Ikelite | Underwater Housing for Canon PowerShot SX610 | Instruction manual | Ikelite Underwater Housing for Canon PowerShot SX610 Instruction Manual

Ikelite Underwater Housing for Canon PowerShot SX610 Instruction Manual
Lens port
Fiber optic
ULTRAcompact Housing for Canon PowerShot SX610 HS
Product # 6242.61
Included in the Box
• Housing
• O-ring # 0132.45 (installed)
• Port cover # 0200.02 (installed)
Tray mounts
• Flash diffuser
• Flash deflector
• Lanyard # 0321.10
• Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
Important Notices
»» Do not use alcohol, cleaning agents, spray lubricants,
Rain-X, or other solvents on the housing or lens port.
Use of an incompatible chemical compound can
damage the plastic or component o-rings, which may
result in leaking.
»» Assemble in a cool, dry location. To avoid fogging,
do not open in a humid environment. Dry the housing
completely before opening.
Lanyard Mount
Left / Macro
Down / Display
Func / Set
Right / Flash
Mobile device connection
Installation and Use
Opening the Housing
1. Depress both latch buttons at the same time and rotate
the latch away from the housing.
Latch button
The included lanyard is a break-away safety lanyard which is
designed to break if stress is placed on it. This is important
so that the user can break free if the equipment is caught on
something underwater.
The lanyard is not designed to support the weight of the
housing and should not be used as a carrying strap. Carrying
the housing by the lanyard may result in damage to the
lanyard and/or housing.
A different lanyard with a thin cord may be attached to
the housing using the lanyard mount on the corner of the
2. The back of the housing will be compressed by pressure
underwater or after air travel. Rotate the latch fully to
break the seal of the housing. Do not use metal objects or
tools to pry the back open.
3. Lift the latch up and away from the housing.
4. Carefully open the housing back.
Maintenance and Storage
Installing the Camera
1. Check and lubricate the main housing o-ring.
1. Remove any lanyard, neck strap, or accessory attached
to the camera.
2. Remove the protective backing from the anti-reflection
ring and adhere it to the front of the camera centered
around the lens. This will reduce reflections in sunny and
flash lit conditions.
3. Place the camera into the front of the housing with the
lens centered in the lens port.
4. Make sure the camera is sitting flat in the housing and
flush to the front support ribs.
Support rib
2. Submerge the closed housing in lukewarm fresh water.
While submerged, rotate each control and depress each
button to flush out any salt or debris.
3. Remove the housing from water and rinse with running
4. Do not rinse the inside of the housing or submerge the
open housing in water. If the inside of the housing needs
to be cleaned, wipe with a clean, slightly damp cloth.
5. Dry the housing with a clean, lint-free cloth.
6. Store in a cool, dry place.
7. Like regulators and other pressure-sensitive equipment,
we recommend careful cleaning along with annual
replacement of the factory seals.
»» Remove the camera from the housing for travel or
Closing the Housing
1. Apply a very thin, even layer of lubricant to the exposed
portion of the o-ring and housing sealing surface. Avoid
dry spots or uneven build-up of lubricant.
2. Close and latch the housing back. Press the latch
towards the housing until the lock buttons click into place.
3. Check the latch. The buttons will not be depressed when
the latch is properly locked. Pulling on the latch without
pressing the buttons should not allow the latch to open.
Using the Flash Diffuser
Install the semi-transparent diffuser when using the camera’s
built- in flash. A portion of the camera’s built-in flash may be
blocked by the housing’s lens port. The diffuser spreads the
light of the flash to reduce any effects on the image.
It may be necessary to zoom in when shooting close-up
photos to completely eliminate any darkened areas.
Using the Flash Deflector
Install the opaque white flash deflector when using external
strobes. The flash deflector improves transmission of light to
the fiber optic ports and reduces unwanted backscatter (the
illumination of particles in the water).
Limited Warranty
This Ikelite product is warranted against any manufacturing
defects for a period of two (2) years from the original date
of purchase. To obtain warranty service, the product must
be returned to Ikelite postage paid. Ikelite will, at its sole
discretion, repair or replace such products, and will return
to customer postage paid. All other claims of any nature are
not covered. Except as mentioned above, no other warranty
expressed or implied applies to this Ikelite product.
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Ikelite Underwater Systems
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(317) 923-4523
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