JL Audio | VX600/2i | Owner's Manual | JL Audio VX600/2i Mobile Amplifier Owner's Manual

JL Audio VX600/2i Mobile Amplifier Owner's Manual
Thank you for purchasing a JL Audio amplifier for your sound system.
Your amplifier has been designed and manufactured to exacting
standards in order to ensure years of musical enjoyment. For maximum
performance, we highly recommend that you have your new amplifier
installed by an authorized JL Audio dealer. Your authorized dealer has
the training, expertise and installation equipment to ensure optimum
performance from this product. Should you decide to install the amplifier
yourself, please take the time to read this manual thoroughly to familiarize
yourself with its installation requirements and setup procedures.
If you have any questions regarding the instructions in this manual or any
aspect of your amplifier’s operation, please contact your authorized JL
Audio dealer for assistance. If you need further assistance, please contact
the JL Audio Technical Support Department at technical@jlaudio.com or
call (954) 443–1100 during business hours.
600W Full-Range 2-Channel Class D Amplifier
with Integrated DSP
Installation Applications
This amplifier is designed for operation with 12 volt, negativeground electrical systems. Using this product in systems with positive
ground and/or voltages other than 12V may result in damage to the
product and will void the warranty. This product is not certified or
approved for use in aircraft.
Product Description
This is a two-channel, full-range Class D amplifier equipped with the
second generation of JL Audio’s NexD2™ high-speed switching technology.
It is engineered to deliver reference-grade audio amplification with
outstanding efficiency and unprecedented, built-in processing power.
Instead of traditional analog processing controlled by knobs and switches,
VXi amplifiers feature an integrated DSP (Digital Signal Processor). The
amplifier and its integrated DSP are configured using an external device
(PC, Tablet or Phone), with the appropriate JL Audio TüN™ application
installed. (See What is TüN? section for more info.)
Planning Your Installation
It is important that you take the time to read this manual thoroughly
and that you plan your installation carefully. It is very easy to damage
expensive vehicle systems in modern automobiles. Never assume that you
have found appropriate wires without consulting a reliable wiring diagram
or without analyzing with proper test equipment. If you are uncomfortable
or unfamiliar with reading diagrams or testing methods, please enlist the
services of your authorized JL Audio dealer to perform the installation.
Your authorized dealer has the training, expertise and installation
equipment to ensure optimum performance from this product. The
following are some considerations that you must take into account when
planning your installation.
Safety Considerations
• Install your amplifier in a dry, well-ventilated location that
does not interfere with your vehicle’s safety equipment
(air bags, seat belt systems, ABS brake systems, etc.).
• Do not mount the amplifier in the engine
compartment or in any areas of extreme heat.
• Securely mount the amplifier so that it does not come
loose in the event of a collision/sudden jolt or as a result
of repeated vibrations during normal operation.
• Check before drilling to make sure that you will not be drilling into
a fuel tank, gas/brake line, wiring harness, or other vital system.
• Do not run system wiring outside or underneath the
vehicle/vessel. This is an extremely dangerous practice,
which can result in severe damage/injury.
• Take the necessary precautions when making
connections to the vehicle’s battery.
• Protect all system wires from sharp edges by carefully routing them,
tying them down and using grommets and loom where appropriate.
• Secure all wiring as needed, using cable ties or wire clamps
to protect them from moving parts and sharp edges.
Cooling Efficiency Considerations
The outer shell of your JL Audio amplifier is designed to remove heat
from the amplifier circuitry. For optimum cooling performance, this outer
shell should be exposed to as large a volume of air as possible. Enclosing
the amplifier in a small, poorly ventilated chamber can lead to excessive
heat build-up and degraded performance. If an installation calls for an
enclosure around the amplifier, we recommend that this enclosure be
ventilated with the aid of a fan. In normal applications, fan-cooling is not
necessary. If mounting the amplifier under a seat, make sure there is at
least 1 inch (2.5 cm) of space above the amplifier’s outer shell to permit
proper cooling.
What is Included
(1) Amplifier
(1) Analog Input/Pre-Out Harness
(1) JL Audio Badge
(1) USB A/B Cable (6 ft./1.8 m)
(2) Black Hex Cap Machine Screws
(2) Silver Thumbscrews
(1) Connection Guide
(1) Power Connector
(1) Speaker Output Harness
(4) Corner Caps
(1) Corner Cap Tool
(1) 2.5 mm Hex Wrench
(1) 3 mm Hex Wrench
JL Audio Badge
To complement the amplifier’s mounting orientation, the logo badge
includes a recessed key feature allowing it to be affixed at 90 degree
increments on the amplifier’s top. To install, remove the adhesive backing
and press the badge at the desired orientation.
Power Connector
T he VX600/2i’s “+12 VDC” and “Ground” connections are designed to
accept 4 AWG copper wire. Note: Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) wire is not
recommended. 4 AWG is the required copper wire size for this amplifier.
8.72 in
222 mm
6.62 in
168 mm
5.53 in
141 mm
Run copper wire from the positive (+12V) battery post to the amplifier mounting location. If additional amplifiers are being installed, run
the appropriate gauge copper wire for the combined, maximum current draw, and install a fused distribution block near the amplifiers.
An appropriate fuse (sold separately) at the main power wire(s) is
vital for vehicle safety. This fuse must be installed within 18 inches
(45 cm) of the battery post connection. If this is the only device connected to this main wire, use a 50 A fuse. Do not install the fuse until
the power wire has been securely connected to the amplifier.
The ground connection should be made to a clean, solid metal
grounding point using copper wire, and kept as short as possible.
The metal surface of the grounding point should be sanded to create
a clean, metal-to-metal connection. For optimal grounding, we
recommend using a JL Audio ECS master ground lug (XB-MGLU). All
ground connections (source unit and amplifiers) should be made
at the same location.
The remote connection should be made to the source unit’s positive
(+12V) remote turn-on output. If your source unit does not have a
dedicated remote turn-on output, consider one of the alternative
turn-on options. (See Turn-On Mode section for more info.)
Analog Input/Pre-Out Harness
The Analog Input Harness accepts the following connections:
Line-Level Analog Inputs: Two female RCA jacks feed a differentialbalanced input section, providing a high degree of input flexibility, and
retaining superior noise rejection. This type of input architecture also
allows the VX600/2i to cleanly accept any analog audio signal up to 16
VRMS, without using a line-output converter.
9.81 in
250 mm
Preamp Outputs: Two female, RCA jacks deliver line-level, analog audio
outputs (Max 4 V RMS) that are compatible with most types of aftermarket
equipment. These are configured with the TüN™ Software Interface.
Remote: This connection provides a positive (+12V) turn-on voltage
(475 mA limit) to activate other aftermarket equipment (similar to an
aftermarket head unit’s remote turn-on lead).
2.12 in
54 mm
Valet: When connected to negative ground, this connection activates the
Valet Mode Preset and will remain active until the ground connection is
removed. This preset is configured using the TüN™ Software Interface and
will override any DRC controlled preset.
Corner Cap Installation and Removal
The corner caps are designed to conceal the amplifier’s mounting holes
and hardware. To install, simply press a corner cap into each mounting
hole. To avoid scratching the amplifier’s chassis during removal, use the
included, plastic corner cap tool and lift below each cap.
Making Connections
VXi amplifiers utilize removable plugs and harnesses to make the
following connections:
• Power Connector
To connect the power, ground and remote turn-on wires to the amplifier,
back out the set screws on the connector using the supplied hex
wrenches. Strip back 3/8 inch (10 mm) of insulation from the end of each
wire and insert the bare wire into the receptacle on the power connector
plug, seating it firmly so that no bare wire is exposed. While holding each
wire in place, tighten each set screw firmly, taking care not to strip the
head of the screw. Install the power connector by plugging it into the
amplifier’s power connector receptacle, pushing firmly.
nalog Input/Pre-Out Harness
This harness includes connections for Signal Input (RCA plugs), Preamp
Outputs (RCA plugs), Remote Turn-On Output (wire lead) and Valet Input
(wire lead). Select either the included black hex cap machine screws or
the silver thumbscrews to secure the Analog Input Harness connector to
the amplifier.
• Speaker Output Harness
This harness includes output wire leads to connect with speaker cables.
Turn-On Mode
VXi amplifiers can be switched on and off using one of three methods,
configured by the “Turn On Mode” setting in the TüN™ Software Interface.
Refer to the table below for detailed info and decide which option is best
suited for your specific system.
DC Offset
Turn-on/off controlled by your
source unit.
Automatically turns on by
detecting the presence of small
DC signal in OEM audio outputs
and turns off (within 5 minutes)
after the signal is removed.
Automatically turns on by detecting
full-range OEM audio signals and
turns off (within 5 minutes) after
the signal is removed (varies,
depending on input signal levels).
Connect your source unit’s
+12V remote turn-on output to
the Power Connector’s Remote
Turn-On Input connection.
This circuit senses the Analog
Input 1 only. Note: The sensitivity
of this circuit is designed for
high-level (speaker level) signals,
not for low-level (preamp level)
signals. Make sure the OEM
audio outputs contain midrange
Speaker Output Harness
Connect the speaker output leads to the corresponding speaker wires.
Connect optional accessories (VXi-BTC, VXi-HUB, etc.) to this port.
Connect optional DRC (Digital Remote Controller) wired controllers
to this port.
SD + Reset
Lift the dust cover to access the following utility functions:
Reset Buttons: Use a small pin to perform the following:
Reboot Amp - Press and release the right button.
Factory Reset (wipe memory, reboot amp) - Press and hold the left
button for 7 seconds.
Micro SD Slot: For service/future expansion.
This USB A/B port permits connection to a computer for configuration
and tuning, using the TüN™ Software.
Toslink port accepts 2-channel digital audio signal from any optical
(S/PDIF) digital output, with a sample rate up to 192 kHz.
Provides a digital audio output (24 bit/96 kHz) that is not susceptible to
RF interference or noise-generating electrical conditions. By default, this
is a pass-through audio output, with no signal processing applied, and
intended for use with other equipment that have an optical (Toslink)
digital audio input (S/PDIF) port. Using the TüN™ Software Interface, you
may configure this output’s routing, equalization, output level and DRC
control functionality.
LED Status/Condition Reporting
LEDs located on the chassis top and connection panel are used to
communicate amplifier status and condition. Refer to the table below for
the location and meaning for each behavior.
Wiring Diagram - VX600/2i
LED / Location
LED Ring /
Amplifier Top
Upper Left LED /
JLid-COMM Port
JLid-CTRL Port
Flashing Blue
Critical Voltage
Flashing Red
Critical Temperature
Flashing Yellow
Excessive Current
Detecting JLid™ Device
JLid™ Connection Success
Invalid JLid™ Device
Flashing Red
Excessive Current
Upper Right LED /
JLid-COMM Port
Flashing Red
Upper Right LED /
JLid-CTRL Port
Critical Voltage/Temperature
Excessive Remote Output Current
Active TüN™ Connection
+12 VDC - Positive (+12V) Battery Connection
Ground - Negative (–) Ground Connection
Remote - Positive (+12V) Turn-On Input From Source Unit
B - To Speaker(s): (+ and –)
JLid-COMM - Optional Network Hub or
Bluetooth® Communicator Connection (Sold Separately)
A - To Speaker(s): (+ and –)
Standard CAT5 Network Cables
JLid-CTRL - Optional Digital Remote Controller
(DRC) Connection (Sold Separately)
DIGITAL-In - From Optical Digital (S/PDIF) Source
Optical Audio Cables
DIGITAL-Out To Optical Digital (S/PDIF) Input on Next Device
Input 2 - Ch. 2 Input
Input 1 - Ch. 1 Input
USB A/B Cable To Computer with TüN™ software installed
Pre-Out Right - Analog Preamp Output
Pre-Out Left - Analog Preamp Output
Remote - Turn-On Output (+12V)
Valet - Valet Preset Toggle (–)
Not Included
Power Connector
Amplifier Specifications
Wire Capacity
+12 VDC (+)
Positive (+12V) Power Connection to Battery
Ground (–)
Negative (GND) Chassis Ground Connection
18 to 10 AWG
Positive (+12V) Remote Turn-On Input from Source Unit
Input 1
White RCA
Channel 1 Signal Input
Input 2
Channel 2 Signal Input
Preamp Signal Output 1
Preamp Signal Output 2
Positive (+12V) Turn-On Output (475 mA limit)
Ch. 2
(+) Positive Speaker Output
(–) Negative Speaker Output
RJ45 Jack
600W x 1
@ 4 Ω Bridged
Rated RMS Power @ 12.5V,
<1% THD+N
140W x 2
225W x 2
450W x 1
@ 4 Ω Bridged
99 dB (Referred to rated power),
76 dB (Referred to 1 W)
S/N Ratio,
(A-weighted, 20 kHz
noise bandwidth)
100 dB (Referred to rated power),
78 dB (Referred to 1 W)
Damping Factor
RJ45 Jack
USB A/B Port
Optional DRC (Digital Remote Controller) connection
2-channel, optical (Toslink) digital input
2-channel, optical (Toslink) digital output
Number of Channels
Computer connection to configure TüN™ Software Interface
Reset Buttons
Multifunction use (Reboot/Reset/Device Firmware Update mode)
Micro SD Slot
Used for future expansion
>100 / 50 Hz @ 4 Ω, >50 / 50 Hz @ 2 Ω
DSP Specifications
Optional accessory connections (VXi-BTC, VXi-HUB, etc)
SD + Reset
300W x 2
S/N Ratio,
(A-weighted, 20 kHz
noise bandwidth)
180W x 2
Ch. 1&2 Bridged (–)
Data Connections
200 mV - 16 V RMS
(–) Negative Speaker Output
1.9 mA
12 Hz - 24 kHz (+0, -1dB)
Ch. 1&2 Bridged (+)
50 A
Rated RMS Power @ 14.4V,
<1% THD+N
Bit Depth/Sample Rate
(+) Positive Speaker Output
What is TüN?
TüN™ is software that you use to configure, tune and control your VXi
amplifier, and other JL Audio DSP products. TüN™ automatically recognizes
what it is connected to, and allows you to make adjustments with a
clear interface specifically set up for that product. TüN™ is available for
download for free in a variety of applications, for computers and most
handheld devices. For more information, visit: jlaudio.com/tun
Frequency Response
Wire Color
Ch. 1
10 - 15V DC
Negative (GND) Ground Input (activates the Valet Mode Preset)
Speaker Output Harness
Operating Voltage
Input Voltage Range
White RCA
Unregulated MOSFET Switching
Standby Current Draw
Pre-Out Left
Power Supply Type
Recommended Fuse
Pre-Out Right
2nd-Gen NexD™ High Speed Class D
Min. Copper Power/GND Wire
Analog Input Harness
Amplifier Topology
Max Output Level
Bit Depth/Sample Rate
AKM AK7738, processing at 24 bit/96 kHz
For Windows® PC or Mac® computers, TüN™ connects via
USB and offers complete control and command of the entire
VXi feature set from the comfort of your desk or driver’s seat.
Software also runs in demo mode, without connected amplifiers,
for offline setup or demo purposes. Test drive it for free!
For iPad or Android tablets. Enjoy the full-featured TüN™ software
experience on your tablet, with the freedom of a wireless connection
via Bluetooth®. Requires VXi-BTC Bluetooth® Communicator.
Line-Level, Differential-Balanced
2, via harness-mounted female RCA jacks
S/PDIF Optical via chassis-mounted Toslink port
Up to 24 bit/192 kHz
2 Line-Level, via harness-mounted female RCA jacks
S/PDIF Optical via chassis-mounted Toslink port
Wireless connection and streamlined options, for fast and simple
amplifier setup. Download TüN™ Express for iPhone, iPad and Android
phones & tablets. Requires VXi-BTC Bluetooth® Communicator.
Limited Warranty – Amplifiers (USA)
JL Audio warrants this product to be free of defects in materials and workmanship
for a period of two (2) years from the original date of purchase. This warranty is
not transferable and applies only to the original purchaser from an authorized
JL Audio dealer. Should service be necessary under this warranty for any reason due
to manufacturing defect or malfunction, JL Audio will (at its discretion), repair or
replace the defective product with new or remanufactured product at no charge.
Damage caused by the following is not covered under warranty: accident, misuse,
abuse, product modification or neglect, failure to follow installation instructions,
unauthorized repair attempts, misrepresentations by the seller. This warranty does
not cover incidental or consequential damages and does not cover the cost of
removing or reinstalling the unit(s). Cosmetic damage due to accident or normal
wear and tear is not covered under warranty.
Warranty is void if the product’s serial number has been removed or defaced.
Any applicable implied warranties are limited in duration to the period of the
express warranty as provided herein beginning with the date of the original
purchase at retail, and no warranties, whether express or implied, shall apply to
this product thereafter. Some states do not allow limitations on implied warranties,
therefore these exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific
legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.
If you need service on your JL AUDIO product:
All warranty returns should be sent to JL Audio ’s Amplifier Service Facility
freight-prepaid through an authorized JL Audio dealer and must be accompanied
by proof of purchase (a copy of the original sales receipt). Direct returns from
consumers or non-authorized dealers will be refused unless specifically authorized
by JL Audio with a valid return authorization number. Warranty expiration on
products returned without proof of purchase will be determined from the
manufacturing date code. Coverage may be invalidated as this date is previous
to purchase date. Non-defective items received will be returned freight-collect.
Customer is responsible for shipping charges and insurance in sending the
product to JL Audio. Freight damage on returns is not covered under warranty.
For Service Information in the U.S.A. please call
JL Audio Customer Service:
(954) 443-1100 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM (Eastern Time Zone)
JL Audio, Inc.
10369 North Commerce Pkwy. Miramar, FL 33025
(Do not send product for repair to this address)
International Warranties:
Products purchased outside the United States of America are covered
only by that country’s distributor and not by JL Audio, Inc.
24 bit/96 kHz
9.81 in x 6.62 in x 2.12 in / 250 mm x 168 mm x 54 mm
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