Technika | H640STXFPRO-3 | Instruction manual | Technika H640STXFPRO-3 Cooktop Instruction Manual

Technika H640STXFPRO-3 Cooktop Instruction Manual
The use of pans in excess of the maximum diameter
recommended in the table above can result in overheating/
discoloration of hob surface.
this could result in the hob
surface being damaged and the development of rust and corrosion.
Spray on surface cleaners
6.9 MJ/h
Install Range Hoods and Exhaust Fans in accordance with the manufacturer's
instructions,no closer than 600mm above the maintop for Range Hoods and
750mm for Exhaust Fans.
77 Fillo Drive Somerton Victoria 3062
Version 4 Revision 20120830
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