Alcatel POP 4 User manual

Alcatel POP 4 User manual



Power key Volume up/down

1 English - CJB1FQ1ALAAA

 Charging the battery.

 Removing or installing the back cover.


  Installing or removing the Nano SIM card (only for 5051J).

Installing or removing the SIM card.

 Inserting or removing the microSD card.

User guide and FAQ are available online


1 Home screen .........................

You can move all of the items (applications, shortcuts, folders and widgets) you use most frequently to your Home screen for quick access. Touch the


key to switch to the Home screen.

Status bar •

Status/Notification indicators

Touch and drag down to open the notification panel.

Search bar •

Touch  to enter text search screen.

Touch  to enter voice search screen.

Touch an icon to open an application, folder, etc.

Favourite tray applications •

Touch to enter the application.

Long press to move or change applications.

Touch to enter application list.

The Home screen is provided in an extended format to allow more space for adding applications, shortcuts etc. Slide the Home screen horizontally left and right to get a complete view.


Status bar

From the status bar, you can see both phone status (to the right side) and notification information (to the left side). Touch and drag down the Status bar to open the Quick settings panel or Notification panel. Touch and drag up to close it. When there are notifications, you can touch them to access notifications directly.


Notification panel

When there are notifications, touch and drag down the Status bar to open the Notification panel to read more detailed information.

Touch to switch to the Quick settings panel.

Touch to clear all event–based notifications (other ongoing notifications will remain).

Quick settings panel

Touch and drag down the Notification panel or touch Quick settings panel. You can enable or disable functions or change modes by touching the icons.

to open the Touch to enter user screen.

Touch to access


, where you can set more items.


2 Phone call .........................


Placing a call

To make a call when the phone is active, go to the Home screen and touch the Phone icon in the Favourites tray.

Slide to access the





Touch to display keyboard.

Display the suggested number(s).

Long press to access voicemail.

Enter the desired number from the keyboard directly and touch place the call or select a contact from or tabs, then choose your target SIM card to make the call. to by sliding or touching The number you entered can be saved to


by touching and then touching

Create new contact


If you make a mistake, you can delete the incorrect digits by touching .

To hang up a call, touch .



Answering or rejecting a call

When you receive a call:

Slide the icon to the right to answer;

Slide the

Slide the message.

icon to the left to reject; icon upwards to reject the call by sending a preset To mute the ringtone volume of an incoming call, press the

Volume up/down

key or turn the phone over (when the

Settings\Gestures\ Turn over to mute

option is activated).


Consulting your call history

You can access your call memory by touching from the


screen to see missed calls, outgoing calls and incoming calls.


3 Contacts ............................

You can see and create contacts on your phone and synchronise these with your Gmail contacts or other applications on the web or on your phone.


Adding a contact

Touch from applications list, then touch the contacts list to create a new contact.

icon in the


Synchronising contacts in multiple accounts

Contacts, data or other information can be synchronised from multiple accounts, depending on the applications installed on your phone.

4 Messaging .........................

You can create, edit and receive SMS and MMS with this phone.

To open your Messaging, go to the Home screen and touch the Messaging icon in the Favourites tray.

To check messages stored in your SIM card, touch the icon from the Messaging screen, then touch

Settings\ ADVANCE\Text message (SMS)\Manage SIM card messages




Write message

On the message list screen, touch the new message icon to write text/multimedia messages.

Touch to see the whole message thread.

Long press to activate delete mode.

Touch to create a new message.

Sending a text message

Enter the mobile phone number of the recipient in the


bar or touch to add recipients and touch the

Send message

bar to enter the text of the message. Touch the finished, touch icon to insert emotions or icons. When to send the text message. An SMS of more than 160 characters will be charged as several SMS. Specific letters (accent) will also increase the size of the SMS. This may cause multiple SMS to be sent to your recipient.

Sending a multimedia message

MMS enables you to send video clips, images, photos, animations, slides, and sounds to other compatible phones and email addresses.

An SMS will be converted to MMS automatically when media files (image, video, audio, slides, etc.) are attached or Subject or email addresses added.


5 Gmail ..................................

As the Google›s web-based email service, Gmail is configured when you first set up your phone. Gmail on your phone can be automatically synchronised with your Gmail account on the web. With this application, you can receive and send mails, manage mails by labels, and archive mails, etc.

To open Gmail

From the Home screen, touch the


icon tray.

in the Favourites Gmail displays messages and conversations from one single Gmail account at a time. If you own more than one account, you can add an account by touching the icon and then after your account name from the Inbox screen, then touch account you want to view.

Add account

. When finished, you can switch to another account by touching the name of the

To create and send emails

1 Touch from the Inbox screen.

2 Enter the recipient(s)’s email address in


field. 3 If necessary, touch the

Add Cc/Bcc

menu icon a blind copy to the message.

to add a copy or 4 Enter the subject and the content of the message.

5 Touch icon and select

Attach file

to add an attachment.

6 Finally, touch the icon to send. 7 If you do not want to send the mail out right away, you can touch the icon and then labels, then select

Save draft Drafts


or touch the


key to save a copy. To view the draft, touch your account name to display all 9

6 Getting connected ...............

To connect to the Internet with this phone, you can use GPRS/ EDGE/3G/4G networks or Wi-Fi, whichever is most convenient.


Connecting to the Internet


3G, 4G.


The first time you turn on your phone with your SIM card inserted, it will automatically configure your network service: GPRS, EDGE, To check the network connection you are using, touch

Settings\ More...\Mobile networks

, and touch

Access Point Names


Network operators




Using Wi-Fi, you can connect to the Internet when your phone is within range of a wireless network. Wi-Fi can be used on your phone even without a SIM card inserted.

To turn Wi-Fi on and connect to a wireless network •




Touch the switch to turn on/off Wi-Fi.

The detailed information of detected Wi-Fi networks is displayed in the Wi-Fi networks section.

Touch a Wi-Fi network to connect. If the network you selected is secured, you will need to enter a password or other credentials (you can contact the network operator for details). When finished, touch




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