Ikelite | Straight Enhanced Magnifying Viewfinder for DSLR and Mirrorless Housings | Instruction manual | Ikelite Straight Enhanced Magnifying Viewfinder for DSLR and Mirrorless Housings Instruction Manual

Ikelite Straight Enhanced Magnifying Viewfinder for DSLR and Mirrorless Housings Instruction Manual
2. Gently rotate the tool counter-clockwise to loosen and
remove the viewfinder. If additional leverage is required, a
screwdriver may be inserted in the tool. Apply downward
pressure on the tool to keep it from slipping out of the
slots while rotating.
Straight Enhanced Magnifying Viewfinder
for DSLR and Mirrorless Housings
Product # 6890.2
Included in the Box
• Viewfinder
• Cap
• Attachment tool
• Spare o-ring
3. Store the standard viewfinder in a cool, dry location.
Important Notices
»» Do not expose the threaded end of the viewfinder to
water. The viewfinder is not waterproofed from the
threaded end.
»» Do not use alcohol or glass or surface cleaners on the
»» It is recommended to remove the viewfinder from the
housing before packing for shipment or travel.
Attaching the Magnified Viewfinder
1. Check that the o-ring, sealing surface, and threads
are clean and free of debris. It is not recommended to
lubricate the o-ring prior to installation.
2. Thread the viewfinder clockwise into the housing back by
3. From the inner side of the housing back, align the narrow
end of the tool with the notches in the threaded end of the
Installation and Use
Removing the Standard Viewfinder
1. Align the long, thin edge of the tool with the slots in the
standard viewfinder.
4. Orient the viewfinder to the landscape position to
correspond with the camera’s viewfinder. Hold in this
position from the outside of the housing while completing
the next step.
5. Turn the tool counter-clockwise to tighten. The o-ring
will form a solid, dark line as it compresses and forms a
waterproof seal.
Testing the Housing
1. Assemble the housing without a camera installed.
2. Submerge the housing in fresh water for several minutes.
3. Remove the housing from water and dry the outside of the
housing with a clean, lint-free cloth.
4. Look through the back of the housing for signs that water
has entered the housing. Signs include fogging or water
5. We recommend making at least one dive without a
camera installed to ensure waterproof operation.
Maintenance and Storage
1. Rinse the housing with in clean, fresh water.
2. NEVER leave your housing in the fresh water rinse tank.
Collisions with other gear can cause scratches or damage
to your equipment.
3. Dry the housing and viewfinder with a clean micro fiber
lens cleaning cloth.
4. Attach the protective cap.
5. Stow the housing in a shaded place where it is protected
from impact or overheating. If no shade is available, we
recommend covering the housing with a towel or cloth.
Travel and Storage
1. Clean and dry the exterior of the viewfinder. Do not use
any type of alcohol or glass or surface cleaner on the
2. Attach the protective cover.
3. Store in a cool, dry place.
Limited Warranty
This Ikelite product is warranted against any manufacturing
defects for a period of one (1) year from the original date
of purchase. To obtain warranty service, the product must
be returned to Ikelite postage paid. Ikelite will, at its sole
discretion, repair or replace such products, and will return
to customer postage paid. All other claims of any nature are
not covered. Except as mentioned above, no other warranty
expressed or implied applies to this Ikelite product.
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Ikelite Underwater Systems
50 W 33rd St
Indianapolis, IN 46208 USA
(317) 923-4523
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