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ZTE V856 User manual
Thanks for choosing the Mobile Touch phone.
This quick guide is designed to help you familiarize yourself with
the mobile phone’s basic functions.
Key Explained
Power Key
Edition Time: 2012.04.27
Version No: R0.1
Please note the pictures we use in this guide are only used to
demonstrate the mobile phone’s functions, so they might be a
bit different from what you see on your mobile phone.
Your quick guide includes:
Your phone: Display the appearance of your phone.
Home Key
Switching your phone on/off: To power on/off your phone.
Waking Up Your Phone: To activate your screen display.
Home Screen: You can add or remove what is shown on your
Home Screen.
Extended Home Screen: Giving you loads more space to add
more stuff.
Use the touch Screen: Your phone supports touch screen
Install a SIM/microSD card and Battery: Switch off your
phone before installing or replacing the battery, SIM, or memory
Charging the battery: It is recommended that you first use
up the battery power and then charge it completely.
Hold to turn on or off Silent or Airplane
mode, or to power off.
Press to switch your phone to Sleep mode.
Press to wake up your phone.
Press to return to the Home Screen from
any application or screen.
Hold to see recently used applications.
Menu Key
Press to get the options for the current screen.
Back Key
Press to go to the previous screen.
Volume Keys
Press or hold to turn the volume up or down.
Switching your phone on/off
Make sure the SIM card is in your device and the battery is
 Hold Power Key to switch on your phone.
 To switch it off, hold Power Key to get the phone options.
Select Power off, and then tap OK.
Waking up your phone
ZTE Corporation reserves the right to make modifications on
print errors or update specifications in this guide without
prior notice.
No part of this publication may be quoted, reproduced,
translated or used in any form or by any means, electronic
or mechanical, including photocopying and microfilm,
without the prior written permission of ZTE Corporation.
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Messaging: Send, receive and edit text/Multimedia messages.
Contacts: You can add contacts on your phone.
Multimedia: Your phone comes with an MP3 player, FM radio
and a camera etc.
NOTE: You can view the phone screen in portrait or landscape
orientation simply by holding it upright or turning it on its side.
Not all screens are viewable in landscape.
Adjust the volume
To adjust the volume, you can press the volume up/down key to
increase/decrease the volume level.
Install a SIM/microSD card and battery
1. Remove the back cover.
Making & Receiving Calls: Call your friends, family and
3. Point, drag and drop to move particular items across the
4. Double-tap the screen to zoom in/out an image. Pinch on
with two fingers to zoom in/out a web page.
2. Hold the SIM card with the cut corner oriented as shown and
slips it into the card holder.
1. Press Power Key to activate your screen display.
2. Follow the onscreen prompts, long press the icon to unlock
the screen.
NOTE: If you have set an unlock pattern, PIN or password for
your phone, you’ll need to draw the pattern or enter the
PIN/password to unlock your screen.
Connect to internet: Using Wi-Fi network on your phone.
Safety Instructions: You should carefully read the safety
information before using your phone.
Your phone
Power Key
Headset Jack
Charger/USB Jack
Volume Keys
Home screen
In the Home screen, in addition to the shortcut icon is
displayed, you can also set your own wallpaper, add the
widgets or application shortcuts you need, or remove them as
you like.
3. Follow the OPEN arrow to push the metal slot, and flip it up.
Insert the memory card into the metal slot with the metal
contacts facing down until it clicks to the right position. Flip the
metal slot back and lock it.
Extended home screen
The Home Screen extends beyond the screen width, giving you
loads more space to add more stuff. Simply slide your finger to
the left or right.
Use the touch screen
You can use f inger gestures to control your phone. The
controls on your touch-screen change dynamically depending
on the tasks you’re performing.
1. Tap the buttons, icons, or applications to select items or to
open applications.
2. Flick the screen to scroll up, down, left or right.
Menu Key
Back Key
Search Key
Home Key
4. Insert the battery by aligning the gold contacts on the
battery with the gold contacts in the battery compartment.
Gently push down on the battery until it clicks into place.
Sending your message
1. Press Home key > tap
> Messaging.
2. Tap Compose new message.
3. Enter the recipient’s number or name. As you type,
4. Tap Type to compose and type your message.
matching contacts will appear. Tap a suggested contact to
add as a recipient.
5. Press the cover gently back into place until you hear a click.
Charging the battery
1. Connect the adapter to the charger jack. Ensure that the
adapter is inserted with the correct orientation. Do not force the
connector into the charger jack.
Tap Menu Key to insert quick text, smiley, or contact.
If you are sending an MMS, tap Menu Key to add a
subject, or attach pictures, videos, audio, or slideshows.
5. Tap Send to send your message.
NOTE: Add an attachment to text message and it will be
converted into an MMS automatically. Likewise if you remove all
attachments and the subject from an MMS,
It’ll automatically become a text message.
2. Connect the charger to a standard AC wall outlet.
3. Disconnect the charger when the battery is fully charged.
Receiving a message
When you receive a message, your mobile alerts you with a
ringtone, prompt or new message icon, you can press Home
> Messaging to read the message.
Key > tap
Making a call
1. Press Home Key > tap
> Phone.
2. Enter the phone number using the on-screen keypad.
3. Tap the dial icon.
to enter the “+”.
Calling from your contacts
1. Press Home Key > tap
Creating a contact
Press Home key > tap
or Menu Key > New contact from the
Contacts Screen.
Choose the storage location to save the contact.
Enter the contact name, phone numbers and other
information and then save it.
> Contacts.
2. Slide your finger to scroll the contacts list and tap the contact
you want to call.
You can search for a contact by tapping
Note: You must insert the memory card before you use the
camera and camcorder.
Playing your music
You can play digital audio files from your phone’s memory card
in Music. Before playing music, you need to copy music files to
memory card location.
1. Press Home Key > tap
on the top of the
2. Click the Music category label > music files to start playing
Opening your gallery
Press Home Key > tap
> Gallery. You can use Gallery
to view pictures and play videos. You can also do some basic
editing of your pictures—such as setting them as wallpaper or
contact icons, and sharing with friends.
Connect to internet
1. Press Home Key > tap
> Settings > Wireless &
2. Tick the Wi-Fi box to turn it on.
Searching for a contact
Press Home key > tap
Input the contact name you want to search for.
> Contacts
on the top of the Contacts screen.
Safety instructions
Don’t make or receive
handheld calls while
driving. And never text
while driving.
Don’t use at petrol
Keep your phone at
least 15 mm away
from your ear or body
while making calls.
Your phone may
produce a bright or
flashing light.
Small parts may cause
a choking.
Don’t dispose of your
phone in fire.
Your phone can
produce a loud sound.
Avoid contacting with
anything magnetic.
Keep away from
pacemakers and other
electronic medical
Avoid extreme
Switch off when asked
to in hospitals and
medical facilities.
Avoid contacting with
liquids. Keep your
phone dry.
Switch off when told to
in aircrafts and
Don’t take your
phone apart.
Switch off when near
explosive materials or
Only use approved
Don’t rely on your phone for emergency
3. Tap Wi-Fi settings, the Wi-Fi access points, or “hotspots”,
that your phone has detected are displayed with their names
and security settings.
4. Tap an access point to connect to it.
If security features are implemented, you’ll need to enter a
The contacts matched will be listed.
Answering a call
> Music to open the Music
3. Adjust the volume with Volume Keys.
> Contacts.
3. Tap the dial icon.
Slide the icon
to change to Camcorder mode. Then tap
to start shooting, and tap
to stop. Select the picture
in the right corner of the screen to view the video you’ve just
shot. Or tap Menu Key > Gallery to see all your video clips.
to delete wrong digits.
TIPS: To make international calls, hold
To take a photo, simply by pressing Home Key > tap
to take a shot. To view it, just tap the
Camera. Tap
picture in the right corner of the screen. Or select Menu Key
> Gallery to view all your pictures.
Taking pictures & Shooting videos with your
FM Radio
Using an earphone you can listen to FM Radio on your phone.
Answering calls by slipping the relevant icon to right.
To tune in, by pressing Home key > tap
> FM Radio.
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