BUNN NITRON® Cold Draft SCH/ASTRA Service Manual

BUNN NITRON® Cold Draft SCH/ASTRA Service Manual

Care & Cleaning Instructions

LOADING Frozen Concentrates NOTE:

Loading frozen concentrate in the product cabinet may cause damage to the machine. This damage is not covered by warranty.

1. Thoroughly mix the thawed concentrate by vigorously shaking the product container.

2. Open the dispenser door.

3. Prior to placing the product container in the dispenser, make sure that the o-ring on the container adapter is lubricated. This will ease removal of the container when it becomes necessary.

4. Place the product container in the desired position and press it firmly into the bottle adapter opening.

5. Open the vent hole in the product container. (If required)


Concentrate in the container must be completely thawed and be within the temperature range of 35-40 degrees F (1.6-4.4 degrees C.) Product outside of this temperature range, especially below, may produce an “out of ratio” drink.

Ambient Concentrates (Optional)

1. Install an Ambient Concentrate Conversion Kit (BUNN-O-MATIC part number 33699.0002) per the instructions provided in the kit.

2. Attach the concentrate product hose to the appropriate concentrate line located at the rear of the dispenser.

3. Attach the other end of the product hose to the product container through an appropriate fitting.


Although the dispenser is designed to accept ambient concentrates, the Nitro Coffee cascade performance may be reduced due to ambient product mixing with the cold nitrogenated water.


1. Open the dispenser door 2. Load concentrate per instructions in section titled



3. Close the dispenser door.

4. Place a large container under the appropriate dispense nozzle.

Pull and hold the tap handle, until concentrate dispenses from the dispense nozzle.


This may take several seconds, depending on the installation and set pump speed.

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Recommended Daily Cleaning Instructions

The use of a damp cloth rinsed in any mild, non-abrasive, liquid detergent is recommended for cleaning all surfaces on Bunn-O-Matic equipment. Do


clean this equipment with a water jet device.


1. Open dispenser door. Brush and lubricant stored inside cabinet. Lube/PN: 44023.0001

2. Locate the product tubes with BIB connectors and disconnect from the Bag-in-Box.

3. Close door, place an empty container under the dispense nozzles.

4. Dispense from each station until clear water flows from the dispense nozzle.

5. Open dispenser door and recon nect the BIB connectors back onto the BIB’s.

6. Remove dispense nozzles and drip tray. Wash all parts in warm soapy water.

7. Use brush to clean through dispense nozzles.

Brush/PN: 49827.0000

8. Use brush to clean the nozzle Nitro Stout Insert.

9. Use brush to clean nozzle con nection ports on machine.

10. Use a warm damp cloth, wipe down cabinet interior and splash panel behind nozzles.

11. Apply small amount of food grade lubricant to nozzle o-rings. Dirty 12. Replace drip tray and nozzles. Be sure to install Nitro nozzle in left dispense station.

Clean 13. Dispense from each station un til product flows from the dispense nozzle.

Weekly: 1. Remove air filter from dispenser rear panel by lifting upwards out of brackets.

2. Wash and rinse filter. Shake out excess water and re-install filter in rear panel brackets.

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