Chicco Close to You™ Bassinet, Close to You Bassinet User manual

Chicco Close to You™ Bassinet, Close to You Bassinet User manual

Read all instructions BEFORE assembly and USE of product. KEEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE USE.


3 in 1 Bedside Bassinet

Owner's Manual

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2 Failure to follow these warnings and the instructions could result in serious injury or death. For your child's safety, read the labels and owner's manual before using the product.



• SUFFOCATION HAZARD - Infants have suffocated: • In gaps between extra padding and side of the bassinet, and • On soft bedding.

• Use ONLY the pad provided by Chicco. Never add a pillow, comforter, or another mattress for padding.

• If a sheet is used with the pad, use only a fitted sheet specifically designed to fit snug with at least 2” (5cm) under all sides of the pad.

• Strings and cords can cause strangulation! DO NOT place items with a string around child’s neck such as hood strings, pacifier cords,etc.

• DO NOT suspend strings over the product or attach strings to toys.

• DO NOT place the product near a window where cords from blinds or drapes can strangle a child.

• FALL HAZARD - To help prevent falls, do not use the bassinet when the infant begins to push up on hands and knees or has reached 20lbs (9kg), whichever comes first.

• ALWAYS engage the brake before placing child in the product.

• DO NOT use this product to transport child from room to room.

• DO NOT carry bassinet with child in it.

• Be sure both sides are locked in position whenever child is in product.

• Before use, remove and dispose of all plastic bags and packaging materials and keep them out of reach of children.

• Do not use accessories, spare parts, or any component not supplied or approved by Chicco as they may make the product unsafe.

• Keep product away from stoves, heaters, fireplaces and other hazards which can cause injury to your child.

• To reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), pediatricians recommend healthy infants be placed on their back to sleep unless otherwise advised by your physician.

• DO NOT place more than one child in bassinet.

• Never use this product if there are any loose or missing fasteners, loose joints, broken parts, or torn mesh/ fabric. Check periodically during use. Contact Chicco for replacement parts and instruction if needed. Never substitute parts.




Parts List

A. - Base B. - Front Legs (long) C. - Rear Legs (short)







Parts List

D. - Base Cover E. - Bassinet Support F. - Bassinet G. - Mattress

How to Assemble the Bedside Bassinet


of children to avoid the danger of suffocation. Failure to follow these warnings and instructions could result in serious injury or death. This product requires adult assembly. Make sure all latches are locked and secure before use.



How to Assemble the Bedside Bassinet 1 A “CLICK!” “CLICK!”

1A. Attach a Front Leg (long) (B)to base as shown, then attach other Front Leg. Pull on both Front Legs to make sure they are secure.

Note: Each leg will only fit to the correct attachment post.

1 B How to Assemble the Bedside Bassinet “CLICK!” “CLICK!”

1B. Attach a Rear Leg (short) (C ) to base as shown, then attach other Rear Leg. Pull on both Rear Legs to make sure they are secure.


2 A How to Assemble the Bedside Bassinet 3 How to Assemble the Bedside Bassinet

3. Locate the large square openings on the front side (with the longer legs) of the base, insert the Bassinet Support into the Base, as shown. Pull on the Bassinet Support to make sure it is secure.


2 B “CLICK!”

2A. Line up the tab on the base to the cutout on the Base Cover. Slide the Base Cover onto the Base. Make sure that the Chicco logo is on the same side as the Front Legs (Long), as shown. 2B. Push down on the Base Cover until it clicks into place.




4 A How to Assemble the Bedside Bassinet 1 2 3 Bottom Bassinet View

4A. Locate the three openings on bottom of the Bassinet and the 3 metal pins on top of the Base. Make sure that the openings a, b, c and pins 1, 2, 3 are going in the correct direction, as shown.

IMPORTANT: Make sure brake handle is up (brake on) before attempting to connect to the base.

a b c 4 B

4B. Place the Bassinet onto the Base. Make sure to line up the Bassinet to the Bassinet Support and the three metal pins on the Base.

5 How to Assemble the Bedside Bassinet “CLICK!”

5. Lock the Bassinet onto the Base. Turn the four (4) locks on the bottom of the Bassinet in the direction of the arrow until they click into place and cover the end of the Bassinet Support. Check that Bassinet is secured to the Base.



6 A How to Assemble the Bedside Bassinet

6A. Remove the Handle Label before raising the sides.


Keep this handle upright until all


6B. Raise the sides of the Bedside Bassinet. Pull up on the top rail making sure that both ends of the top rail are locked in place.

7 How to Assemble the Bedside Bassinet

7. Lock the top rail latches. Press in on the button, as shown until the Locked image is fully visible. Repeat for the other side.

6 C

6C. To check, push down firmly on Top Rail to make sure both sides are engaged and secure.



How to Assemble the Bedside Bassinet



to push up on hands and knees or weighs over 20lbs. (9kg), whichever comes


8. Insert the mattress into the Bassinet, as shown. Make sure the fabric flaps are tucked flat under the Mattress before use. Check that the mattress is flat after inserting.

9 A Using the Bedside Bassinet

9A. To raise the Bassinet, pull up on the Bassinet, as shown. After reach ing desired height, push down on the Bassinet to make sure it is secure.

9 B

9B. To lower the Bassinet, locate both levers on the back of the Bassinet. Squeeze on the levers and lower the Bassinet down to desired height. Release both levers to lock the Bassinet into position. Push on the Bassinet to make sure it is secure.



10 Using the Bedside Bassinet

10. To move the Bassinet, unlock the brake. Rotate the handle down, as shown until the UNLOCKED image is fully visible. When the brake is unlocked push or pull the Bassinet to the desired location. Rotate the handle up to engage the brake.


11 A Bedside Bassinet Mode

11A. To use in the Bedside Bassinet Mode. Raise the Bassinet above the top edge of the mattress and unlock the brake. Move the Bassinet over the mattress and up to the side of the bed. Adjust the Bassinet down until the front bottom edge of the Bassinet is slightly above the top of the mattress. Note: Minimum clearence between the bottom edge of the bed and the Floor is 5 inches.

11B.Check to make sure the Bassinet Bottom is not snug against the mattress top. Make sure that you can move your hand through the gap created by the bottom of the Bassinet and mattress, as shown. Engage the brake.

11 B



Bassinet Mode 12


DO NOT use this product to transport child from room to room.

12. To use in the Bassinet Mode. Move the Bassinet to your preferred location and engage the brake. Adjust the Bassinet to the desired height.

Changing Table Warnings


FALL HAZARD : Children have suffered serious injuries after falling from

changing tables. Falls can happen quickly.

• STAY within arm's reach of your child.

• ALWAYS lock the brake before using the changing table. See Step 10.

SUFFOCATION HAZARD: Babies have suffocated while sleeping on changing

tables. Changing table is not designed for safe sleep.

• NEVER allow baby to sleep on changing table.

• Stop using the changing table when your child reaches 35 lbs (15.9 kg).

• Do not use changing unit if it is damaged or broken.



13 B 13 A Changing Table Mode

13A. Unlock both top rail latches. Squeeze both latch buttons and push down to lower the top rail, as shown in 13B.

14 Changing Table Mode

14. Flip over the Mattress and re-insert it into the bottom of the Bassinet.



15 Changing Table Mode

15. Flip up all 4 flaps to create an area to change your child. Then adjust to your desired height (refer to Step 9). Make sure the locking handle is rotated up, to engage the brake. To move the Changing Table, refer to Step 10.

16 A Softgoods Removal

16A. To remove the fabric, make sure the side rails are raised. On one end, pull out the fabric tab tucked into the Bassinet base. Repeat for the other side.

16 B

16B.Undo all 4 zippers, 2 on each side, as shown.



16 C Softgoods Removal

16C. Guide the fabric up and around the latch button area. Repeat for the other end and remove the fabric from the Bassinet frame.

16 D Softgoods Removal

16D. Mattress cover can be washed, by removing the pad from the mat tress cover. Undo the zipper and pull out the Mattress Pad. Reverse this step to insert the Mattress Pad into the mattress cover.



17 A 17 B Softgoods Removal

17A. To re-attaching the fabric, make sure the logo faces the brake lock handle. Pull the edges of the fabric around the top rails. On one end of the fabric, tuck the fabric opening around the latch button area, and repeat for the other side.

17B. Redo all 4 zippers (2 on each side) and tuck the zipper ends behind the fabric.

Cleaning and Maintenance

This product requires regular maintenance. The cleaning and maintenance of the Bassinet must only be carried out by an adult.


Fabric parts of the product may be machine washed separately in cold water and mild soap on delicate cycle. No bleach. Drip dry.

Periodically wipe clean plastic parts with a soft damp cloth. Always dry the metal parts to prevent the formation of rust if the bassinet has come into contact with water.


Periodically check the bassinet for loose screws, worn parts, torn material or stitching. Replace or repair the parts as needed. Use only Chicco replacement parts. Keep the bassinet in a dry place. If bassinet becomes wet open bassinet and allow to dry completely. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause the fabric to fade and plastic parts to warp.

17 C

17C. Tuck the fabric tabs into the groove in the bassinet base. Follow Step 16A to Step 16C in reverse.



For More Information

If you have any questions or comments about this product, or are missing any of the parts please do not return this product to the store. Contact us in one of the following ways: (877)-424-4226 @ [email protected]

1826 William Penn Way Lancaster, PA 17601

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