 bolts ⑤, loosely fasten the cages to
the rack and recheck the cage position. Tighten the bolts to 30 / 3Nm / 26
5. Periodically recheck bolt torque. Retighten as needed.
Co2 System:
The Vision Rear Hydration System includes built-in features that accommodates C02 inflators and
1. Screw threaded Co2 cartridges in to the two M8 threaded holes in the back of the rack (Fig. 2).
Firmly tighten by hand.
2. Thread inflator on to the M8 threaded stud on the bottom of the rack (Fig. 3). Firmly tighten by
③ M5 Bolts (x4)
④ Bottle Cage (x2)
⑤ M5 Bolts (x4)
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
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