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Hamilton Beach 25478 Breakfast Sandwich Maker Quick Start Guide
w WARNING Burn Hazard: Always use an oven mitt to
protect hand when opening cover.
Plug cord into wall outlet. The red POWER light will glow.
Lightly spray rings with nonstick cooking spray before
each use. Let unit preheat with cover closed and cooking
plate rotated in between rings. NOTE: Green PREHEAT
light will come on when unit is heated to the correct
temperature and will cycle on and off during cooking. It
is NOT an indicator when sandwich is ready. Red POWER
light stays on. Use handles to lift cover, top ring, and
cooking plate.
Place bottom half of bread (such as an English muffin,
small bagel, or biscuit) onto bottom plate. Top bread with
ingredients such as precooked meats, vegetables, and
cheese. Lower top ring and cooking plate.
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HOW TO USE (cont.)
Make sure cooking plate is in place. Crack an egg onto cooking plate. Pierce
yolk with a fork or toothpick. (You can use a whole large egg, egg white, or a
scrambled egg.) Top with the other half of bread. Close cover. Cook sandwich
for 4 to 5 minutes. NOTE: Do not overfill breakfast sandwich maker. Overfilling
will cause food to spill over rings and get stuck in the hinges.
Press the up or down button to the desired time in half-minute
(0.5) increments. If the up or down button has not been
pressed in 5 seconds, the timer will start. When there is less
than 1 minute remaining, the timer switches to seconds and
continues to count down. The timer will beep when the time
is up. Press the up or down button to stop beeping. This unit
does not turn off automatically at the beep.
When finished cooking, rotate cooking plate handle clockwise
until it stops. Using an oven mitt, lift ring assembly and
cover by holding bottom handle to open. Remove breakfast
sandwich with heat-resistant plastic or wooden utensil. Never
use metal. Unplug when through cooking. Let cool.
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