Milking Machines Can Be Fun But Beware a Sore Male Organ

Milking Machines Can Be Fun But Beware a Sore Male Organ
Milking Machines Can Be Fun But
Beware a Sore Male Organ
Sensual toys and aids have been around for years, ranging from homemade
DIY items to expensive manufactured pieces to repurposed objects intended
for other uses. And since men, rightly so, may seek variety in the ways in
which they enjoy their members, it’s not surprising that male organ milking
machines are a popular option. Of course, as with the use of any sensual toy,
care must be taken to ensure no male organ health matters occur. For
example, when using manhood milking machines, it’s not uncommon for a
sore male organ to result.
About these milking machines
If a guy wants to get really picky, he could say that his fist is a milking
machine, but for the purposes of this article, a machine is going to be
something non-human. It also should in some way involve a mechanized
motion component – so that the manhood stimulation is not manual. Thus, a
“male organ sleeve” or “imitation female organ” which is manipulated by
hand or which is stationary and used by thrusting the member in and out is
not in the milking machines category.
Not all milking machines would go by that name. Some might be called “AI
sensual machines” or “self-pleasuring devices” or other such terms. But if
they are intended to slip around a manhood and create a friction-filled
motion that aims to produce seed release, they’re basically milking
Men who want to avoid a sore male organ when using milking machines
should consider these tips:
 Use a machine designed for humans. Farmers have long used
special milking machines as a way to more efficiently coax milk out
of cows. It’s not surprising that some curious men have decided to try
these machines to coax the seed out of their members. But although
the machines work on a similar principle – squeezing and releasing
the member as it does a cow’s udder – it wasn’t made for humans to
use. Not only are manhoods and udders (generally) of different sizes
and lengths, but udders generally require more aggressive coaxing –
something which leads to a sore male organ at the least and a
potentially seriously damaged one as well. So men considering
repurposing the cow milking machine should resist the temptation.
 Peruse the instructions. As with any machine, it’s important to read
instructions so that one knows how to properly use it. This is
especially important in knowing how to insert the member, how to
properly fit the machine to the manhood, how to make adjustments for
speed, tightness, how long machine should be used, etc.
 Get ready. In most cases, milking machines require an alreadytumescent member, so guys should take matters in hand to achieve
this. Check to see if lubrication is recommended and if so, definitely
use. It may also be wise to see if latex protections can be worn during
machine use; this can sometimes cut down on “rawness” from use,
which can result in a sore male organ.
 Take it slow. Don’t rush into things. Take the time to make sure
everything fits properly, and maybe have a short “test drive” in case
adjustments need to be made.
 Focus. Sure, when the member is being milked, it’s hard to
concentrate on anything but how good it feels – but one should keep
focused and not get so enthralled that he doesn’t notice that a sore
male organ is developing.
Often a sore male organ resulting from using milking machines will feel
better if a guy applies a first rate male organ health oil (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for
skin). The best oil will include both a high end emollient (like shea butter)
and a natural hydrator (like vitamin E), which by moisturizing the skin can
provide soothing relief. The best oil will also include vitamin B5, or
pantothenic acid, which is a vital nutrient that is required for cell metabolism
and the maintenance of healthy tissue.
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