ZTE WP228 User manual

ZTE WP228 User manual
Know Your Phone
3: Left select
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There are two ZTE WP228 models. One needs UIM card inserted in, the
other does not need.
Section or function marked with “★” is only available to the model with
UIM card. Otherwise, it is available to both models.
Key Instruction
 Press these keys to scroll cursor to the left, right,
1: Scrolling
keys (Up/Down/
up or down when inputting characters or selecting
Left/Right key)
2:OK Key
Interface Icons
 Perform different functions under different
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Manual No. : 07958450
 Enter main menu.
 Enter the left-bottom submenu on the screen.
Notes: In this guide, “press” a key means to press the key once, “hold” a
key means to press the key for 2 or 3 seconds.
4: Number keys  Input numbers and characters.
LCD Screen
CDMA Wireless Phone
User Guide
 Confirm the commands and options selected.
 Confirm the characters inputting.
 Enter the middle-bottom submenu on the screen.
5: * key, # key
 In standby mode, hold the * key to lock the phone,
follow the prompt on the screen to unlock the
 In standby mode, hold the # key to turn on/off the
silent mode.
6: Right select
 Enter right-bottom submenu on the screen.
 Return to the previous page.
 Erase character(s) when inputting characters.
 Back to the forward menus.
8: EXIT key
 End an active call or reject a call.
 Hold this key to power on/power off the phone.
 Exit from any interface to standby mode.
 Make a call or answer an incoming call.
 In standby mode, press this key to enter recent
calls list.
 If you are using the handset to call and want to
transfer the call to the speakerphone, press this
key and hang up the handset to put conversation
on the speakerphone.
 Press this key to end a hands-free call.
Signal strength
New message
Silent mode
Hands-free mode
Power indicator
Alarm clock
1. Handset
Connect phone and handset via the phone cord.
2. External power adapter
Connect the external power adapter to external AC socket.
3. ★UIM Card
 Power off the phone and remove other external power.
 Take off the back cover and remove the battery of the phone.
 Insert UIM card into UIM card slot. Make sure that the contact
area of the card is facing down, and the beveled corner matches
with the UIM card slot.
 Put in the battery and install the back cover.
How to Power On/Off
When the phone is powered on, hold the EXIT key to power off the
It is strongly recommended to connect the phone to external power
outlet, and use internal battery to power your phone only when external
power fails or is not available. The phone will charge the internal battery
automatically when it is connected to external power outlet.
How to Make a Call
There are two methods for making a call.
 The first method:
1. Pick up the handset or press the Hands-free key.
2. Enter the phone number, wait for several seconds to send the call
automatically or press the CALL/REDIAL key to make the call.
 The second method:
Enter the number or select recipient’s number from Contacts, or
press the CALL/REDIAL key to select a number from the recent calls
list, and then press the CALL/REDIAL key to make the call.
 Add the international prefix, country code and area code (without the
leading 0) before the number when making an international call.
 Hold the 0 key for the international prefix “+”, or input international
prefix e.g. “00” directly.
Select Menu→Messages.
Hold the EXIT key to power on the phone.
Select New Message to create new message: key in receiver’s phone
number or press the OK key to select from Contacts list, press the
Down key to input message text, Press the OK key to send the
Select Inbox to view the messages received.
Select Drafts to view the drafts you saved.
Select Outbox to view the stored messages.
Select Sent to view the sent messages.
Select Voice mail get voicemail messages.
Select SMS Settings to set the message configuration.
Select Templates to view or edit the default text.
Select Delete Message to erase certain messages.
Select Memory Status to view the memory information of message
How to Access Network
1. Connect the phone and the computer with the USB data cable.
2. Install the ZTE dial-up software JoinME.
2. You can access network by JoinME.
Phone Code
Phone code could prevent your phone from illegal using. The default
handset password is 0000. Change it to your own phone password as
soon as possible.
Remember the handset password; otherwise some service expense may
PIN Code and PUK Code
PIN code and PUK code may be offered together with the UIM card. If
not, please contact with network operator. Change default PIN code to
your own as soon as possible.
PIN code: PIN code could prevent your phone from illegal use. When
you activate it, you should input the PIN code when turn on the phone.
PUK code: The UIM card will be locked if you enter a wrong PIN code
consecutively for three times. You need PUK code to unlock it.
Text Input
Input Letters
Multitap Input — “Abc/abc/ABC” press corresponding
letter key till the letter appears.
Input Words
eHiText Input — “Eng”, press any key once to key in
any word.
Input Digits
Numbers Input — “123”, press digital key once.
Input Symbol
Symbols Input — Press the * key to enter the symbols
mode and press corresponding digital key.
Or press the “1” key till the symbol (common symbols)
appears except for numbers input mode.
Input Space
Press the “0” key, except for the numbers input mode.
Erase Character Press the CLR/BACK key.
Move cursor
Press the Scrolling keys.
Change input
Press the # key to select another text mode.
Menu Function
The contents in the following table briefly describe the functions of the
Add Name
Menu→Contacts→ Add a new contact to the phone or
Add Name
the UIM card(★).
Select and modify the phone profile.
Menu→Settings→ You can change the settings of
Display Settings
screen or banner.
Menu→Settings→ Set the phone or view the version
Phone Settings
information of the phone.
Call Settings
Make the call settings.
Call Settings
Time & Day
→Time & Day
Change the settings about the
phone/PIN(★) code, restore
Security Settings
factory settings and clear user data.
All List
Menu→Contacts→ View all the contacts in the phone
All List
or UIM card(★).
View the Group’s name and change
some related settings about the
Speed Dials
Menu→Contacts→ Call a contact by holding a number
Speed Dials
key (2~9) for a few seconds.
Menu→Magic Box
Set reminder time.
Menu→Contacts→ Check the storage information
Memory Status
about the phone or UIM card(★).
Menu→Magic Box
Use calculator to count.
Call History
Menu→Call History
View the call history.
→Call History
Call Duration
View the dialed/answered /all calls’
Menu→Call History
time, and you can also clear the call
→Call Duration
Set the time and date format.
Warning and Maintenance
To the Owner
Some electronic devices are susceptible to electromagnetic
interference sent by phone if inadequately shielded. Use phone
at least 20 cm or as far away as you can from TV sets, radio and
other automated office equipment so as to avoid electromagnetic
Operating phone may interfere with medical devices like hearing
aids and pacemakers, or other medical devices in hospital. Consult
a physician or the manufacturer of the medical device before using
Be aware of the usage limitation when using phone at places such
as oil warehouses, or chemical factories, where there are explosive
gases or explosive products being processed, because even if your
phone is in idle state, it still transmits radio frequency (RF) energy.
Therefore, power off your phone if required.
Keep out of the reach of small children. Phone may cause injury if
used as a toy.
Do not put other things on the terminal to avoid overlaying radiator.
Phone Use
Please use original accessories or accessories that are authorized
by the manufacturer. Using any unauthorized accessories may affect
your phone’s performance, and violate related national regulations
about telecom terminals, or even endanger your body.
As your phone can produce electromagnetic field, do not place it near
magnetic items such as computer disks.
Do not expose your phone to direct sunlight or store it in hot areas.
High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices.
Prevent liquid from leaking into your phone.
Disconnect external power supply and do not use your phone during
Unplug the external power adapter or remove battery when your
phone is not in use, esp. for a long period of time.
It is highly recommended to charge the battery before initial use. The
battery might have been discharged during storage and delivery.
Do not unplug the connector of the data cable from phone, and not
install or remove battery, when the power is on.
Keep phone power on and in service area when make emergency
call. Enter emergency call number in status of standby, and then
press Call key to send.
Do not attempt to disassemble the phone by yourself. Non-expert
handling of the devices may damage them.
Battery Use
Do not short-circuit the battery, as this can cause excessive heat and
 Do not store battery in hot areas or dispose of it in a fire to avoid
 Never use any charger or battery damaged or worn out.
 Return the wear-out battery to the provider or put it in the appointed
recycle place. Do not put it in familial rubbish.
Warning: If the battery is broken, keep away from substance inside. If it
taints your skin, wash your skin with abundant fresh water and ask doctor
for help if necessary.
Safety and General Use in Vehicles
Before making or answering a call, you should pay attention to the
local laws about using wireless mobile phones and take them into
account in practical use.
 Safety airbag, brake, speed control system and oil eject system
shouldn’t be affected by wireless transmitting. If you do meet
problems above, contact your automobile provider.
 Power off your mobile phone when refueling your automobile, and so
do the place where duplex wireless equipments are banned. Don’t
put your phone together with flammable or explosive items, inner
spark may cause fire.
Cleaning and Maintenance
The phone is non-waterproof, keep it dry and store in shaded and
cool place.
 If you want to clean your phone, use clean fabric that is a bit wet or
anti-static. Do not use harsh chemical cleaning solvents or strong
detergents to clean your phone such as alcohol, dilution agent and
benzene. Power-off your phone before you clean it.
 Use phone within a temperature range of -10 °C ~ +55 °C and the
humidity less than 95 %.
Limited Warranty
The warranty does not apply to defects or errors in the product caused
(a) Reasonable abrasion.
(b) Misuse including mishandling, physical damage, improper installation,
unauthorized disassembly of the product.
(c) Water or any other liquid damage.
(d) Any unauthorized repair or modification.
(e) Power surges, lightning damage, fire, flood or other events outside
ZTE’s reasonable control.
(f) Use of the product with any unauthorized third party products such as
generic chargers.
(g) Any other cause beyond the range of normal usage for products.
End User shall have no right to reject, return, or receive a refund for any
product from ZTE under the above-mentioned situations.
This warranty is end user’s sole remedy and ZTE’s sole liability for
defective or nonconforming items, and is in lieu of all other warranties,
expressed, implied or statutory, including but not limited to the implied
warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, unless
otherwise required under the mandatory provisions of the law.
Limitation of Liability
ZTE shall not be liable for any loss of profits or indirect, special, incidental
or consequential damages resulting from or arising out of or in connection
with using of this product, whether or not ZTE had been advised, knew
or should have known of the possibility of such damages, including, but
not limited to lost profits, interruption of business, cost of capital, cost of
substitute facilities or product, or any downtime cost.
Check whether the system
signal is too weak.
Incorrect display of system time.
No corresponding response when press
Restart the phone.
the phone keys (after several attempts).
Check whether the battery has
No display on screen when disconnect
electricity or it is damaged, or
external power supply.
restart the phone.
There is incoming call, but no prompt
ring tone.
There is no prompt tone when the alarm Check whether the alarm clock
clock has reached the time.
is enabled or not.
Cannot send short message.
Check the network condition.
Other abnormal phenomenon.
Please first refer to user guide,
then check whether the power
is connected correctly or not,
if there is no problem, please
restart the phone.
If your phone appears following phenomenon in the process of operation,
please read following relative information at first. If the problems still can
not be solved, please contact the distributor or service provider.
Check Point
When switching on the phone, it
prompts “Enter phone password”.
Enter phone code you set
already to unlock the phone.
Check the silent mode.
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