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Cobra XRS 9645 Radar/Laser Detector User manual
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Important Compass Information
For The XRS 9645
Turning On and Calibrating Your Compass
The compass in your radar detector must be turned on and be calibrated before it will show on the
display and give accurate directions. The compass will show — — until it is calibrated. The factory
default for Compass is off.
To determine direction, the compass detects the weak magnetic field of the Earth. It also detects
the different magnetic fields produced by your vehicle, your audio speakers, and other installed
electronics. Calibration allows the compass electronics to measure and store information about
all magnetic fields in your vehicle so that it can ignore them!
Select/Dim Button
Program/Mute Button
To Calibrate The Compass
Before calibrating compass, select the location where the detector will be mounted.
Enter the EasySet® Programming Menu by
pressing and holding the Program/Mute button
Three beeps
Visual Display
Press and release the Select/Dim button
until you see Set Compass displayed
One beep at each
Set Compass
Press and release the Set/City button
One beep
Drive your vehicle in two complete circles*
Drive in 2 circles...
Press SET when
Press the Set/City button again
Three beeps
Compass Set!
* Drive your vehicle in two complete circles. A large parking lot is the most convenient place to do this. Please be
careful when making the circles and watch for other traffic. It does not matter what direction your vehicle is pointing
when you start the circles, which direction you go to make the circles, and it does not have to be exactly two circles.
You do NOT have to make perfect circles. You can drive in any pattern, as long as you make two complete turns. Four
three-point turns, two small squares, or any two complete loops will work as well as two circles. It does not matter
what size the circles are, if your speed is constant, or how fast you make the circles [but less than two minutes].
Will I need to calibrate the compass every time I use my radar detector?
No. The compass electronics holds the information about the magnetic fields made by your vehicle.
However, for best results, you should mount the detector in exactly the same location every time you
use it. When you remove the detector from your windshield, it is best to leave the mounting bracket on
your windshield so that when you replace the detector it is mounted, again, in exactly the same place.
If you decide to relocate your detector to a different place (either on the windshield or on the dash),
it is best to calibrate the compass again.
My compass sometimes seems to give a wrong direction – what is wrong?
If your compass is unable to detect the magnetic field of the Earth (used to determine the direction),
it cannot give the correct reading. This may happen if you are under a bridge, inside a parking garage,
or inside any enclosure or building that is constructed with metal framework. Other vehicles with a lot
of metal may also confuse your compass so that it cannot give accurate readings. This may happen if
you are next to a large tractor trailer, truck or train. Your compass will work again correctly as soon
as you get away from these locations. There is no need to calibrate your compass again after this.
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