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Power Soak Stainless Steel Powered Utensil Basket Spec Sheet
The Power Soak Utensil Basket is 5.5”W x 27”L x 10”D. Its
actual wash volume is 1,485 cubic inches and is used to
accommodate and wash large utensils and odd items that
would be difficult to recover from the larger, deeper wash
sink. The Utensil Basket weighs 11.5 pounds and is fabricated from 18 gauge, type 304 stainless steel.
Previously specified wire rod handles have been eliminated.
The improved handles are designed with a lower profile for
easier transfer of items between sections of the system. The
integrated handles improve ergonomics and comfort of use.
Further, the one piece design increases structural integrity
and reduces welding and polishing, which helps keep costs
Enhanced Results
The basket opens to the face of one jet, capturing the discharge of the jet and creating a separate powered
wash section for the utensils. This improved basket spans the entire tank from front to back, using all of the
available space and leaving no “dead” spots or voids in the main wash tank that could catch other wares in
the wash tank and interrupt wash action.
Overflow slots have been added and enlarged to allow for constant recirculation of wash water in the utensil
basket, which keeps the wash water refreshed and eliminates excessive foam build-up within the utensil basket.
The Power Soak Utensil basket is
perfect for spoons, spatulas, tongs,
and any and all plastic and wooden
kitchen utensils.
Knifes and other sharp objects should
not be placed in the utensil basket or
main wash tank area.
Power Soak Systems, Inc.
903 East 104th Street
Kansas City, MO 64131
Power Soak is a registered trademark of Cantrell Industries, Inc.
The Power Soak design and concept is fully patented.
Utensil Basket Technical Bulletin
A version is also available for narrow (30” front-to-back)
Power Soak systems. The weight on that version is approximately 9.75 pounds and the Length is 23” vs. 27”. Its actual
wash volume is 1,262 cubic inches.
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