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Avtec EWD Spec Sheet
Utility Distribution System
Available for Electrical, Gas, Steam
and Kettle/Braising Pan Integral
Arm Usage
Utility Raceways E Series model EWD
The E-series Raceway is a bus bar Utility Distribution System
comprised of a stainless steel sheet metal housing enclosing
electrical and plumbing services that provide connections
for individual appliances. Raceways with plumbing services
are Listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as Commercial
Appliance Outlet Centers. Raceways with only electrical
services are Listed by UL as Multi-outlet Assemblies. These
raceways are intended primarily for use behind a cooking
battery, or cooking appliance line-up. Individual Point-of-use
connection plates are located on the bottom along the length
of the raceway.
Dimensions: Horizontal Chase Width: 6” [generally for plumbing services less than 2” NPT] or 8” [generally for plumbing services 2” NPT or greater], Height: 18” – 36” plus 3-8” peaked top, Length: as required. Service Towers Width: 6-12” Height:
Finished Floor to Exhaust Hood or Finished Ceiling, Length: 18” Nominal to 42” Nominal. Intermediate Pedestals Width: 5-8”
Height: Finished Floor to bottom of Horizontal Chase, Length: 10”. Construction: 300-series Stainless Steel. Removable panels
held in place with threaded fasteners. Electrical Data: 50 to 1000 amperes. 120/208-240 volt to 480 volts. Single- or threephase. (600 volt maximum). Water: 150 psig & 140° F (60° C) maximum. Steam: 150 psig & 289° F (143° C) maximum. Gas
(Natural gas or LP): 1.25 psig.
Standard Features:
Optional Accessories:
• Point-of-use branch circuit protection • Quarter-turn shut-off valves on
all individual connections
with receptacle or flexible metal
• Receptacle or flexible metal conduit
conduit (pigtail) mounted adjacent to
(pigtail) mounted on 5x9”
Point-of-use branch circuit protection
connection plate adjacent to pointon 5x9” connection plate
of-use branch circuit protection
• Ground fault circuit interrupter for
• 2” High collar at top of service
15 & 20 amp, 120/1, straight blade
tower allows ±1/2” vertical
adjustment to compensate for floor
• Copper hot and cold water supply
and/or exhaust hood mounting
lines, if required
• Black iron gas supply line, if required
• Hinged cover
• Black iron steam supply and
• Condensate purging system
condensate return lines, if required
Please reference our website for the most
updated product information and specifications.
Avtec Utility Raceways
PP SPEC1048 Rev. A
Revised 11/07
Model EWD
Optional Accessories:
Ground fault equipment protection
Main electrical service circuit
breaker with shunt trip
Remote status indicator lights
dual-colored LED indicates whether
point-of-use branch circuit breaker is
on (green) or off (red)
Dual-colored circuit breaker indicator
light (LED) on individual point-of-use
connection plates
Quick-disconnect fittings for individual
gas connections
Quick-disconnect fittings for individual
water connections in addition to
quarter-turn shut-off valves for
movable appliances
Vent light switch in service tower
Vent light switch with circuit breaker
in service tower(s)
Duplex convenience outlet in service
Ventilation system control panel
24-Hour timer for remotely located,
motorized shut-off valve on steam
Gas delay reset (GDRI)
Top & Side Views
120 V AC fire-fuel shut-off solenoid
valve(s) for gas supply. 1 1/2” And
smaller located in service tower(s)
(2” and larger are remotely located)
Fire-fuel shunt trip on individual pointof-use circuit breakers
Temperature/pressure gauge at water
incoming service location
Gas delay reset (GDRIIB)
24V DC gas solenoid in lieu of 120V AC
Security package (includes):
• exposed fasteners to be tamperresistant, pin-in-head torx-head,
shipped loose and installed in field
• hinged doors equipped with eye for
customer-supplied padlock
Stainless steel “clean steam” supply
and return lines
Dormer or tower mounted faucet
or pot filler
Dormer mounted point-of-use
connection plate
Individual branch circuit protection
(circuit breakers) located on 5x9”
connection plates in control tower at
end of raceway. Receptacles or pigtail
located on 5x9” connection plates
located along the length of
the raceway. Vertical tower mounted
bus bar distribution.
Filtered water system
Kettle/Braising Pan
Arm Accessories:
Manual water filling stations-single
or double jointed swing faucet, or pot
filler. Hot water, cold water, or mixed
water available. ½” Or ¾” NPT
Electronic water meter-includes switch
to allow unregulated water flow
Manual steam control
Electric steam control
Electric cook/off/chill control
Cooking timer
Front, Top & Side Views
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