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Kicker 46HDS144 Owner Manual
Motorcycle Audio Kit Installation Guide for Harley Davidson®
Electra Glide | Street Glide | Ultra Glide | Bat Wing Trikes
2014–Newer (FLHT)
Package Contents:
(1) Install Guide
(2) 6-1/2” KICKER Speakers & Grilles
(1) 75W x 4 KICKER Amp
(3) 1/4” 20 washers
(1) Wiring Harness
(4) 8-32 x 1/2” Button Head Bolts
(4) 8-32 Nylock Nuts
(3) 1/4” 20 1” bolts
(4) Black Cable Ties
(1) Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket
(1) Mounting Hardware
(3) 1/4” 20 Nylock Nuts
Important: Over-tightening mounting fasteners may result in damage to your motorcycle. Please refer to your service manual for proper
procedures and torque specifications. KICKER is not responsible for damage resulting from improper installation techniques. This kit may not be compatible with some aftermarket head units.
NOTE: It is necessary to purchase a KICKER TDHDP Radio Flash Programmer or to have a motorcycle shop re-flash your radio before installation!
Follow instructions included with KICKER TDHDP
Follow instructions included with KICKER TDHDP
1. Remove the seat and disconnect both negative and positive battery terminals.
2. Remove the windshield.
3. Remove the outer fairing.
a. Remove the four mounting screws, unplug the headlamp and set aside on a soft cloth.
4. Remove the fuel tank.
a. Unplug the fuel fitting on the left side of the tank. You may remove the console if you want to retain vent line routing and connector placement.
b. Remove all four mounting bolts and carefully lift the tank off the bike and set aside.
5. Remove wire caddy cover.
a. Carefully release each tab along the caddy until it lifts completely.
6. Remove one of the white speaker pods from the inner fairing. (Fig. 1)
a. There are five fasteners in the center portion and three on the outside to release it from the inner fairing.
7. Remove the stock speaker and replace with the PSC652 speaker from the kit.
a. Install the provided speaker ring adapter onto the speaker pod. (Fig. 2)
b. Install the speaker into the pod and fasten with the original speaker screws. (Fig. 3)
8. Reinstall the pod to the inner fairing.
9. Repeat for the other side.
If you have a 2020 Street or Tri Glide, the following steps must be completed before amplifier installation:
Remove four screws from the HD Connect Module. Remove Module from Bracket. Relocate Module to the right of the radio and secure with two 8” zip ties included. (Fig. 4 and
Fig 5.)
Note: There may be some connectors that will need to be relocated off of the radio chassis for the amp bracket to fit.
10. Fasten the amplifier to the bracket with the supplied hardware.
a. Insert the bolts through the bottom of the bracket and install the locknuts to the amplifier.
11. At this time, it is highly recommended to set the amp gain setting to 0. KICKER recommends that the dip switches be set up as follows (Fig 6):
Auto turn-on - 12V
Fader - ON
Input level - HI
Amp1: HI-PASS – 80 Hz
Amp2: HI-PASS – 60 Hz (6x9)
80 Hz (Tour Pack)
Input Gain control – 0
12. After finishing System Setup, use the supplied ¼” hardware and fasten the amp/bracket assembly to the radio chassis with the 10-pin connector and power connector facing
the throttle side. (Fig. 7)
13. Plug the harness into the amplifier and route the speaker wires to their respective locations. (Fig. 8)
a. Separate the speaker connectors and plug in the amplifier harness to each speaker.
14. Plug the 4-pin male, rear audio connector into the 4-pin female rear audio signal connector coming from the radio harness. (Fig. 9 and Fig. 10)
15. Plug the switched power harness into the 2-pin amp connector on the right side of the fairing. (Fig. 11)
16. Plug the blue wire on the kicker harness into the switched power harness lead with one wire.
a. This allows for an accessory 12V port to remain available.
17. Route the power leads along the left side of the frame neck, in the electrical caddy to the seat area. (Fig. 12)
Note: The lead is amplified speaker outs. They are intended to provide ease of installation for bag lid speakers or Tour Pack speakers. (Fig. 13)
If your bike doesn’t have tour pack or bag lids, plug in the 50Ω resistor pack here. (Fig. 14 and Fig. 15)
18. Reconnect the battery terminals and pull the excess harness slack back into the fairing. Create a slack loop with excess harness slack.
19. Plug the radio in, and set the gain.
20. Test component function and set the gain to optimize system performance.
21. Carefully reassemble the motorcycle and enjoy your new audio kit!
KICKER cannot be held responsible for any damage to painted surfaces during removal or addition of KICKER parts.
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