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ZTE V809 User manual
Product Safety
Do not use while refuelling
Do not use hand-held while
This device may produce a
bright or flashing light
ZTE V809
Quick Start Guide
For body-worn operation
maintain a separation of 15
Switch off when instructed in
hospitals and medical facilities
Only use approved accessories
Avoid contact with magnetic
To prevent possible hearing
damage, do not listen at high
volume levels for long periods.
Power Key
Volume Key
Volume Key
Do not rely on this device for
emergency communications
Small parts may cause a
choking hazard
Keep away from pacemakers
and other personal medical
Switch off when instructed in
aircrafts and airports
Switch off in explosive
Avoid Extreme Temperatures
Getting to Know Your
Do not attempt to disassemble
Do not dispose of it in a fire
This device may produce a
loud sound
Avoid any contact with liquid,
keep it dry
We offer self-service for our smart
terminal device users. Please visit ZTE
official website (at www.ztedevice.com)
for more information on self-service and
supported product models. Information
subject to the website.
Power Key
Home key
Back Cover
Touch Screen
Menu Key
Back Key
Charger/USB Jack
Power Key
● Press and hold to turn on your phone.
● Press and hold to turn on or off Silent,
Before Getting Started
3. Installing the battery
5. Charging the battery
1. Removing the back cover
get the phone options. Select Power
off, and then tap OK.
Switching to Sleep Mode
To save battery power, Sleep Mode
suspends your device to a
low-power-consumption state while the
display is off. Your device also goes into
Sleep Mode automatically when the
display is automatically turned off after a
certain period of time, which you can set
in Sleep of the display settings.
Press Power Key to Sleep Mode.
Home Key
● Press to return to the Home Screen
from any application or screen.
Menu Key
3. To switch it off, hold Power Key to
Airplane mode, or to power off your
● Press to switch your phone to Sleep
● Press to wake up your phone.
● Hold to see recently used applications.
2. Hold Power Key to switch on your
4. Installing the memory card
2. Installing the SIM cards
Press to get the options on the current
Waking Up Your Phone
Back Key
Press to go to the previous screen.
Volume Key
Press higher end of the key to turn the
volume up and the lower end of the key
to turn it down.
Notes: Switch off your phone before
installing or replacing the memory card
When you first get your new phone you’ll
need to charge the battery like this.
1. Connect the adapter to the charger
2. Connect the charger to a standard AC
wall outlet.
3. Disconnect the charger when the
battery is fully charged.
Powering On/Off Your
1. Make sure the SIM card is in your
If your phone is in Sleep Mode, you can
wake it up;
1. Pressing Power Key to activate your
screen display.
2. Press and hold
to unlock the
If you have set an ‘unlock pattern’, or a
PIN/password for your phone, you’ll need
to draw the pattern or enter the
PIN/password to unlock your screen.
device and the battery is charged.
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