Ikelite | DL2 DS Link Sony TTL Converter Ikelite ST1 Hotshoe and B1A Bulkhead Kit | Instruction manual | Ikelite DL2 DS Link Sony TTL Converter Ikelite ST1 Hotshoe and B1A Bulkhead Kit Instruction Manual

Ikelite DL2 DS Link Sony TTL Converter Ikelite ST1 Hotshoe and B1A Bulkhead Kit Instruction Manual
Installing the ST1 TTL Hotshoe
1. Depress the tab on the manual hotshoe connector and
gently pull connector ends apart to remove the housing’s
manual hotshoe.
DL2 DS Link Sony TTL Converter Ikelite ST1
Hotshoe and B1A Bulkhead Kit
Product # 46045
Included in the Box
• DL2 DS Link Sony TTL Converter # 46043
• ST1 Sony TTL Hotshoe # 46041
Important Notices
»» The DL2 DS Link is not compatible with other
manufacturers’ strobes.
»» Use of two strobes requires a dual sync cord. Two
strobes cannot be controlled by individual converters
even if the housing is equipped with two bulkheads.
Installation and Use
Installing the B1A Bulkhead
1. Carefully remove the accessory port plug using an 11/16”
2. Remove the nut from the end of the bulkhead with
the cord coming out. Check that the sealing surface
and o-ring on the bulkhead are clean. No lubricant is
3. Thread the bulkhead into the 1/2-20 hole in the top of the
housing being careful not to cross-thread.
4. Use an 11/16” wrench to carefully tighten down the
bulkhead just until it touches the case. Do not overtighten.
2. Align TTL hotshoe and bulkhead connector ends and
push together until tab clicks into place.
3. Push hotshoe forward into camera’s hotshoe mount.
Make sure that the hotshoe is all the way forward to
ensure proper connection.
»» The ST1 TTL Hotshoe is only intended for use with
compatible Ikelite brand housings.
Testing the Housing
1. Assemble the housing without a camera installed.
Ensure that a waterproof bulkhead cap is in place on the
2. Submerge the housing in fresh water for several minutes.
3. Remove the housing from water and dry the outside of
the housing with a clean, lint-free cloth.
4. Look through the back of the housing for signs that water
has entered the housing. Signs include fogging or water
5. We recommend making at least one dive without a
camera installed to ensure waterproof operation.
Attaching the Converter
1. Remove connector protectors and bulkhead caps from
each connection.
Mode button
Retaining ring
LED indicator
5. Re-attach the nut on the inside of the case. Tighten snug
with a 5/8” wrench.
Plug o-ring
2. Apply a very thin, even layer of lubricant on all threads,
sealing surfaces, and the exposed portion of the plug
o-ring. Do not allow lubricant to get into the pins and
receptacles of the plug or bulkheads.
3. Align plug and insert into the housing bulkhead. Each
male pin mates with a female receptacle. Failing to line up
the contacts properly before tightening may result in
damage to the converter plug and/or housing bulkhead.
Shooting with Manual Strobe Exposure
1. Push the mode button on the side of the converter. The
LED indicator light will change from blue to red.
2. Set the strobe to full or a fractional power setting.
3. Adjust strobe power settings as necessary for each
4. To revert to TTL operation push the mode button and set
your strobe to TTL.
Maintenance and Storage
4. Hand-tighten the retaining ring.
5. Attach a compatible sync cord to the converter using the
same method. Hold the converter while tightening the
sync cord retaining ring.
6. Attach a compatible strobe(s) to the sync cord.
Setting Your Camera
Refer to your camera and housing instruction manuals for
recommendations on flash settings for external strobes. In
• Flash mode must be set to Fill flash or Rear Curtain
Sync. Do not use a red eye reduction mode.
• DRO/Auto HDR must be turned off (default).
If you are having trouble getting your strobe(s) to fire or
expose properly we recommend restoring your camera
to factory default settings and making sure the hotshoe is
pushed all of the way forward.
Shooting with TTL Strobe Exposure
1. Turn strobe on. When turned on the DL2 DS Link will be
in TTL mode. The LED indicator glows blue in TTL mode.
2. Set the strobe to TTL.
3. Exposure compensation may be added or subtracted
through the camera’s menus. Refer to your camera
instruction manual for more information.
»» It is only possible to toggle between TTL (blue LED) and
Manual (red LED) when a camera is connected.
»» An incorrectly mounted hotshoe may prevent toggling
between TTL and Manual.
1. Submerge the fully assembled system in clean, fresh
water after each use. Press the mode button several
times while submerged.
2. Remove the system from the rinse tank and flush with
running fresh water.
3. Dry the system with a clean, lint-free cloth.
4. Separate the components and lubricate the threads and
o-ring(s) every 2-3 days during continuous use.
Travel and Storage
1. Separate the converter from the sync cord and housing.
2. Wipe off the threads of each bulkhead and retaining ring
using a clean, lint-free cloth.
3. Lightly lubricate all o-rings, threads, and sealing surfaces.
4. Attach the connector protector and waterproof bulkhead
cap to converter ends.
Limited Warranty
This Ikelite product is warranted against any manufacturing
defects for a period of one (1) year from the original date
of purchase. To obtain warranty service, the product must
be returned to Ikelite postage paid. Ikelite will, at its sole
discretion, repair or replace such products, and will return
to customer postage paid. All other claims of any nature are
not covered. Except as mentioned above, no other warranty
expressed or implied applies to this Ikelite product.
Ikelite Underwater Systems
50 W 33rd St
Indianapolis, IN 46208 USA
(317) 923-4523
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