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Technika TU950TLE8 Upright Cooker Instruction Manual
If the cooker is INSTALLED between two cupboards you
must drill a 16mm hole level to the safety chain height
on either cupboard as far back as possible, locate the
cooker into position and pass the safety chains through
the 16mm holes, with the cooker in the final position pull
both safety chains and secure them to the inside of the
cupboard with two screws on each safety chain.
Please test that the cooker does not tilt forward.
Incorrect Installation
Accidental Tipping
Chains are provided as a preventative
measure against accidental tipping.
These chains must be fitted as part of
the installers compliance.. Failure for
your installer to fit chains in accordance
with the relevant installation code will
make the installation of your upright
cooker non-compliant and class as an
illegal installation.
Incorrect Installation
The photographs on this page are of one
single kind of incorrect installation
(although there are many) which does not
have the chains sufficiently secured, figure
1. shows an example of how far forward an
oven can tip when not secured properly.
Note: Correct installation is part of the
installers compliance
Hole in cabinet too large,
Allowing the upright oven to tilt
Loose Chain
Figure 1.
Unfortunately the example on this page is the way many installers are
installing uprights. They may believe that they are using the correct method by
putting the chain through a hole into the adjacent cabinet and screwing the
chain to the back wall but it will not work if not done properly.
Putting the chain into the adjacent cabinet is the preferred method, provided
there is no slackness in the chain..
Left Side of oven, chain
not attached
Some installations only have a single chain affixed. Both chains must be fixed
as part of the installers compliance. Failure to fix both chains will make the
installation non compliant.
Correct Chain Installation
Right Side
Left Side
In order to prevent the oven from tipping forward as shown on the previous page, we need
to make sure both chains provided with the oven are used.
On the left side of the oven a 16mm drill bit was used to drill through the cabinetry into the
adjacent cabinet, as you can see the hole has not been drilled hard up against the wall
because there is a 16mm board at the rear of the cabinet. The height of the hole from the
floor is level with where the chain attaches to the oven.
The right side has been drilled much the same,, a new hole has been drilled below the gas
and power supply hole.
Hole and
Chain Level.
Once the holes have been drilled the chains can be fed through and the upright can be
fitted into position.
Chain fixed in
two locations
The chains then need to be pulled as tight as possible from inside the cabinet while at
the same time being fixed to the rear of the cabinet using a self drilling wood screw. It is
better to have the screw fixed closer to the hole for better support. The left and right
side examples shown have two extra screws attached to the chain which makes the
installation neater by keeping the chain off the shelf away from the gas and electricity
supply, they will also provide added support.
At this point the oven will be secured in location and will not move forward at all, It is
recommended that all upright oven chains be fitted in this way.
Installation forms part of the installers compliance and that in line with AGA
regulations chains are designed to be installed to prevent cooker from tilting.
They are not designed to replace parental supervision when the cooker is in use.
Chain fixed in two
The manufacturer will not be responsible for any damage to property or to persons caused by incorrect installation or
improper use of the appliance.
The manufacturer is not responsible for any inaccuracies, due to printing or transcription errors, contained in this
handout. In addition, the appearance of the figures reported is also purely indicative.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to its products when considered necessary and useful, without
affecting the essential safety and operating characteristics.
Technika constantly seeks ways to improve the specifications and designs of their products.
Whilst every effort is made to produce up to date literature, this document should not be regarded as an infallible guide.
Actual product only should be used to derive cut out sizes.
All Technika Appliances must be installed by a qualified person/s with adherence to the relevant electrical, plumbing and
AGA codes, with compliance being issued as required by state or national legislation.
Additionally all Technika Upright cookers must have chains installed correctly in adherence to the relevant AGA, and
plumbing codes by the Licenced installer.
For maximum effectiveness and efficiency all rangehoods should be installed with the use of ductwork, by a licenced
installer with adherence to the relevant state and national building codes and regulations.
All Technika appliances are for Domestic use only, and must be installed by a licence installer into Domestic Applications
only, without exception and to the required Authorities guidelines. Any installation outside of this will VOID warranty.
Alfresco areas are not a Domestic application.
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