Ideal | B-CAP® Wire Connector, Model B2 Red | Instructions | Ideal B-CAP® Wire Connector, Model B2 Red instructions

Ideal B-CAP® Wire Connector, Model B2 Red instructions
B-CAP® Wire Connector Instructions
Contact with electricity can cause electrical fires, serious injury or death.
Shut off power to the circuit or remove fuse before using this product.
Improperly installed electrical wiring can be dangerous and cause electrical fires. The connector chosen must be sized to
the wires being used. Consult local building codes before doing any electrical wire and to determine installation
requirements. For assistance, refer to an instructional book for electrical installations or consult a qualified electrician.
To be sold only with installation instructions.
Installation Instructions
1. Turn off power before removing or installing connectors.
2. Strip connectors to the correct strip length per the chart below:
Strip length
Strip wires 7/16” (11mm)
Strip wires 14 AWG and larger 1/2” (13mm)
Strip wires 16 AWG and smaller 5/8” (16mm)
Strip wires 3/4” (13mm)
Straighten and align frayed strands.
Hold wires together with ends even. Lead stranded wires slightly ahead of solid wires.
Pre-twisting acceptable, but not required. For pre-twisting; strip wires long, hold wires together with insulation even,
twist wire ends together, trim to recommended strip length.
Insert bundle into connector and twist clockwise until tight.
Use only on Copper to Copper (Cu/Cu) wire combinations.
For use in dry locations only.
Temperature rating: 105 C (221 F) maximum.
600 volts maximum building wire;
1000 volts signs or lighting fixtures.
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