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ZTE V10 User manual
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Version No. : R1.0
Edition Time : 2012.05
Manual No. : 079584504588
Quick Start Guide
V10 QSG(Vodacom)V1.0_120523.indd
Before Getting Started
Powering On & Off
For more information, please read the user manual stored in the preinstalled microSD
1. Insert the SIM card
2. Insert the microSD card
(may already be inserted)
3. Install the battery
1. To power on your device, hold the Power Key.
2. To power off your device, hold the Power Key to get the phone options, select
the Power off option, and then touch OK.
Switching Your V10 to Sleep Mode
Sleep Mode suspends your device to a low-power-consumption state while
the display is off to save battery power. Your device also goes into Sleep Mode
automatically when you leave it idle after a certain period of time.
Press the Power Key.
Note: microSD logo
is a trademark of the SD Card Association.
4. Replace the cover
V10 QSG(Vodacom)V1.0_120523.indd
5. Charge up
Waking Up Your V10 from Sleep Mode
1. Press the Power Key to activate your screen display.
2. Drag the unlock icon to the right.
Product Safety Information
Read the Safety Information
section on this page.
Do not use while re-fuelling.
Do not use hand-held while
This device may produce a
bright or flashing light.
Small parts may cause a
choking hazard.
Do not dispose of it in a fire.
This device may produce a
loud sound.
Avoid contact with magnetic
Keep away from
pacemakers and other
personal medical devices.
Avoid Extreme Temperatures.
Switch off when instructed
in hospitals and medical
Avoid any contact with liquid,
keep it dry.
Switch off when instructed
in aircrafts and airports.
Do not attempt to
Switch off in explosive
Do not rely on this device for
emergency communications.
Only use approved
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