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Sagemcom F@st Plug 501 Duo User Guide
F@ST PLUG 501 DUO - Quick Installation Guide
Plug both devices
into the mains
Connect your
Recommended use of a multiple plug adapter
to your
For more information about the way to secure your network or to join a HomePlug AV network, please consult the User Guide
available on the website.
Device is OFF.
Device is ON.
Device is in «idle mode» when LED flashes every 15 sec.
Ethernet port is not connected.
Ethernet port is connected.
No powerline device detected on your network.
At least one powerline device is detected on your network.
Ethernet port
Use the Ethernet port to connect your equipments
using the Ethernet cable provided.
Security button
Press this button between,
- 0-3 sec to join a powerline network
- 7-10 sec to leave the current powerline network or
start a new network
- 12-15 sec to return a device to its original factory
default configuration
Important :
- Your devices have been already paired during manufacturing and will associate automatically once they are
plugged into the mains : no setup is required.
- The security button cannot be used when the device is in idle mode.
253524004-A - 26/10/12
For more information on how to increase security on your network or add additional devices to an existing
powerline network, please consult the User Guide available on the website.
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