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ZTE T82 User manual
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Product Safety Information
Do not use while re-fuelling.
Do not use hand-held while driving.
This device may produce a bright or
flashing light.
For body-worn operation maintain a
separation of 15 mm.
Do not dispose of it in a fire.
Small parts may cause a choking hazard.
Avoid contact with magnetic media.
This device may produce a loud sound.
Avoid Extreme Temperatures.
Keep away from pacemakers and other
personal medical devices.
Avoid any contact with liquid, keep it dry.
Dialog Q143L
Version No.: R1.0
Edition Time : 2013.10.18
Manual No. : 079584506083
Switch off when instructed in hospitals
and medical facilities.
Do not attempt to disassemble.
Switch off when instructed in aircrafts
and airports.
Do not rely on this device for emergency communications.
Switch off in explosive environments.
Only use approved accessories.
Getting to Know Your Phone
Before Getting Started
Charging the Battery
1. Remove the back cover.
When you first get your new phone you’ll need
to charge the battery.
1. Connect the adapter to the charger jack.
save power and prevent accidental operations.
You can also lock the screen and keys manually.
To lock the screen and keys, press the Power
TIP: You can set how long the phone should
wait before it automatically locks the screen
and keys in Sleep of the display settings.
2. Install the SIM card.
To unlock the screen and keys:
1. Press the Power Key to turn the screen on.
3. Install the microSD card.
2. Connect the charger to a standard AC wall
3. Disconnect the charger when the battery is
fully charged.
at the center of the
2. Touch and hold
NOTE: If you have set an unlock pattern,
PIN or password for your phone, you’ll need to
draw the pattern or enter the PIN/password to
Powering On/Off
Using the Touch Screen
NOTE: microSD logo
of SD-3C, LLC.
4. Install the battery.
is a trademark
Make sure the SIM card is in your phone and
the battery is charged.
• Press and hold the Power Key to turn on
your phone.
• To turn it off, press and hold the Power Key
to open the options menu. Touch Power off
and then touch OK.
Locking/Unlocking the Screen and
When your phone is not in use for some time, it
automatically locks the screen and the keys to
Your phone’s touch screen lets you control actions through a variety of touch gestures.
• Touch
When you want to type using the onscreen
keyboard, select items onscreen such as
application and settings icons, or press onscreen buttons, simply touch them with your
• Touch and Hold
To open the available options for an item (for
example, a message or link in a Web page),
touch and hold the item.
Swipe or Slide
To swipe or slide means to quickly drag
your finger vertically or horizontally across
the screen.
To drag, press and hold your finger with
some pressure before you start to move
your finger. While dragging, do not release
your finger until you have reached the target position.
In some apps (such as Maps, Browser, and
Gallery), you can zoom in and out by placing two fingers on the screen at once and
pinching them together (to zoom out) or
spreading them apart (to zoom in).
Rotate the screen
For most screens, you can automatically
change the screen orientation from portrait
to landscape by turning the phone sideways.
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