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Ideal PowerPlug® Luminaire Disconnect, Model 182S, 2-Wire Male Side, Carton of 1,000 instructions
PowerPlug™ Disconnect - Model 182S
Installation Instructions:
TABLE 3: Environmental Conditions
Environmental Conditions
Temperature Rating
105°C (221°F)
Flame Rating
Disconnect de-mate / mate installation
1. To de-mate, grasp disconnect at each end and pull apart to separate the disconnect halves.
Do NOT pull on wires.
2. To mate the disconnect, grasp each disconnect half, align halves, and push together.
3. Completed connection should appear as shown.
Electrical Shock Hazard.
Contact with high voltage may cause falling, serious injury, or death.
Disconnect power before servicing.
Electrical Fire Hazard.
Use in application exceeding voltage and current ratings listed can cause an
electrical fire resulting in serious injury or death.
Only use in accordance with Tables 1, 2 and 3, and local electrical wiring
Conductor installation:
1. Wiring must comply with all applicable electrical codes.
2. Turn off power before removing or installing disconnect.
3. Strip wires to 3/8 inch (9,5 mm).
4. Grip wire firmly and push conductor while twisting the connector
back and forth into port marked #1 on male connector half.
5. Repeat step 4 for port #2.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for female connector half.
7. Use only one conductor per port and assure that no copper is
exposed on any of the wires inserted.
8. See disconnect de-mate/mate installation instructions on this page when disconnecting the
9. The wire insertion side of this product is listed for ONE TIME USE ONLY. DO NOT REMOVE AND
TABLE 1: Voltage/Current Maximum
Voltage (V)
Current (A)
TABLE 2: Wire Size & Type
Wire Type
Wire Size
18-22 AWG
18 AWG (16 strand or less)
Tin Bonded
18-22 AWG (16 strand or less)
Copper to copper connections only. Do not use on Aluminum.
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