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Ikelite DLM 1.2 Inch Port Extension Instruction Manual
Limited Warranty
DLM Port Extension
Product numbers 5516.65 • 5516.67 • 5516.69 • 5516.70
Included in the Box
This Ikelite product is warranted against any manufacturing
defects for a period of one (1) year from the original date
of purchase. To obtain warranty service, the product must
be returned to Ikelite postage paid. Ikelite will, at its sole
discretion, repair or replace such products, and will return
to customer postage paid. All other claims of any nature are
not covered. Except as mentioned above, no other warranty
expressed or implied applies to this Ikelite product.
• Port extension
• O-ring # 0132.36
• Silicone lubricant # 0184.1
Installation and Use
Attaching the Extension to a Port
1. Using your fingers or a 7/64” hex key, loosen each
Thumbscrew until at least 4 threads are visible.
2. Make sure the port Sealing Surface is clean and free of
3. Clean and lightly lubricate the O-ring. Apply an even
coating of lubricant, just enough to make the o-ring slightly
shiny. Avoid dry spots or excess build-up of lubricant.
4. Line up the thumbscrews on the port and extension.
Firmly press components together until they are flush
around the circumference.
Sealing Surface
Drain hole
5. Tighten each thumbscrew until it stops. DO NOT
6. Attach the complete port with extension to your housing.
Port Extension
Travel and Storage
1. Remove the extension from the Port and Housing Port
Base for long-term storage.
Port Base
2. Lightly lubricate the o-ring prior to storage. The o-ring
may be left on the extension, or stored separately in a
resealable plastic bag.
3. Store in a cool, dry place.
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