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Posiflex PB-3600 \ HT-3600 User Manual
User’s Manual
Rev. Original
FCC Notes:
This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio
frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance
with the instructions manual, may cause interference to radio
communications. It has been tested and found to comply with
limits for a Class A digital device pursuant to subpart J of Part 15 of FCC Rules, which
are designed to provide reasonable protection against interference when operated in a
commercial environment. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to
cause interference in which case the user at its own expense will be required to take
whatever measures to correct the interference.
Warranty Limits:
Warranty terminates automatically when any person other than the authorized
technicians opens the machine. The user should consult his/her dealer for the problem
happened. Warranty voids if the user does not follow the instructions in application of
this merchandise. The manufacturer is by no means responsible for any damage or
hazard caused by improper application.
About This Manual:
Posiflex has made every effort for the accuracy of the content in this manual. However,
Posiflex will assume no liability for any technical inaccuracies or editorial or other
errors or omissions contained herein, nor for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential
or otherwise damages, including without limitation loss of data or profits, resulting
from the furnishing, performance, or use of this material.
This information is provided “as is” and Posiflex Technology, Inc. expressly disclaims
any warranties, expressed, implied or statutory, including without limitation implied
warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose, good title and against
The information in this manual contains only essential hardware concerns for general
user and is subject to change without notice. Posiflex reserves the right to alter product
designs, layouts or drivers without notification. The system integrator shall provide
applicative notices and arrangement for special options utilizing this product. The user
may find the most up to date information of the hardware from web sites:
http://www.posiflex.com or http://www.posiflex.com.tw
All data should be backed-up prior to the installation of any drive unit or storage
peripheral. Posiflex will not be responsible for any loss of data resulting from the use,
disuse or misuse of this or any other Posiflex product.
All rights are strictly reserved. No part of this documentation may be reproduced,
stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic,
mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise, without prior express written consent from
Posiflex Technology Inc. the publisher of this documentation.
© Copyright Posiflex Technology Inc. 2011
All brand and product names and trademarks are the property of their respective holders.
P/N: 15450902010
Page 1
Please always read thoroughly all the instructions and documents
delivered with the product before you do anything about it. Don’t
take any premature action before you have a full understanding of
the consequences.
For regular cleaning of the HT/PB-3600 systems, please use only soft haired
brush or dry soft cloth. You may use moist soft cloth to remove stains when
necessary. Apply only proper amount of mild neutral detergent for obstinate
stains. Please note that never use Acryl dissolving solvent or Polycarbonate
dissolving solvent. You may apply ammonia-based glass cleaner only on the
screen surface.
The purpose of this manual is to guide the user in the initial installation and
general use of the Posiflex HT/PB-3600 series of POS terminals. It does not
explain any application software that may be supplied with it.
We intend to provide our customers with all technology advantages available
by evolving the product design to incorporate appropriate changes and
improvements. So some detail differences may exist between this manual and
the equipment supplied.
For more detailed or technical information please refer to the CD-ROM disc
associated or consult our authorized dealers or visit our web site:
http://www.posiflex.com.tw/ or http://www.posiflex.com/
The Posiflex range of HT/PB-3600 terminals have been designed and
manufactured to meet the high reliability demand on POS systems. It
incorporates all the advances of PC technology within a rugged housing
designed for use in a hostile retail environment. By providing an integrated
design, it has retained many of the secure features of a traditional ECR and has
avoided the wiring “spaghetti” associated with more traditional PC solutions.
This Open Standard Architecture ensures that this terminal can use the PC
Page 2
application software and development tools that are now inexpensively
available and abundant.
For the HT-3600 series terminal is powered by most up to date CPU and
provides a color TFT LCD screen with a resistive type touch control panel on
sturdy and easily adjustable structure on top of the main unit. HT/PB-3600
series may be used as a self-content unit or as one of several terminals in a
network system controlled by a “back office” computer through the integrated
network interface. Versatile options besides the basic model selection can
apply to it as well. Although PB-3600 is same as HT-3600, PB-3600 comes
without LCD display.
CPU: VIA Nano L2207 1.6G CPU, 1M cache
RAM: SO-DIMM socket * 1 ,DDR-3 1066 MHz ,Max 4GB
Data storage device: SATA HDD 2.5” or SDD HDD
Touch control functions: left/right button, double click, drag & draw
Ethernet Networking: One LAN port Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base T
with LAN status indicators on jack
Serial Ports: There are 4 serial ports in a HT/PB-3600 system with
optional +5V (through BIOS setting) and +12V (by jumper setting)
power on COM1/2/3/4 and it is default as no power at delivery.
Parallel Port: Each HT/PB-3600 system is equipped with a parallel port
that supports SPP/EPP/ECP.
VGA Port: There is a VGA connector for connection of external
monitor with (BIOS setting )+ 12 V DC power supply included. It is
default as no power at delivery.
USB Ports: The HT/PB-3600 series is equipped with 5 USB type A
connectors for connection of USB (Universal Serial Bus) devices.
PS/2 KB Port: 1 PS/2 KB port
PS/2 Mouse Port: 1 mouse port
CR Port: Capable of controlling 2 cash drawers max.
PCI Slot: 1 PCI extension slot.
Modem Ring-Up, LAN Or Alarm Wake-Up: The HT/PB-3600 series
can be turned on automatically upon an incoming COM port Modem call
or LAN status or data packet received on LAN or a preset
+5V DC Power supply control of COM1/2/3/4 and + 12V DC VGA
port can be set up through BIOS setting.
Page 3
Note: These items below must be installed by the qualified technician.
Attempt to apply them by end users is either too difficult or is likely to cause
damages. Italic items below are stand alone peripheral devices.
Data Storage: SSD kit
Wireless LAN Adaptor(Optional and can be add by user):
USB interface, IEEE 802.11b/g
Preload OS: WinXP-Pro, POSReady 7, Win 7, DOS, WinCE 6.0.
Support CRT2 through internal interface for PB-3600.
Internal speaker(This must installed prior to delivery from factory)
UPS Battery: 2.3 AH 12V lead acid maintenance free battery
PCI Riser Card.
One 24 V & one 12V power USB port support through a daughter
board (When HT/PB series equipping with this Power USB kit the
power adaptor must be upgrade to 150W).
SD-300 for HT-3600.
When you receive the system box you will find it contains several items:
HT-3600 system unit with the 12.1” LCD panel integrated on top or
PB-3600 system unit without the cashier display panel.
User’s manual.
Recovery DVD for preloaded OS or Posiflex Product Information
DVD for driver utilities without OS.
Optional components installed to system unit as ordered.
Power adaptor and power cord.
Please do not connect the power adaptor or turn on the main unit until you
have fully read the installation guides and followed the instructions!!!
Applicable technical enhancements in HT/PB-3600 series include serial COM
port power supply settings, VGA port power supply setting and DRAM
upgrades. All these technical enhancement operations require purchase of
applicable Technical Manual from Posiflex or consultation from Posiflex
Page 4
authorized dealers and should be handled only by a qualified technician.
The HT/PB-3600 series is constructed for very easy maintenance. Press inward
both plastic buttons at lower rear corners on both sides of the system unit
(circled in right picture) to release the lower part of back cable cover. Please
note that there are 2 plastic hooks on top cover holding the back cable cover as
marked on upper part of the picture. Carefully release the back cable cover
from the hooks to show the main connection area.
Carelessly pressing on these 2 springs could cause damages. The user shall
be responsible for such kind of damage. For the HT-3600 system even the
maintenance technician must always put a piece of clean flat foam of sufficient
size in front of the system unit before pressing these 2 springs. The LCD and
touch panel may flip forward by gravity and get or cause damage by hitting
anything in front of the system
unit. For the PB-3600 system the
maintenance technician must Push This Button
always pay attention to always and also The One
on the Other Side
disconnect all power and cable
to Open Cable
connections before pressing the 2 Cover
springs and not to cause any
damage either in the top cover
opening operation after pressing
the 2 springs or by leaving or
spilling any improper materials
inside after the opening operation.
Note: Please DO NOT press the 2 springs on the metal walls as cross
marked in the picture.
When the wireless LAN option is ordered with the HT/PB-3600 system, this
option is already installed in the delivery inside the back cable cover with its
cable connected to one of the USB port. This cable must be disconnected
first if installed whenever the back cable cover is opened for any operation.
Page 5
When the HT/PB-3600 system
UPS Battery Compartment
is installed with the UPS battery (with
also an option of UPS function module),
the UPS battery is in the carton at
delivery. Please take it out and place it
in the battery compartment at center
upper part of the connection area
indicated as upper rectangle in picture at
right. Connect the cable to its connector
UPS Battery Connector
in the main connection area lower
rectangle in picture at right only when the system is about to power up for
operation. Always disconnect the UPS battery when the system is to be left
powered off for more than few days. Please pay particular attention to the
environment requirement for UPS battery in next chapter “USING THE
The PCI extension card is not pre installed; therefore, it is a possibility to add a
PCI extension card. However, the whole operation will involve cautiously
accessing the interior of the system, replacing the slot window metal plate,
applying the card.
LCD DISPLAY (for HT-3600 only)
Push down the round plastic button at rear of the display base as circled in
right picture to adjust the display up and down. Release the button when done
will lock the panel firmly for application.
Push inward
Pushing the rectangular shape plastic
to turn leftbutton to its right toward the base center
allows user to adjust the display
Push down to
horizontally for best view angle.
turn up-down
When the HT-3600 series is ordered with the 2nd display
monitor LM-2010 or when the LM-2010 is ordered for
PB-3600 to work as the primary monitor, the monitor will
be delivered in separate package from the system unit.
Please follow the Installation Guide in package of the
option. Then please open the system unit and set the
Page 6
+12V DC supply in the VGA connector under technical guidance from your
For HT/PB-3600 series, Posiflex provides customer pole
displays for terminal integration such as PD-2601/2601U
and PD-307/307U. Please follow the Installation Guide
in package of the options. The customer display will
occupy one USB or COM port in the connection area.
Consult your distributor for technical support on setting
up the +5V DC supply to the COM port used if the
customer display is of the serial interface type.
SIDE MOUNT UPGRADE KIT (SD-300 Option for HT series)
When a side-mount upgrade kit option SD300 is ordered with the HT-3600 system,
this option is already installed in the
delivery. No matter the kit it contains MSR
only, finger print sensor only or both options, the connection to
the HT-3600 system is one USB cable inserted to the extended
USB port at top right edge of the system unit as circled in the
upper picture at right.
After removing the plastic cover by pushing it side
way, the extended USB port can be found as marked
in the lower picture at right.
The USB cable from the optional side mount upgrade
kit SD-300 should be inserted in the cable hook on back of LCD panel as
circled in left picture.
Note 1: Please do not any connect / disconnect action when system is still
powered on. Please always keep the external power adaptor in a
free air circulation.
The operating system exists in the HDD which in the system unit. Once the
software system on HDD damaged, it is possible to restore the operating
system onto a physically intact HDD with use of the Recovery CD or DVD
that comes with the preloaded operating system. Please follow the instruction
from your system integrator for system / software restoration. Following
Page 7
instructions is for operating system recovery only if your system integrator
does not advise otherwise.
For the HT/PB-3600 system preloaded with Windows system on HDD,
Posiflex provides recovery DVD delivered with the hybrid terminal for the
preloaded operating system. The System Integrator shall take care of software
restoration after OS recovered. Use a USB interface external CDROM or DVD
COMBO drive for such action.
Please use the recovery DVD in rescue operation only. Using it otherwise
may wipe out whatever stored in the HDD! All upgrade devices drivers
needed for manual installation in usual way are available in the subfolder
“\drivers” in OS recovered HDD and the latest versions of these required
drivers will be available on our web: http://www.posiflex.com or
Now please follow instructions from your system integrator for software
recovery after OS recovery and driver installation.
This product is highly professionalized equipment. The installation of an OS
into a machine without any preloaded OS could constitute major difficulty for
average user who either has barely limited technical knowledge of this
professionalized equipment or is insufficiently equipped with necessary
facilities to accomplish such a task. Therefore, installation of an OS into a
system without preloaded OS is highly discouraged. Posiflex shall not be
responsible for any technical support to questions arisen due to non-preloaded
Page 8
This terminal must NOT be operated in an environment with restricted
ventilation. There must be at least 25 mm air clearance around any top or side
ventilation holes with a free flow of air around the unit at ALL times for the
Operating Environment
The equipment must not site in direct sunshine, near a heater or in a damp and
must be free from contaminants like dust, smoke or fume.
The equipment must not be operated or stored in extremes of both temperature
and humidity/moisture.
(Operating range 0°C to + 40°C and up to 80% relative humidity – non
condensing max. wet bulb 26°C)
Power Supply
The power cable, the power outlet and any power fusing arrangements must
conform to local safety regulations.
UPS Battery (option)
General care:
The UPS battery is consumable beyond product warranty. Please
definitely observe the alerts in beginning of this manual. If the equipment is to
be powered off for more than few days, please always disconnect the battery
from the system. Reconnect it and turn on the system to recharge the battery
for 1 ~ 2 hours every 3 months for temperature lower than 30°C. Recharge for
1 ~ 2 hours every month for temperature over 30°C. Temperature above 40°C
must be strictly avoided as it could cause termination of battery life and
unexpected result even if the battery is not in work. The UPS battery can
support basically the data preservation and smooth running of the system
during intermittent or few minutes (2 ~ 6 min. depending on loading and
battery condition) power failure if the UPS function module option is installed.
Battery replacement:
In the preloaded OS for a HT/PB-3600 series with UPS function
module option, there is a built in utility Posiflex
Power Switch Manager that will indicate the UPS
battery status of the battery. When an installed UPS
battery is found to be disabled or when pop up
warning message like this picture appears, please
Page 9
replace the used up UPS battery at power off as soon as possible.
Emergency treatment:
The battery is constructed maintenance free and leakproof. Its storage
space in HT/PB-3600 system also provides very good protection as long as the
ambient temperature remains below 30°C and the ventilation of the HT system
remains free. However, should any accident happen and the sulfuric acid from
the battery spills on skin or clothing, wash immediately with water. If the acid
comes in contact with eyes, rinse eyes with large amount of clean water and
see a doctor immediately. A larger external battery may be connected to give
an extended operation. Please check your dealer about this capability when
If there are any signs of over charging or leakage of electrolyte
please contact your dealer immediately
VGA Display Port
The VGA port in the HT/PB-3600 terminal supports a 12 volt DC power to the
external (secondary) monitor through the VGA signal cable after proper
internal setting change. This may cause permanent damage to any other
monitor not designed to use this facility. Please use only a Posiflex LM-2010
monitor designed for the HT system. Consult your dealer if you have any
doubt. It is strongly advised that connection/disconnection to this port should
never take place when system power is ON. The video memory shares from
the system memory. The video memory size shares system memory 128MB up.
Note: 12 volt DC power is available on pin 9 of the VGA connector and
can be available through BIOS setting.
Serial Port – COM1
Please always occupy COM1 serial port by a suitable serial device or this
terminator. If this port is left vacant or connected with something like a mouse,
the power switch management and the cash drawer control may fail to work
correctly. As well as an RS232 MODEM is not applicable to this port.
LED INDICATORS (for HT-3600 only)
On bottom rim center of HT-3600 system cashier LCD panel, there are 2 LED
indicators. The LED at right indicates the LAN status. When it lights up in
green, the onboard LAN chip is linked. When it flashes in yellow, data
transmission in LAN is in process. The LAN status indication is also
observable on the LAN connector in main connection area. The LED at left
Page 10
indicates Power/Stand-By status.
The HT/PB-3600 terminal implements electronic power control, such that the
main power to the system may be controlled by many methods as below:
1. Hardware power switch
2. Software OFF command
3. Automatic power ON control
4. Emergency power OFF
Hardware Power Switch
This button is located at bottom front corner of right side
as in right picture and can be used to turn the system on
and off alternatively. When this option is installed, this
hardware switch can also be programmed to be an ON
only switch through software command so that when this switch is accidentally
pressed during system turned on, the system just remains on and unaffected.
Software Off Command
The system may also be shut down under software control. Please just follow
the arrangement by your system integrator for this capability.
Automatic Power On Control
The system may also turn on according to some preset conditions such as
Modem Ring Up and LAN Wake Up. To utilize Modem Ring Up function,
please enter the CMOS setup by pressing “F2” key at system boot up, choose
for “Other Control” in “Power” and make the “Resume on Modem Ring” ON
for Modem Ring Up. Save the configuration and exit the CMOS setup program.
The Preset Power on Control will then be ready after a normal power off. For
LAN wakeup, an operating caller system connected through LAN to the
system is required. It also requires a qualified networking technician to check
the LAN chip ID of the HT/PB-3600 system for the caller system to wake it up.
When the HT/PB-3600 system is turned off after a successful boot up, the
preset automatic power on functions will keep monitoring for the preset
conditions and turn on the system when the preset conditions are met.
Please note that if the HT/PB-3600 system is improperly turned off before a
complete boot up procedure, the above preset power on control functions will
be disabled until next turning off after a complete boot up.
Page 11
Emergency Power Off
In case of serious system halt due to any reason, the system could fail to be
powered off through normal means. Press and hold the Power ON/OFF Switch
for Emergency Power Off. Release the switch after the system powered off. It
will take about 10 seconds.
Mechanical Adjustments
The 12.1” LCD color display is integrated on display platform to give the
operator the clearest view. The inclined angle of the display may be adjusted
from 15° to 50° and rotated from straight forward to 16° to the left.
Display Controls
On lower left edge of back of the LCD panel there is a
plastic wheel knob as circled in the picture at right. Please
turn this knob up or down changes the brightness of screen
display accordingly.
Display Utility Driver
The end user of the HT-3600 terminals is not supposed to install the utility
drivers personally. If an optional preloaded OS is ordered, the required driver
will be already installed in the preloaded OS. However, the driver will always
be available over our web site: http://www.posiflex.com
Touch Function
Mouse emulation
The touch panel in HT-3600 system works like a standard mouse within the
(primary) screen display area when its driver is properly installed. However, if
the system is running under safe mode due to a previous improper shutdown or
for any other reason, most drivers are disabled in this mode and the touch
panel calibration may not coincide with the mouse pointer or even completely
out of work. It is recommended to use an USB mouse or USB keyboard in
safe mode.
All the below mentioned mouse emulation functions in the primary display
area can be manipulated through relevant software. The system can give a beep
when the touch panel is touched and can respond as if the left button of a
mouse is clicked at the point touched. If the point touched is dragged across
the screen surface, it can respond as if it is using the mouse drag and drop
feature. If the point is touched, released and touched within a short time
Page 12
interval, it will simulate double-clicking left button of the mouse.
Touch terminal manager
Before using the resistive type touch control panel, dual-touch function can be
apply if you connect any Posiflex USB controlled touch monitor to the VGA
port of HT-3600 system for extended secondary display application.
A program named “Posiflex Touch Terminal Manager” is installed in the
preloaded Windows system for the user to maneuver versatile features of the
touch terminal with a touch panel controller. This program can also be
obtained by download from the POSIFLEX web site http://www.posiflex.com .
Conversely, the installation process of this driver for Windows system requires
some careful attention to the notice messages.
With proper setup and selection on control items in “Posiflex Touch Terminal
Manager”, a drawing representing a 2-button mouse will appear on the desktop.
Touch the right button in this drawing. Any touch on the screen after this
action will result in a right button mouse click at the point touched. After
touching the left button in this drawing the screen touch will resume the left
button function. This program also controls the beep generated when the touch
panel is touched, the detail in right button click emulation, and also provides
touch panel re-calibration. In principal, the touch panel requires no further
calibration once properly set.
USB touch manager
A program named “Posiflex USB Touch Manager” and a right-click sticky
button tool in the program group “Posiflex USB Touch Tools” is installed in
the preloaded Windows system if a USB interface touch panel controller is
The optional customer display mounted on a pole at rear corner of HT/PB3600 system can be turned horizontally or vertically for best viewing effect in
There are 5 standard USB connectors in the rear I/O plate. All support the
Universal Serial Bus Specification standard 2.0 and also 1.1. If for any reason
these ports has to be limited as USB 1.1 only, please enter BIOS setup and go
to “Integrated Peripherals” then “Onboard Device” and disable the item “USB
2.0 Controller” and enable it back afterwards.
Page 13
To keep this equipment in orderly service, following maintenance should be
performed on a regular basis.
Removing Front Cover
Please first remove any power and signal connection to this equipment. Please
then check at the bottom side
Front Cover
of the chassis that there is a
gap between the bottom side
of front cover and the chassis
at the left corner of front
Chassis Bottom
cover. Pull the front cover
out from this opening toView
release the left side hook of front cover from the
chassis as indicated by the hollow arrow in the right picture.
Please then pull the bottom side of front cover forward to
release the bottom hooks of front cover from the chassis as
indicated by hollow arrow in left picture.
Now pull the left side of front cover down a little to free it
from the main cover as in the pictures below.
It may be required to push the power switch down to completely remove
the front cover.
Power Switch
Page 14
Cleaning for Front Ventilation
Use vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or threads accumulation away from
both the ventilation holes on front cover and ventilation grids on chassis
exposed after removal of the front cover.
Front Ventilation Grids on Chassis
Ventilation Holes on Front Cover
Replacing Front Cover
Follow the opposite procedure as removing the front cover to replace the front
cover in position. Please make sure the all hooks on front cover is well
positioned into chassis. Please remember to check that the power switch is at
“Off” position before power and signal connection.
Accessing Side Ventilation Grids
The operation to further clean the side ventilation grids requires much more
highly technical maneuver. Therefore careful attentions must be taken
throughout the further cleaning operations below. When the main unit is
opened, there must be no liquid spill, no electro-conductive material, no
electric charged device come into the area of the main unit. Please also note
that not to touch any component or cable inside.
Please first disconnect every cable from
the main unit and for the HT-3600 turn
the LCD panel to straight up position.
Prepare enough space in front of the
HT/PB-3600 system and lay a piece of Push The
clean soft clothes of appropriate size Spring
there to prevent damage. With the back Buttons on
Both Sides
cable cover opened, push in the circled and Raise The
spring button in the right picture on both Rear Part of
sides of chassis and raise the rear edge Top Cover
of the top cover. Apply some mild
Page 15
maneuver if there is already a pole display mounted.
Cleaning for Side Ventilation
Use vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or threads accumulation away from
outsides of both ventilation grids on chassis exposed after removal of the front
cover as in pictures below and close back the top cover when done.
Grids on
Page 16
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