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Ikelite Vacuum Kit for 3/8 Inch Control Gland Instruction Manual
Vacuum Kit for Control Gland 3/8” Holes
Product number 47013
Vacuum Valve for Control Gland 3/8” Holes
Product number 47003
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About this Product
Thank you for your purchase of Ikelite equipment. Please read this
instruction manual completely before attempting to operate or dive
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Included in the Box
• Vacuum valve for 3/8” holes
• Vacuum valve plug with retainer
• O-ring # 0102
• Hex nut # 0219.2
• Vacuum pump with gauge # 47011 (included in 47013 only)
Important Notices
»» The vacuum valve is only waterproof with the plug in place.
Never submerge the housing in water without the plug
properly installed in the valve.
»» Vacuum systems are only capable of simulating depths up to
33 feet (10 meters). Some very small leaks, like those caused
by a fine hair across the o-ring, may only occur at deeper
depths. In most cases, these leaks are not significant enough
to cause damage to a camera.
»» A vaccum system cannot correct for improper assembly.
Product Registration
About this Product
Included in the Box
Important Notices
Getting to Know Your System
Installing the Vacuum Valve
Removing a Control 6
Installing the 3/8” Valve 7
Using the Vacuum System
Getting Ready for a Dive 8
Final Check 10
Opening the Housing 10
Limited Warranty
Service and Repairs
Contact Us
Getting to Know Your System
Vacuum valve
Vacuum plug
release lock
Thread adapter
Vacuum gauge
in Hg
Vacuum pump
release lever
Installing the Vacuum Valve
Removing a Control
»» The 3/8” valve can only replace rotating or lever type controls
with knobs on the front half of the housing. The 3/8” valve
cannot be used on the housing back.
»» The 3/8” valve cannot be used in place of a push button or the
DSLR top mount.
1. If the knob has a lever with vinyl rubber cover, remove the cover
from the lever by turning it counter-clockwise.
2. Use an 1/8” hex key to loosen the set screw holding the knob onto
the control shaft.
3. Remove the knob.
4. Remove the control shaft from the inside of the housing.
5. If there is a nut on the inside of the control gland, remove it using a
a 9/16” wrench.
6. Remove the control gland from the housing using a 5/8” wrench. If
the hex gland cap separates from the body during removal, use a
pair of pliers to carefully remove the gland body from the housing.
7. Clean the surface of the housing where the control was removed
using a soft, lint-free cloth.
Installing the 3/8” Valve
»» Do not attempt to separate the vacuum valve from the thread
adapter. Do not attempt to remove the o-ring from between
these two pieces.
1. Make sure that the o-ring is in place on the valve body. Do not
lubricate the seal ring prior to installation.
2. Thread the valve into the housing and hand tighten.
3. Tighten the valve until snug using an open-ended 9/16” wrench on
the thread adapter portion of the assembly. Do not over-tighten.
4. Attach the nut to the thread adapter on the inside of the housing
and tighten until snug. Do not over-tighten.
Using the Vacuum System
Getting Ready for a Dive
»» The housing is only waterproof with the vacuum valve plug
in place. Always replace the valve plug before putting the
housing in water.
1. Install your camera in the housing according to the housing’s
2. Press the vacuum valve lock release and remove the plug from the
3. Attach the vacuum pump tubing insert into the valve and push until
it clicks and locks in place.
4. Rotate the vacuum gauge so that it can be easily read while
pumping. Pump the hand pump until the vacuum gauge reaches
5-10 inches Hg.
in Hg
5. Watch and listen for leaks. A leak is indicated by movement of the
gauge towards zero after you finish pumping. Significant leaks can
generally be found within a few minutes.
6. If desired, leave the pump attached for several hours or overnight
and then check that the gauge has not moved. Very small leaks will
become more evident on the gauge as more time passes.
7. When you’re ready to go in the water, press the lock release and
remove the vacuum pump from the valve.
8. Install the valve plug into the valve and push until it clicks and locks
in place.
Final Check
1. Turn on the camera and check all control functions.
2. Make sure the camera can take and record a photo.
3. Check battery life and open storage space on your memory card.
4. Check your external flash or lighting, if using.
5. Submerge the housing in a fresh water tank dedicated to
underwater photography equipment. Visually confirm that there are
no signs of water intrusion. One sign of a leak is a steady stream of
bubbles coming from one of the housing’s seals.
Opening the Housing
»» It is not possible to open the housing normally when a vacuum
is pulled on the housing. The vacuum must be released prior
to opening the housing.
1. Rinse the housing with fresh water and dry prior to opening.
2. Press the vacuum valve lock release and remove the plug from the
3. Attach the pump to the valve and press the release lever on the
4. If the pump is not available, insert a small blunt object into the
center of the valve and gently press to allow air to enter the
Limited Warranty
This Ikelite product is warranted against any manufacturing defects for
a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase. Defective
products should be returned to Ikelite postage paid. Ikelite will, at
its sole discretion, repair or replace such products, and will return to
customer postage paid. All other claims of any nature are not covered.
Except as mentioned above, no other warranty expressed or implied
applies to this Ikelite product.
Service and Repairs
Ikelite is most interested in performing any service to ensure that all
products perform as intended. Evidence of purchase date must be
provided to obtain warranty service.
No prior authorization is required. You may return directly to us or
through your dealer. Please include a brief description of the problem,
any relevant email correspondence, and/or description of the service
request. Always include name, shipping address, email address, and
phone number inside of the package. Send postage paid to:
Ikelite Underwater Systems
Attention: Service Department
50 West 33rd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208 USA
For the separate international customs documentation form that you
complete to accompany the shipment, please state or designate that
the enclosed products were originally manufactured in the USA and
are being returned to the manufacturer for repair service. Value of the
equipment listed for customs purposes should be zero.
Contact Us
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Ikelite Underwater Systems
50 W 33rd St
Indianapolis, IN 46208 USA
(317) 923-4523
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