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Vision Trimax stem Installation Instructions
Vision TriMax Stem Installation Instructions
Published – Mar, 2017.
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Congratulations on your Vision product. Please read these instructions and follow them for correct use. Failure
to follow the warnings and instructions could result in damage to product not covered under warranty, damage
to bicycle; or cause an accident resulting in injury or death. Since specific tools and experience are necessary
for proper installation, it is recommended that the product be installed by a qualified bicycle technician. FSA &
Vision assumes no responsibility for damages or injury related to improperly installed components.
Full Speed Ahead (FSA) warrants all FSA, Vision, Metropolis and RPM products to be free from defects in
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Steerer tube
Item Number / Model Name
TriMax Carbon OS / ST-KO-128-OS
TriMax OS / ST-RO-127C-OS
Vision stems are compatible with industry standard steerer tube and handlebar diameters. To choose the
correct Vision stem, first check the specific diameter of steerer tube and handlebar to be used.
Front fork
Follow the assembly order in the illustration:
① Stem Body x1
④ Star nut (not included with stem)
⑤ Top cap x1
② Fixing Bolts 16L x4
⑥ Top Cap Bolt x1
③ Steerer tube x1
⑦ Stem Face Plate x1
⑧ Face Plate Fixing Bolts 18L x4
⑨ Carbon Cover x1
Stem Installation
Ensure that the steerer tube ③ is clean and free of burrs or chips. Check to be sure Star nut ④ or Expander Assembly(not shown) is installed to the correct position and will work with Top Cap & Bolt ⑤ & ⑥.
Note: For alloy and steel steerer tubes use Star nut, for Carbon steerer tubes use an Expander Assembly (star nuts can damage carbon steerer tubes).
With all headset components installed, ensure that the steerer tube ③ is cut to the correct length to allow installation of stem and the desired amount of headset spacers to be used.
Ensure that bolt threads ② have a light layer of grease. Install the stem body ① onto the steerer tube. Adjust the the stem body ① to ensure it is aligned with front wheel for proper steering.
Install Top Cap Bolt ⑤ and Bolt ⑥. The Top Cap bolt ⑥ provides preload tension on the headset bearings. The Top Cap bolt ⑥ should be tightened so there is no play in the headset, but not so tight that headset bearings
feel rough or bind. If it is impossible to tighten the fixing bolt ⑥ without headset feeling loose, or bearings to tight, the headset may be missing components or not installed correctly.
Tighten the stem steerer fixing bolts ② by turning each bolt 1/4 to 1/2 turn at a time (alternating) so both bolts tighten simultaneously (50-60 / 5-6 Nm / 45-53 in.lbs Recommended Torque). DO NOT tighten
beyond the Maximum tightening torque written on the stem! Always use a calibrated torque wrench to tighten stem bolts.
Note: Always use Carbon Dynamic Installation Compound (ME068) between stem and carbon steerer tubes. Carbon Dynamic Installation Compound (ME068) can be purchased in FSA dealers.
Insert handlebar between stem body ① and face plate ⑦. Tighten face plate ⑦ by turning each bolt ⑧ 1/4 to 1/2 turn at a time (alternating) so both bolts tighten simultaneously (50-60 / 5-6 Nm / 45-53 in.lbs
Recommended Torque). Note: Use Carbon installation compound between stem and carbon handlebars.
Check that handlebars do not slip in stem, or that stem does not slip on steerer tube before riding bicycle. If slippage occurs, review stem installation, use carbon dynamic installation compound to reduce possibility of
bar and stem slippage.
Press the Carbon Cover ⑨ onto the face plate ⑦. Ensure that the fit is secure.
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