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ZTE MF190 User manual
1. Open the modem top cover
3. Connect the USB modem to your computer:
Lift to open the modem top cover to access the SIM slot:
Skinny Dongle
Quick Start Guide
2. Insert your SIM card into the USB modem:
The computer must be switched ON and operational
Plug in the USB modem. The computer will start the Install
Shield Wizard
If the installation does not start automatically:
Windows users: Browse My Computer > ZTEMODEM,
double click Autorun.exe to start the installation manually.
MAC users: Double click the ZTEMODEM icon on the
Follow the installation prompts to complete the installation
The Connection Manager software will start automatically
and continue installing.
4. Installation details
Screen shots are shown for Windows 7. Other systems will follow
a similar but not necessarily identical process.
Installation continued…
Click ‘Next’ to accept
the default location
or press ‘Change’
to specify your own
The installation takes
a few minutes to
Installation continued…
Press ‘Finish’ to
complete The drivers continue
Place the SIM card with the
gold contacts facing down
as shown.
Skinny Dongle 1st Edition © ZTE March 2012
Slide the SIM card fully into
the slot as shown.
Insert a microSD card if
you want to use for external
to install for a few
Click ‘Next’ to continue
5. Connection Manager - Press Connect to
get on line…
LED indicator
Modem Status
Offline. Not registered on the network
Green solid
Registered on the 2G network
Green blinking
Active data transfer on the 2G network
Check your SIM card is working in another device – eg
Eject for MAC OS.
Insert a known working SIM card into your modem
Confirm your account is active by contacting your service
Active data transfer on the 3G network
8. Uninstall the modem software
Open the top cover to access the microSD™ slot
Check the correct orientation and carefully insert the
The microSD™ card will appear as an external drive on your
mobile phone
If you remove the device while the Connection Manager is still
Blue blinking
microSD™ card
Install and test the modem in another computer
active it may corrupt the local Phonebook file.
storage device.
Connection Manager and use Safely Remove Hardware or
Registered on the 3G network
Insert a microSD™ memory card up to 32GB to use as a mass
9. Troubleshooting tips – In the event of
To remove the modem from your computer please close the
Blue solid
6. Using the modem as a mass storage
7. Safe removal of the modem from your
Windows: Start > Programs > Connection Manager > Uninstall
Uninstall the modem and re-install using Windows ‘Safe
Mode’ – consult a PC technician for help if required (PC
MAC OS X: Applications > Uninstall Connection Manager
With the modem inserted check Device Manager to make
sure the drivers are installed. See zte.co.nz for more help.
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