CyberPower CRA50006 Quick start guide

CyberPower CRA50006 Quick start guide


Fixed Shelf

For 22 to 40 in. (559 to 1023 mm) deep 4-Post Open Frame Racks


Assembly and Installation


Team work is recommended for assembly and installation to reduce the risk of personal injury and/or cause equipment damage.

1. Unscrew the brackets off the shelf, and keep the assembly hardware for later use.

Fixed Shelf for 4-Post M6 Flange Nut Ear Bracket M6 Screw Middle Bracket 2. Adjust the shelf depth (between 22" and 40") to that of the 4-post open frame rack by pulling the two shelf plates apart. Screw the brackets back on as shown below.


The middle brackets need to be aligned and screwed on symmetrically to the shelf plates. For ease of assembly, it is recommended to first screw in the two middle brackets followed by the four ear brackets.

3. Mount the shelf in the rack using the included mounting hardware.

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