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Cobra MR HH350 FLT Marine Radio Specification
Marine VHF Radios
6 Watt Floating
VHF Radio
The best value in our handheld VHF
radio line up, this floating radio has an
orange core for higher visibility and is
easy to retrieve if dropped overboard.
Marine VHF Radios
This floating radio is easily retrieved if dropped overboard. It
features 6 Watts of power for longer range communications
and full access to all NOAA weather channels and alarm
tones for weather emergencies. It also includes all of the
core features like noise canceling microphone, JIS7/IPX7
rated Submersible, Tri-Watch, Memory Channels, Memory
Scan and BURP.
Never lose your radio. Floating design and orange core makes
retrieving radio easy if dropped overboard.
Noise-Canceling Microphone blocks background noise for clearer
Select between 1, 3 and 6 Watts for short and long range communication.
U.S.A., Canada & International Channels allows operation on any of the
three different channel maps established for these areas. Includes the
latest 4 digit channels.
All NOAA Weather Channels allows instant access to national All
Hazards and weather information, 24 hours a day.
Weather Alerts with an audible tone and visual alarm if threatening
weather is nearby.
BURP vibrates water out of the speaker grill and improves speaker
Rated Submersible. Meets JIS7 (IPX7) standards; submerible for 30
minutes in one meter deep water.
1000mAh LiON Polymer Rechargeable Battery (gray color),
Locking Desktop Charger, AC Adapter with North America Plug,
12V DC Accessory Plug, Replacement Antenna, Spring-Loaded
Belt Clip.
Unit Dimensions:
Unit Weight (lbs.):
Individual Package
Individual Package
Weight (lbs.):
Cobra Battery Pack CM 110-025
Memory Scan. Scan channels programmed in memory to find
conversations in progress.
Button/Key Lock. Locks function buttons/keys to eliminate accidental
change of settings.
Battery With Charge Contacts allows charging of batteries in unit.
1 lb., 10 oz. (754 g.)
Unlimited Memory Channels allows programming of unlimited
channels for easy retrieval or scanning.
Scan all channels to find conversations in progress.
10.38” H x 8.21” W x 3.08” D
(263 mm x 208 mm x 78 mm)
1, 3 or 6 Watts
External Speaker/ Microphone Jack connects Cobra speaker mic
accessories for hip or body worn operation.
Tri-Watch monitors three (3) channels at once - channel 16 and two (2)
user selected channels.
0 lb., 9.59 oz. (272 g.)
with Lithium-Ion battery
RF Output Power:
Number of Channels:
Instant Channel 16 allows access to channel 16 for emergency situations.
4.8” H x 2.4” W x 1.4” D
(123 mm x 62 mm x 36 mm)
not including antenna
All: U.S.A., Canadian, International
10 NOAA Weather Channels
Master Pack Qty.:
Master Pack
Master Pack Weight:
UPC #:
Master Pack Barcode:
9.22” H x 7.20” W x 11.04” D
(234 mm x 183 mm x 280 mm)
3.80 lbs. (1722 g.)
0 28377 20162 2
5 0028377 20162 7
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Illuminated Function Keys allows high visibility of function keys.
Selectable Key Tone beeps can be turned off to silent operation.
Large, Illuminated LCD Display allows high visibility of display.
3 Year Warranty (on radio) for products sold in the U.S.A.
Floats if Dropped
Longer Range
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Blocks Background Noise
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