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Ideal LinearX® 3 Compression Tool spec sheet
33-632 LinearX®3 Coax Compression Tool
LinearX®3 brings several of the qualities, features, and
workmanship of our professional OmniSeal™ Pro XL tool into
a smaller, simpler, value priced tool. Designed for installers
that are converting from traditional crimping tools or those that
occasionally work with coaxial cable terminations.
Permanently compresses F/BNC/RCA/ Mini/ and 90° connectors
No adapters are required for IDEAL connectors
Adjustable post to compress connectors of different sizes
Tool comes factory preset to compress IDEAL F and RCA
connectors. Adjustable to compress BNC and 90˚ connectors
Single level compression surface
Powder coated in IDEAL blue over a zinc die cast frame with
embossed logo
Double dipped, non-slip textured handle grip for comfort
Handle locking clip
Spring loaded handle
33-632 includes 4 XR™ RTQ™ F connectors in package
Manufactured in Sycamore, IL
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